Dubliner Quiche Crescent Cups

Portable breakfast! Dubliner Quiche Crescent Cups from ItsYummi.com #breakfast #quiche

Oh my GOSH! In less than 24 hours, I'll be married to my best friend, soul mate, and my true gift from God! Brian and I have been living life's roller coaster together for almost 7 years, and I still find new things to love about him every day. Like the fact that he is... 

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Chicken Bacon and Cheese Egg White Quiche

Chicken, Bacon, & Cheese Egg White Quiche from ItsYummi.com #baconmonth 2013

Bacon is all around this chicken bacon and cheese egg white quiche!  Come into my virtual kitchen and I'll help you make up a pan full for your next weekend brunch!

As we near the end of #baconmonth 2013, I've found myself wanting to add bacon to everrrrything. I even tried crumbled bacon on peanut butter toast last week. Definitely tasty, but seriously not blog worthy. I mean, come on... Don't we all know how to place a slice of bread into a toaster slot and push down the lever, spread peanut butter onto the warm toast, and top with precooked bacon pieces?  #DoneDeal

Anyhoo, this recipe for chicken, bacon, & cheese egg white quiche is at least 5 steps long. Blog worthy, to be sure. Especially since it's so yummi, I've got a strong feeling that you'll want to print the recipe out and plaster it onto your refrigerator door.  Wait. Maybe I'm the only person who does that. No matter, you really should get one of these baked up soon.


Chicken, Bacon, & Cheese Egg White Quiche from ItsYummi.com #baconmonth 2013

Isn't it pretty?  Did you know that crispy bacon has magical powers and pretties up just about everything it touches?

Aside of being absolutely delicious, I suppose you could say that this quiche is SOMEWHAT healthier because I used egg whites instead of whole eggs, leaving it light and fluffy and fat free.  OK, that's a lie. I used heavy cream and high fat cheese, so never mind. Let's just PRETEND that it's healthier and eat up before it gets cold, m'kay?