Crab ‘n Bacon Pepper Sliders

Crab 'n bacon pepper sliders from #appetizer #recipe

These crab ‘n bacon pepper sliders are one of those appetizers that you’ll need to make a triple batch of. Sweet bell peppers are filled with cream cheese, bacon, and crab, then topped with crispy pork rinds and baked until golden and bubbly. It’s a recipe you’re going to want to make so often, that you might want to start growing your own bell peppers!

Crab 'n Bacon Pepper Sliders from

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Garden Veggie Tuna Mac {#RecipeRedux}

Garden Veggie Tuna Mac from

For this month’s Recipe Redux, we were asked to create a healthy recipe using a favorite cooking tool handed down from a family member. Sadly, I don’t own anything like that, so I decided to create this Garden Veggie Tuna Mac Salad, a recipe I adapted from one of my mom’s staple dinners during the summer.

Garden Veggie Tuna Mac from

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Romantic Recipe for 2: Tilapia en Papillote

Tilapia en Papillote from - Tilapia, herbs, and butter, all baked in up in heart shaped parchment paper - A romantic meal for 2!

I learned how to make this romantic recipe for Baked Tilapia en Papillote in culinary school a few years ago. The fancy shmancy name threw me into fits of hysteria (yes, I can be a teensy bit overly dramatic at times), because I thought fancy shmancy meant “difficult to make”.  Turns out, I was incredibly… 

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Tuna & Bacon Patties

Tuna & Bacon Patties from for #baconmonth 2013

I’ve never believed that recipe development is boring.  DEFINITELY scary at times, but never EVER boring. When it comes to #baconmonth, I just get downright EXCITED about trying new recipes. You know my philosophy on bacon, don’t you?  You should eat it. Here’s a flow chart to help you understand…   Now that it’s been… 

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