Blaze Pizza Menu With Prices of 2023

Are you looking for the Blaze Pizza menu with prices for a fantastic pizza party? Here you go!

Blaze Pizza’s menu has over 17 pizza flavors, 5 crust options, and 35+ scrumptious hot toppings. Their chef-inspired 11-inch pepperoni lover pizza with mouthwatering pepperoni and melting cheese is the top hit.

Besides this, their pizza menu also includes BBQ chicken, meat eater, art lover, hot-link, white top, simple pie, and green sprite pizzas.

Blaze Pizza is popular for its fresh dough, delicious loaded pizzas with various savory ingredients. They are also famous for their “create your own pizza” offer with many amazing options.

You can choose among 9 varieties of cheese, 7 meat choices, 5 crusts, 15 veggies, and over 10 sauces.

Options for the pizza crust include classic vegan dough, gluten-free, vegan dough, cauliflower dough, high-rise dough, and keto crust.

You can choose a red sauce, white cream sauce, spicy red sauce, pesto garlic sauce, Dollops sauce, etc.

The cheese options include parmesan, Ricotta, Feta cheese, Goat cheese, Gorgonzola, shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, etc. You may also opt for no-cheese pizza or vegan cheese pizza.

In meats, you can choose pepperoni, sausage, bacon, smoked ham, grilled chicken, tasty meatballs, etc. You can choose spicy chorizo if you’re a vegan and don’t like these meat choices.

The veggie options include fresh basil, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, jalapenos, olives, garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, pineapple, spinach, etc.

You can create the world’s best pizza at Blaze from such a wide variety of ingredients. You can also choose gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian pizza options.

Here, you can order from their digital deals, take-two pizzas, and single-use items, e.g., parmesan and red pepper flakes.

Besides pizzas, they also offer cheesy loaded bread and flavorful, fresh salads. They also serve a prodigious assortment of delightful desserts, drinks, and beer and wine.

What’s Hot

Pepperoni Lover 11″$8.99

Blaze Pizza Menu (11-Inch)

6 Slices Personal Size, 5 Crust Options (Classic Dough ‘V’, Gluten-Free Dough ‘V’ Add$3.00, Cauliflower (Gluten-Free, Contains Dairy and Eggs) Add$3.50, High-Rise Dough ‘V’ Add$2.50, Keto Crust (Gluten-Free, Contains Dairy and Eggs, 10″) Add$4.50), 35+ Fresh Toppings

Build Your Own Pizza$12.25
Pepperoni Lover$8.99
Red Vine$12.25
Meat Eater$12.25
Art Lover$12.25
BBQ Chkn$12.25
Veg Out$12.25
Green Stripe$12.25
White Top$12.25
Hot Link$12.25
Protein Pizza (Keto Gf Crust)$16.75
Keto Pizza (Keto Gf Crust)$16.75
Vegan Pizza (Regular Dough V Crust)$12.25
Vegetarian Pizza (Cauliflower Gf Crus$15.75
1 Top Pizza$8.95
2 Top Pizza$9.95
Simple Pie$7.95

Take Two

Choose 2: 1/2 Of an 11″ Pizza 5 Crust Options (Classic Dough ‘V’, Gluten-Free Dough ‘V’ Add$1.50, Cauliflower (Gluten-Free, Contains Dairy and Eggs) Add$1.75, High-Rise Dough ‘V’ Add$1.25, Keto Crust (Gluten-Free, Contains Dairy and Eggs, 10″) Add$2.25), Salad, Or Cheesy Bread

BBQ Chkn Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Build Your Own Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Meat Eater Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Green Stripe Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Art Lover Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Red Vine Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Hot Link Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Veg Out Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Cheesy Bread + Choice Of Side$12.25
White Top Half 11″ Pizza + Choice Of Side$12.25
Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread + Choice Of Side$12.25

Blaze Large Pizzas

14″ 8 Slices Shareable, Classic Dough

Meat Eater$17.95
Build Your Own Pizza$19.95
BBQ Chkn$17.95
Red Vine$17.95
Green Stripe$17.95
Art Lover$17.95
White Top$17.95
Veg Out$17.95
Simple Pie$11.95
Hot Link$17.95
1 Top Pizza$12.95
2 Top Pizza$15.95
3 Top Pizza $17.95

Blaze Pizza Deals

(Online Pick Up Only)

5 Crust Options (Classic Dough ‘V’, Gluten-Free Dough ‘V’ Add$3.00, Cauliflower (Gluten-Free, Contains Dairy and Eggs) Add$3.50, High-Rise Dough ‘V’ Add$2.50, Keto Crust (Gluten-Free, Contains Dairy and Eggs, 10″) Add$4.50)

Party Of One
(1 11″ 1-Top Pizza & A 16oz. Fountain Drink)
Cheesy Bread Bundle
(Cheesy Bread, 2-Top Large Pizza, Two 20oz. Bottled Drinks)
One Large 1-Top Pizza
(1 Large Pizza With Personal Choice Of Sauce, Cheese & 1 Topping)
BFF Bundle
(2 BYO 11″ Pizzas + 2 Fountain Drinks + 2 Desserts)
2 Large 2-Top Pizzas
(2 Large Pizzas With Personal Choice Of Sauce, Cheese & 2 Toppings For Each)

Cheesy Breads & Salads

Entrée Salad (Fresh Berry Or Classic Caesar)$9.95
Side Salad (Fresh Berry Or Classic Caesar)$5.95
Cheesy Bread$5.95
Pesto Garlic Cheesy Bread$5.95


Chocolate Brownie$2.95
S’more Pie$2.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.95

Drinks, Beer & Wine

Large Drink24oz.$3.25
House-Made Lemonades
Teas & More
Regular Drink16oz.$2.95
House-Made Lemonades
Teas & More
San Pellegrino$2.95
Bottled Water$2.75
Honest Apple Juice$2.55
Coke Bottle20oz.$2.95
Chocolate Milk$2.75
Sprite Bottle20oz.$2.95
Diet Coke Bottle20oz.$2.95
Blue Moon$6.45
Space Dust IPA$5.95
Copa White$6.00
Copa Red$6.00
White Claw – Mango$6.45
White Claw – Black Cherry$6.45

Blaze Pizza Delivery Methods

Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

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People Also Search

How Many Slices Come With 11” Pizza From Blaze?

An 11” pizza from Blaze includes 6 slices.

Does Blaze Pizza Serve Deep-Dish Pizza?

Unfortunately, Blaze Pizza doesn’t currently offer deep-dish pizza. However, there are several other crust selections to choose from.

Does Blaze Pizza Offer Pizza Catering?

For pizza catering, you can order large pizzas in your favorite flavors. You may also create your desired customized pizzas and place an order for the event. However, they don’t serve a separate catering menu.

How Much Does a Personal Size 6 Slices Pizza Cost At Blaze?

Depending on your chosen flavor, it costs from $8.99 to $11.25.

Is Blaze Pizza Owned By a Celebrity?

Yes, the famous Elise Wetzel and her husband, Rick Wetzel, own Blaze Pizza.

Final Thoughts

When you crave a delicious fresh dough cheese-loaded pizza, don’t forget to order from Blaze.

Its pizzas are not only great in taste, but they’re also loaded with cheese, meat, fresh veggies, and flavorful sauces.

Besides this, the price range is very economical for buying any flavor of pizza at Blaze. Furthermore, they also offer amazing discounts and digital deals for further cost reductions.

Either choose from their amazing variety of pizzas or create your customized one; you’ll never regret ordering from Blaze.

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