Chocolate Cherry Marshmallow Cookies

Last weekend, I cleaned out my fridge and made a delicious vegetable quinoa salad.  Once every decade now and then, I get sorta mentally out of sorts and decide that I should organize something.  Today was cabinet organization day.  OK, I'm sorry...I lied.  It wasn't  intentional. Truth be told, I was scouring through my baking supplies in search of miniature candy bars, but by the time I found them, I looked around and realized that I had emptied everything out of the cabinet onto the counter top, so I decided that I may as well put it back in there with some semblance of order.  I know...I'm certifiably crazy.  Admit that you love me anyway and we can move on.

Speaking of being mentally out of sorts, will one of you please explain what possesses me to hide candy bars in the back of cabinets anyway?  It's not like anyone else ever looks in there.  Well, unless Hasome is on the hunt for chocolate, but he usually stops scouring  and starts devouring when he finds a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Thankfully, he's totally not a chocolate aficionado or he would keep digging until he found the REAL loot

Anyway, back to the cabinet clean out.  I found a plethora (don't you just love that word?) of nuts in every size and variety, but as the jingle goes, sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't.  Today, I didn't.  Next I came upon a bag of miniature marshmallows.  Good times are sure to be had with those, so I put them off to the side.  Then I found a bag of Door County dried cherries... MAJOR yum and a great match for the bittersweet chocolate chips that were right beside them.

With the ingredients in hand for a wonderful cookie, I knew that even with a cabinet full of reorganization ahead of me, my day was sure to be amazing.  And it was.  Yours can be too... just crank out a couple pan fulls of these bad boys.

Incidentally, if you're trying to cut back on the sweets, I highly recommend using Truvia in place of granulated sugar.  Unlike some of the other artificial sweeteners on the market, Truvia is made from real sugar, so you can bake with it and not end up with a disgustingly bitter mess in your hands.

$0.80 off one package of Truvia natural sweetener



  1. Brian Donovan says

    Definitely something you'll want to try! These cookies are awesome. I took a dozen to work and they were gone in under 5 minutes with RAVE reviews.

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