Hot ‘n Cheesy Spinach Dip with Bacon Recipe {Lower Fat, Low Carb}

This is the best hot spinach dip recipe I've ever made! Probably because it's lower in fat and low carb, too! - spinach dip with bacon recipe from

This hot ‘n cheesy spinach dip with bacon recipe is the perfect party appetizer or snack. It’s easy to make and it’s low carb, too!

This recipe is my January submission for The Secret Recipe Club.
Each month,each member of the SRC is paired up with another member and is assigned to make any recipe from that blogger’s website.  This month, I was assigned to make something from Famished Fish.

Famished Fish is owned and operated by Saundra. She’s a wife and mom who, like many of us, struggles to find recipes that her entire family will love. She has a picky middle child who also suffers with autism, so it can be a challenge for her.
When she makes a dish that her family loves, she shares it on her site.  Kid approved recipes like this one, for the win!

Hot 'n Cheesy Spinach Dip with Bacon Recipe ~

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Party Favorites: Clams Casino Dip Recipe

hot clams casino dip recipe - #WaysToWow #ad

When it comes to great party food, you can’t beat a hot dip. This hot clams casino dip recipe is a crowd favorite, especially for holiday entertaining.

Hot Clams Casino Dip Recipe ~ - #WaysToWow #ad

If you take a peek at my dip recipe index, you’ll see that I’m a fan of dips, especially during the holidays. With parties at every turn, it’s nice to have a quick, easy go-to recipe that I can make up in a flash to serve to guests. Because I’m into ooey gooey cheese, hot dips are my preference, and where there are hot dips, dipping platforms like chips, crackers, and flatbread are sure to follow. Those are the rules in my carb-loving world, my friends. Enter stage left, my hot, cheesy, clams casino dip recipe and a couple varieties of my favorite Town House crackers!

Bacon Cheddar Cornbread Recipe

Bacon Cheddar Cornbread from

This recipe for bacon cheddar cornbread is extra moist, thanks to help from creamed corn, and it’s got a wonderful touch of sweetness that makes it a perfect snack any time of the day!href=””> CLICK HERE to come over to the virtual kitchen and I’ll show you how to whip up these delicious cookies!

Bacon Cheddar Cornbread #Recipe from