Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Today is eat vegetarian day. In my bacon filled world, that’s not great news, but it does hold importance for many of you. Therefore, I shall be happy. Truthfully, EXTRA happy….because it’s also national CHOCOLATE day! Hip hip hooray!

When a non-vegetarian chooses to put down the bacon and step away slowly, it’s important to realize that you will still have something very yummilicious to indulge in. Behold, my vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe from #vegan #cookies

For those that don’t know, vegans are those who have a diet free from any and all animal products, including dairy products that come from animals. Hence, I am delighted to report that no eggs were harmed in the baking of these cookies!

Truthfully, I had to force myself to bake these. I really REALLY wanted to use enough butter that Paula Deen would pronounce me her best friend forever. I also just couldn’t imagine a cookie without the tenderizing effect that the eggs would bring. However, I know that there are  health benefits of flax, so I decided to give these a whirl in the name of fiber-y good health.  I have to be honest… they’re crispier than a traditional chocolate chip cookie, but they are VERY tasty!

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe




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