Friday Food and Fun – Spiral Sparkle Cookies

Spiral Sparkle Cookies from

This week's pick for" treat most likely to cause a giggle" goes to these cuties...     FRIDAY FACTS: It's no secret that the price of just about everything has risen...and continues to climb.  Groceries, gasoline, office supplies, haircuts, movie tickets, and sadly...even the cost of a single, semi-stale nibble from the Dunkin Donuts drive-through... 

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Thursday Meals and Deals – Kid Friendly Recipes

Meal and Snack Ideas for Tots and Toddlers ~

Hi there! I'm SO excited and thankful that you stopped by to see me. YAY!  I'm going to share some KID FRIENDLY recipes with you today! This past week, many tears were shed by the eyes of parents and caretakers as some kids went back to school. Depending on the age, and in some cases,... 

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*LIMITED QUANTITIES!* $1.00 / 1 Lia Marie’s


  If you live in Wisconsin, Missouri, or Texas and you haven't yet tried the Lia Marie's Garlic Spreads, NOW is a great time to do so! I've used Lia Marie's for everything from traditional garlic bread to creamy garlic gnocchi and I've never been disappointed. Right now, there are LIMITED QUANTITIES of coupons available... 

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