Blue Sushi Happy Hour Menu & Times in 2023

Hey sushi fans, here you go with some happy news!

Your go-to sushi spot, Blue Sushi Sake Grill offers Happy Hour every Monday-Saturday from 2 pm to 5.30 pm to get indulge in clean tasty sushi, applicable for both dine-in or carry-out orders.

Every Sunday from 12 pm to 9 pm order carry out to enjoy this amazing Happy Hour offer.

But, if you think of dining at Blue Sushi on Sunday, happy hour is happening all day! So, make sure to drop by!

Unlike any restaurant which offers very limited menu items, Blue Sushi Happy Hour menu is massive! A wide variety of

  • Starters,
  • Share Plates,
  • Maki (Raw, Not Raw, Vegan),
  • Speciality Sashimi,
  • Speciality Nigiri,
  • Drinks,
  • Desserts cover the menu.

Every item on the Happy Hour is discounted from its original price. Thus, you can eat twice as much for the same price.

There are over 80 items discounted on the Blue Sushi Happy Hour menu, so it’s worth every visit!

However, the availability of the menu items may slightly vary by the store location.

Vegan items can be found on the menu with a green sign, in case you’re a vegan.

So do the dishes with undercooked meat & seafood and meals consumed raw.

Blue Sushi Happy Hour Time

Save your date & time for this week to enjoy a happy sushi time with your loved ones.

Monday- Saturday2 pm- 5.30 pm
Sunday12 pm -9 pm
Sunday (Dine in only)All day

Blue Sushi Happy Hour Drinks

House Lime Margarita $6.00
(Samurai Saketini, Bluetini, China Doll, Blue Mule, Coconut Breezy, Raspberry Mojito, Hapa Highball & White Peach Daiquiri)
Bud Light Draft $4.00
Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Ipa Can10 cal$4.00
Kirin Ichiban or Sapporo Draft $4.50
Kirin Ichiban Sake Bomb $4.00
House Wines
(Cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, merlot)
Gekkeikan Hot8 oz$8.00
Sho Chiku Bai4 oz$6.00
Bushido Way of The Warrior, Ginjo Genshu180 ml$9.00
Joto One Cup, Futsu200 ml$9.00
Night Swim, Futsu180 ml$9.00

Blue Sushi Happy Hour Menu – Starters

Charred Edamame
Sea salt (classic with maldon) or spicy with garlic, tamari and togarashi
House Salad 
cucumber, mixed greens, cherry tomato and crispy wonton strips + choice of dressing Add
seared salmon +8 or grilled all-natural chicken +6 or
sesame honey, carrot ginger & wasabi soy
Miso Soup
Tofu, classic Japanese broth style soup + shiitake mushroom, wakame and scallion VG vegan kombu broth available
Cucumber Sunomono
Seasoned & marinated cucumber + sesame seeds, with
Snow crab+$5.00
grilled tako+$4.00

Share Plates

Shishito Peppers
Tamari, togarashi & sautéed Japanese peppers + citrus,
Mango Crab Rangoon
Mango, crispy wonton wrappers + crab mix, Scallion & cream cheese. Served with fresno pepper sauces & mango
vegetable tempura, sesame crusted squid and miso aioli
Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Toasted cashews & tossed in creamy lemon miso sauce
Crispy Rice Cake
Scallion, topped with spicy bigeye tuna and tataki sauce
White shrimp, tilapia, cucumber, lime juice, avocado, cherry tomato, sweet onion, cilantro, wonton crisps, jalapeño salsa, chili oil & togarashi
Chicken Crunch Salad
Romaine lettuce, napa cabbage, scallion, radicchio, shredded all-natural chicken breast, crispy wonton strips and sesame seeds, tossed in sesame honey dressing
Lettuce Wraps
Ginger, sautéed all-natural chicken breast + garlic, sesame noodles, carrots, cashews & peanut sauce, served with cucumber sunomono, crispy butter lettuce cups, sweet chili sauce and rice noodles  

Specialty Nigiri

Cherry Bomb
Rice tempura + bigeye tuna, topped with sriracha, serrano, ponzu sauce & togarashi
2 pcs$7.50
Blue Kani
Spicy crab mix + tempura fried tofu pockets, served with eel sauce
4 pcs$7.00
“Everything” Smoked Salmon
Rice tempura + smoked salmon on top of cream cheese, topped with scallion, everything furikake and ponzu sauce
2 pcs$6.50
Itchy Salmon
Spicy crab mix + baked atlantic salmon, topped with cilantro, serrano and ponzu sauce
2 pcs$7.00

Specialty Sashimi

Ceviche-Style Hirame
Cucumber + olive flounder, aji limo, pickled shallots, lime juice, merquén and black pepper
5 pcs$11.50
Truffle Salmon
Hot sesame oil + atlantic salmon, topped with truffle ponzu sauce, ikura and wasabi sprouts
5 pcs$12.00
Madai Chimichurri
Cucumber + red sea bream, aji rocoto, cherry tomato, marcona almonds, olive oil, chino chimichurri sauce & maldon sea salt
5 pcs$12.50
Tuna Tataki
Daikon Momiji + pepper seared skipjack tuna, garlic chips, tataki sauce & scallion
5 pcs$12.50
Yellowtail Serrano
Cilantro + dutch yellowtail, ponzu sauce & seranno
5 pcs$13.50


