Chef Bec Answers: My Cake Sank in the Middle. Why?!

This cake sank in the middle after baking it and removing it from the oven. Chef Bec explains why this happened and how to prevent it at

A few days ago, a reader used the “Ask Chef Bec” section of my site to submit a question, asking if I could help him figure out why his cake sank in the middle. It happened after he had removed it from the oven, but he also said it’s happened during the baking process.
Has something similar happened to you? Unfortunately, it’s happened to me a few times, and I even talked about it HERE.
Without being at the “scene of the crime”, it would be difficult to pinpoint an exact reason why a cake sank in the middle, but if/when it happens to you, here a few reasons why it may have happened, and how you can


prevent it from happening again.

Learn why this cake sank in the middle and how to prevent it from happening to YOU! - from

Holiday Recipes: Nutty Graham Truffles with a Holiday House

Holiday Recipes: Nutty Graham Truffles and a holiday house made from graham crackers and peanut butter. See them on #PBandG #ad

It seems a bit early for the snow to be falling, but reality set in this past weekend, and it looks like Winter has arrived early. To take full advantage of the situation, I decided to put together two holiday recipes for you. Well, technically, the holiday house isn’t a recipe, but you’ll be able to see the steps I took to create it. The important part is the creativity that you’ll use to make your peanut butter and graham cracker house your very own. First, I’m sharing my recipe for nutty graham truffles.

Holiday Recipes: Nutty Graham Truffles with a Holiday House- from

Tips for Roasting a Whole Chicken (or Turkey)

Get Chef Becca's tips for roasting a whole chicken or turkey, and how to make delicious gravy!

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away, you guys, so it’s time to bring out the arsenal of main dish recipes. Because so many people fix poultry as a main dish, I thought I’d give you my tips for roasting a whole chicken or turkey.

Chef Becca's tips for roasting a whole chicken and making delicious gravy- from

Being the family of two that Brian and I are, we rarely roast a whole turkey. It’s just too much food, and besides the mess, we don’t have much room for leftovers in our tiny refrigerator. If we’re in the mood for turkey, I’ll usually just cook up a turkey breast, but let me tell you something… if you have the kitchen tools that OXO was nice enough to send to me, even in a tiny kitchen, you can roast a whole turkey with so much simplicity, it’s incredible!  OH, get this… OXO wants one of you lucky readers to own the same tools they sent to me!  There’s a giveaway form at the bottom of this post. We’ll be randomly picking a winner next week. You can’t win if you don’t play, so if you live in the United States, please enter!