Elvis on a Rocky Road Bundt Cake Recipe ~ #BundtBakers

This Elvis on a Rocky Road bundt cake recipe will blow your mind! Peanut butter and bananas are combined with traditional rocky road flavors to create this delicious cake!

This isn’t your mama’s bundt cake recipe! It’s a wild and wonderful combination of Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich flavors, banana and peanut butter, with the rocky road ingredients of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. Grab your apron (and maybe your blue suede shoes) and come on into the kitchen and we’ll bake up my Elvis on a Rocky Road bundt cake!

Elvis on a Rocky Road Bundt Cake Recipe ~ ItsYummi.com

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

chocolate chip banana bread recipe with a layer of chocolate ganache on top. This is a banana bread lover's snack!

This banana bread recipe takes a moist, tender banana bread with semi sweet chocolate chips stuffed on the inside and pairs it up with a layer of 3-ingredient chocolate ganache for a yummi delicious snack or dessert that your family will go bananas for!Click here to get the recipe for the chocolate chip banana bread.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe ~ ItsYummi.com

Nutty German Chocolate Pie Squares ~ A Guest Post from Cooking with Books

Nutty German Chocolate Pie Squares ~ A dessert recipe from Cooking with Books @nella22, guest posted on itsyummi.com

When you combine chocolate, coconut, espresso, and pie crust, your heart will sing and your stomach will do a happy dance over these delicious nutty German chocolate pie squares!

Nutty German Chocolate Pie Squares ~ A dessert recipe from Cooking with Books ~ ItsYummi.com

This recipe was created by an incredibly sweet and uber talented friend of mine.  Marnely Rodriguez-Murray is a formally trained chef and the blogger behind Cooking with Books.  She and I first met on Twitter, but it didn’t take long before we were BFFs and hooked up across all of our social media accounts.  Why?  Well, because in addition to our love and passion for cooking and baking, we both also shared a love for bacon, and Nutella! In fact, Nelly loves Nutella so much that when she became engaged to be married to her now-husband, Brian, her friends and I got together to throw her a virtual engagement party, and I made her these Nutella Mousse Pie with Caramelized Bananas to celebrate the occasion with. Nelly knows that I’m allergic to coconut, so she offered to create these nutty German chocolate pie squares for you.  I hope that you enjoy the recipe, and I really hope you’ll swing over to Nelly’s blog and check out more of her amazing recipes!  Thanks for helping me out today, Nelly. I puffy heart you!

Click here to get the delicious recipe for the nutty German chocolate pie squares.

How to Make Chocolate Ganache without Heavy Cream

Learn how to make chocolate ganache without heavy cream, and with just 3 ingredients! Recipe is on itsyummi.com

Have you ever wanted to jazz up a dessert with a layer of decadent chocolate ganache, only to find that you don’t have heavy whipping cream in the fridge? No worries! Making chocolate ganache without heavy cream IS possible! With just 3 simple ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen at this very moment, you can make this decadent dessert topping.

Making Chocolate Ganache without Heavy Cream and just 3 Ingredients! Recipe on ItsYummi.com

Click on over to ItsYummi.com and grab the recipe!