Firecracker Fudge Pops

I’ve never been easily persuaded to believe in things like black helicopters, UFOs,  Bigfoot, and all that jazz, but I’m beginning to believe that just MAYBE Mr. Gore was correct about global warming.  TYPICALLY, the average summer temps in this part of Wisconsin are 82 degrees.  Hot, but not crazy hot. LATELY, however, the surface temperature of the sidewalk outside of my apartment feels like it could probably give the surface temperature of the sun a run for its money.


I bet I could make scads of money selling ice cubes and teaching people how to make things like sun tea and dashboard cookies.  It seems that no matter how much water I drink, it’s not enough to quench my thirst because the instant it touches my lips, my body sucks every ounce of it into the pores of my shriveling, dehydrated skin.

 Rather than risk death by dehydration, I’ve stocked our freezer with lots of frozen fun-on-a-stick.  Like these fudge pops!


The idea for these pops was inspired by this week’s Sundays with Joy recipe for raspberry fudge pops.  I love Joy’s idea of adding raspberries to the chocolate.  It makes for a fun, healthy fruit surprise as you indulge in the creamy chocolate goodness.  As I looked at the photo included in the cookbook, I couldn’t help but assimilate the bursts of raspberry within the chocolate to fireworks blooming in the night sky.


I wanted my version of these fudge pops to have a burst of fun, too, but in another form.  Just as fireworks are hot, I thought my frozen treats should be, too!  But how do you make a cool frozen treat hot, you ask?  By adding cayenne pepper, of course!  Think frozen Mexican hot chocolate and BOOM… there’s a fireworks display in your mouth!




Have a safe and fun 4th of July celebration!

~ Becca


  1. NickiS says

    You had me hooked on chocolate…cayenne just sealed the deal. Though do you think I could make them with skim milk only…a girl’s gotta watch her figure! :)

  2. says

    I love love when cayenne is added to chocolate treats! I love dried ancho chili powder in brownies, sooooo good! Love your pics! Hugs, Terra

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