Chat New Year Goals at #MyPicknSave Twitter Party

Chat New Year Goals at #MyPickNSave Twitter Party, on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 12pm CST

Many of you know that my attempts to lose weight have been plentiful. Eating healthier used to seem like hard work! I’d start off the year on a great note and then fall on my face by May. I determined that it’s because I don’t plan my meals well enough in advance, and I get tired of having the same old “diet” foods day after day.  When I shared my chicken paprikash recipe with you last week, I realized that healthy, low calorie dishes can definitely be full of flavor!  It’s all about using fresh ingredients, and my local Wisconsin grocery store, Pick ‘n Save is here to help us all do that.

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Easy Chicken Paprikash – a health key™ recipe

Easy Chicken Paprikash - a delicious and healthy dinner recipe made with chicken breasts, fresh vegetables, and whole grain rice. #mypicknsave ad

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve had a massive craving for rice lately. Sort of sad news for Brian, since he’s a steak and potatoes kind of guy. I do the cooking, so I get to make big decisions like this. It’s a cook’s privilege, so be sure to jot this fact down for future reference. :)
The thing is, I can’t seem to exhibit any sort of self around rice, so I end up eating way more of it than I should. OK, truth is, I’ve been eating way too much of everything starchy and unhealthy lately. It started around Halloween and hasn’t let up since.
New year, new life, though. Right?! Healthier dinner options have been making an appearance around my place, including this delicious and easy chicken paprikash.

Easy Chicken Paprikash Recipe ~

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#LoveMyCereal Twitter Party

 Photo Credit: Whole & Heavenly Oven Do you love a good Twitter Party?  You know I do, and I’m excited to co-host a party about using Quaker® Life, Squares, and Granola products in your daily life!  On Friday, January 9th at 3pm ET, please join us for the #QuakerUp Twitter Party where we’ll be discussing creative recipes… 

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Review of Better Homes and Gardens Ultimate Cookie Book

Review of Better Homes and Gardens Ultimate Cookie Book (2nd ed.), on

Happy New Year! Welcome to a new bi-weekly Friday feature – cookbook reviews!  I’m starting with a review of Better Homes and Gardens Ultimate Cookie Book.
Why am I starting with cookies?  Well, I think it’s a pretty well known fact that I love baking cookies. Need proof?  Take a look at my dessert recipe index!  Besides that, Saturdays on this site are now going to be called “Sweet Saturday”, because I’ll be featuring recipes for all things sweet. Oh, but don’t be concerned that sweet means high in calories and fat, because I’m also going to be sharing “skinny” versions of sweet recipes. This way, we can indulge with a little less guilt!
Truth be told, I can never have enough new and easy cookie recipes to try. This book will make sure of that, because there are over 500 easy cookie recipes within its beautifully illustrated pages!  I was giddy when I saw how many are varieties that I haven’t yet seen or had a chance bake myself.

Review of Better Homes and Gardens Ultimate Cookie Book (2nd ed.), on