Easy Cookie Recipes: Cookie Butter Peppermint Chip Cookies

Cookie Butter Peppermint Chip Cookies - my favorite chewy, sweet cookie. Kids AND adults love 'em!

Sweet dreams are made of easy cookie recipes like this! When a cookie butter cookie meets peppermint chips, you get a sweet, chocolate loaded cookie that kids and adults will go crazy for!

Cookie Butter Peppermint Chip Cookies from ItsYummi.com

Holiday Cookie Recipes: Low Carb Chocolate Crinkles

These low carb chocolate crinkles are a skinny version of the classic Christmas cookie. They might become one of your favorite cookie recipes! ItsYummi.com

This time of the year, I’m thankful for memories of family and food that I loved as a kid. For me, comfort food like my mom’s chunky applesauce and cookie recipes like these chocolate crinkles are a way for me to remember loved ones who are no longer in my life. This month, The Recipe Redux challenge is to take a favorite holiday recipe and give it a healthy makeover.
Perhaps unlike you, I grew up in a family that didn’t spend time in the kitchen baking treats. I’m not exactly sure why, but thankfully, my godmother loved to bake. Whenever I visited my godparents, there was usually a fresh batch of biscuits or a warm plate full of cookies or brownies around. Chocolate crinkle cookies were, and still are, one of my favorites, especially around the holidays. There’s something special about the chewy, chocolate loaded goodness that grabs my heart. The powdered sugar on my fingers and lips, falling down onto my clean shirt never bothers me one bit. It just makes the cookies taste that much better!

Holiday Cookie Recipes: Low Carb Chocolate Crinkles- from ItsYummi.com