Chocolatey Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream

When I was trying out the wonderful products that I received from True Citrus last weekend, one of the recipes I developed was this one for Chocolate Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream.

These cupcakes have a wonderful blend of bittersweet chocolate, raspberry, and a nice perky “punch” from the lemon.

I used the True Citrus Crystallized Lemon for Cooking and Baking to make these, but if you don’t have any, you can also use a Tablespoon of lemon juice.


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  1. Trisha Pape says

    They are delicious!!!!! I was one of the lucky ones to test the perfection!!!!! GREAT job Becca!!!! They would be fantasic for Birthday parties, Bridal showers, or for ANY occasion for US women!!!!

  2. says

    Wow, what an interesting yummi combo!! We have Pinterest, Twitter, Fb, all we need now is a sample platform!!! lol

    Sure love the recipe card box!!

    • says

      Ahhh yes… a sampling platter would indeed be wonderful… but it would also assure that I never again fit through the front door of my home! :)

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