Slow Cooker BBQ Baked Beans Recipe

Slow Cooker BBQ Baked Beans from #StartYourGrill #shop

It’s time to #StartYourGrill so you can make delicious sausage recipes AND my Slow Cooker BBQ Baked Beans recipe!

Slow Cooker BBQ Baked Beans #StartYourGrill #shop

You’ll probably want to pull out your best grilling recipes after you see how easy this delicious side dish is to make. I bet these beans will be the hit at your next summer picnic, grilling party, or potluck dinner. Click over to to get the recipe, grab your apron, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen!

Chocolate Cake with the “World’s Best” Ermine Frosting

milk chocolate cake with chocolate ermine frosting from

If you came looking for a rich, decadent chocolate cake with Ermine frosting, you’ve come to the right place! ¬†Grab your apron and come in to my kitchen! Lately, I’ve had the feeling that life is slipping through my fingers without so much as a “HEY DOOFUS! ¬†Wake up and enjoy me before I’m gone!”… 

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