Lunchbox Sandwich Recipes that Kids Will Love

Lunchbox Sandwich Recipes Kids Love!

With kids and teachers everywhere heading back to the classrooms, I’ve put together a round up of lunchbox sandwich recipes for you that adults will enjoy, but the kids will go crazy for, too!  If you’re tired of traditional PB & J, give these lunchbox sandwich ideas a whirl and shake up your lunchbox!

Lunchbox sandwich recipes kids will love

BLT Esquites Sandwich

BLT Esquites Sandwich from @itsyummi - B.L.T. meets Mexican street corn for a party in your mouth!

When you’re hungry for a BLT and it’s in the middle of corn season, the most delicious thing you can make is this BLT Esquites Sandwich! Crispy bacon meets fresh garden vegetables and a creamy corn salad for a delicious lunch or light dinner. CLICK HERE to come on over to my virtual kitchen and get the easy recipe for these yummi sandwich.

BLT Esquites Sandwich from