Peppermint Cocoa Almond Milkshake Recipe

Celebrate the holidays with this creamy cold peppermint cocoa almond milkshake recipe. Just 5 ingredients! #GoNutsForNuts #ad

No matter what I do or where I go during the holidays, it seems like nuts are an integral part of the celebration. From simple salted pecans on my sweet potato casserole to ranch roasted nuts snack mix and even sweet and sweet cinnamon sugar cashews, I love using nuts in my holiday recipes. Oh, and they make a great hostess gift option, too. Especially when they come in beautiful seasonal packaging.

Peppermint Cocoa Almond Milkshake Recipe, from

If you’ve been to Walmart lately, you may have seen the aisles crammed full of holiday displays. I say crammed because on my last trip, I could barely walk down the large center aisle without literally falling into the large displays of baking products, holiday candy, Christmas ornaments, and snacks! Truth be told, between carts being slammed into me by crazy cart drivers and me falling into displays, the entire trip was a bit traumatizing for little old me, so after I was done shopping, I went straight home and made myself a cold and creamy peppermint cocoa almond milkshake to wash away my crazy, busy, holiday shopping woes.

Pepperoni Recipe Ideas: Slow Cooker Pizza Soup Recipe

This slow cooker pizza soup recipe has all of the taste of a sausage and pepperoni pizza, served up in a delicious crusty bread bowl! It's SO yummi! #PepItUp #ad

While stalking Pinterest for far too many hours one night, I found Pin after Pin of pepperoni pizza and Italian sub sandwich recipes. *yawn* Don’t misunderstand… there’s nothing wrong with a #PepItUp on my pizza, but for such a tasty little meat, I feel like it can be used in tastier ways. My friend Jen made a great recipe for pepperoni pizza dip that made me jump for joy, but in the end, this slow cooker pizza soup recipe won the “what should I make for dinner contest”.

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Join Us at the #GoNutsForNuts Twitter Party!

Join us at the #GoNutsForNuts Twitter party at 1pm EST on December 15th!

  Photo Credit: Domestic Superhero Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party about creative seasonal recipes and gifting ideas with Planter’s Nuts! On December 15, 2014 at 1:00pm ET, please join us for the #GoNutsForNuts Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing the new Planter’s… 

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Bakery Style Rolled Oats Cranberry Streusel Muffins

Get the recipe for cranberry streusel muffins. Tender, cinnamon spiced treats, stuffed with dried cranberries and topped with a sweet, crumbly, oat topping.

I absolutely adore oatmeal recipes, and in particular, muffins that use rolled oats as part of the crumbly streusel on top. Those are the bakery style muffins that I crave the most with a warm cup of coffee on a lazy weekend. If you’re like me, they’re the reason that I think you’ll love this bakery style cranberry streusel muffins recipe.

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