Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese

Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese from #recipe #Dreamfields

Have you entered my KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY yet?   I'm super excited about today's recipe for some very special reasons.  First and foremost, it involves BACON and CHEESE.  Helllooooo LOVER! I also love this recipe because it was inspired by a wonderful blogger buddy of mine.  Wait... Buddy is FAR too generic a term for... 

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Feed Me Friday – the {KINDLE GIVEAWAY} Edition!

Feed Me Friday

THE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED   Being that this blog has gone through an overhaul recently, I thought it might be fun to toss a new weekly series into the works! Because my mission is helping you feed your stomach AND your spirit, the "Feed Me Friday" chronicles will sometimes be lighthearted comedic fun that I... 

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Kitchen Basics: Heat vs Food

Kitchen Basics from

Some of the most important lessons I learned in culinary school were the gems of wisdom taught in cooking fundamentals class.  It was within those classroom walls that Chef Richard explained how important it is for cooks to understand the facts and processes involved with the food that we use to feed our bodies. Why... 

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Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars from

It's been a while since we've chatted, my lovelies.  A LOT has happened in my personal and professional life over the past couple of weeks, but nothing in comparison to what that crazy, creepy, downright terrifying super storm, Sandy has done to some of you!  I know that many of you suffered damage from her... 

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