Not Raw  
Crunchy Blue
Cilantro, spicy crab mix, crispy panko & eel sauce
8 pcs$7.00
Cali Roll
Avocado, cucumber & crab mix
8 pcs$6.50
Hawaiian Roll
Mango, salmon, tempura fried, mango sauce & crab mix
6 pcs$8.50
Crunchy L.A.
Avocado, crab mix, crispy panko, cucumber & sweet chili sauce
8 pcs$7.00
Snow White
Avocado, crispy seabass, bibb lettuce, burdock root, creamy spicy, soy paper and eel sauces
5 pcs$8.50
Just Shrimp Tempura8 pcs$6.50
Super Asparagus 
Cream cheese, cooked salmon, eel sauce & asparagus
8 pcs$7.00
Tidal Wave
Crab mix, shrimp & crab stick tempura, honey wasabi, cream cheese and eel sauces
8 pcs$9.00
Spicy Tako
Octopus (spicy)
5 pcs$7.00
Hot Popper
Jalapeño tempura, smoked salmon, cream cheese, soy paper & sriracha
5 pcs$8.00
Cabo Roll
Crab mix, spicy bigeye tuna & cucumber
8 pcs$7.50
Negi Yellowtail
Garlic chip, scallion & yellowtail
8 pcs$9.00
Lion King
Cucumber, crab mix, spicy salmon, avocado, eel sauce, scallion & chili aioli
8 pcs$8.50
Yellowtail, bigeye tuna, cucumber, avocado, soy paper, cilantro & sriracha
5 pcs$8.50
Cream cheese, smoked or raw salmon, scallion & cucumber
8 pcs$8.50
Salmon Skin Roll
bonito flakes, ikura, crispy salmon skin, avocado, cucumber, burdock root, lemon
8 pcs$7.00
5 pcs$7.00
Spicy Sake
Cucumber, spicy salmon
5 pcs$7.00
Spicy Gringo
Bigeye tuna, salmon, ginger, dutch yellowtail, BBQ paper, garlic chip, serrano ponzu sauce & shallot
5 pcs$9.00
Bigeye tuna
5 pcs$7.00

Vegan Maki

Avo Kaluna
Avocado, Plant based tuna, scallion, sesame seeds & sweet soy sauce
8 pcs$8.50
Up In Smoke
Vegan cream cheese, vegan smoked salmon, avocado, vegan shrimp tempura, serrano ponzu sauce & charred jalapeño
5 pcs$9.00
Crunchy Cabbage
Vegan Creamy spicy sauce, tofu & napa cabbage vegan tempura and scallion
8 pcs$8.00
Sriracha-fried onion rings, pickle vegan tempura, vegan mayo, BBQ paper & tonkatsu sauce
5 pcs$7.50
Prince Roll
Avocado, eggplant vegan tempura & sweet soy sauce
8 pcs$7.50
Green Goddess
cucumber, spicy plant-based tuna, shallot, cilantro, black tobiko caviart, avocado & ponzu sauce
8 pcs$9.50
Shiitake To Me
Shiitake & sweet potato tempura, mushroom sautéed in coconut milk, thai basil, truffle oil and sweet soy sauce
8 pcs$9.50
Vegan Hot Popper
Vegan cream cheese, vegan smoked salmon, soy paper, vegan jalapeño tempura & sriracha
5 pcs$7.50
Unami Express
Red pepper, pineapple, BBQ eggplant eel, Thai basil, scallion, masago caviar & sweet soy sauce
8 pcs$9.50
Thai Hippie
Avocado, tofu vegan tempura, carrot, cucumber, cilantro, cashews with Thai basil, Thai peanut sauce, mint and red onion salad
8 pcs$8.50
Cucumber, bibb lettuce, avocado, cherry tomato, smoked tomato paper, shallot, vegan mayo & maldon sea salt
5 pcs$7.00
Unami Maki
Vegan cream cheese, BBQ eggplant eel, avocado & sweet soy sauce
5 pcs$8.00
Vegan South Pacific
Vegan cream cheese, BBQ eggplant eel tempura, scallion, pineapple & sweet soy sauce
8 pcs$9.50
Vegan Philadelphia
Vegan cream cheese, vegan smoked salmon, Cucumber & scallion
8 pcs$8.00
Vegan Black Dragon
Vegan cream cheese, BBQ eggplant eel tempura, black tobiko caviart, vegan shrimp tempura & sweet soy sauce
8 pcs$9.00

Dezato (Dessert)

Chocolate Torte
raspberry sorbet & chocolate ganache with coconut milk, designed With cashew and toasted coconut

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Sake Available on The Happy Hour Menu?

Yes, Japanese tapas including sake are valid for the happy hour offer.

What is Blue Sushi New Member Offer?

New members who make a purchase worth $20 can get $10 off for their first order.

Does Blue Sushi Sake Grill Offer Takeout?

Yes, they do. Dine-in, take-out, pick up & delivery methods are available.

Is Happy Hour Valid For Online Delivery Orders?

No. Happy Hour is only valid for dine-in and carry-out orders.

What is “Build Your Own Sushi Box” on The Menu?

Blue Sushi Sake Grill offers you an opportunity to create your sushi dining experience in a unique, fun way.

You can make 8 Maki rolls with all the fresh ingredients and Makisu provided just for $87 and you can add a sushi knife for an extra $30.

Does Blue Sushi Offer Catering?

Yes, catering service is provided with a range of Japanese cuisines and cocktails.

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