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Can you freeze milk?

Can you freeze milk? Yes? So how do I freeze milk then? We’ll go through it for you today. 

As our world begins to slowly shut-down and social distance from each other there is one thing that I think can help quite a bit with as it’s a question I keep being asked. Is freezing milk possible?

Can you freeze milk?

First and foremost. I am 100% against this mass hysteria of stocking up that Covid-19 is doing to societies around the world. Our stores have no food on them right now because everyone is panicking. NOT OK PEOPLE.

It is not necessary to have 2 years worth of toilet paper. Be compassionate that there are others out there other than yourself. I digress on that bit but there is one thing that we are doing so we can avoid going out into the world is our milk. I generally BARELY use enough milk until it expires so I started freezing the milk to not waste it. 

We aren’t massive milk drinkers but it is an absolute necessity in my morning tea. I know that our milk isn’t going to last for weeks in the refrigerator (unless I freeze it) so an effort to avoid the madness that is going on outside we are freezing our milk for when I need it. So regardless freezing milk is 100% an option and something you can do especially if your family goes through tons of it and you’ve got the space to freeze it. 

If you need some easy meals to make while on lockdown these recipes made with basic pantry ingredients could be of use. 

Can you freeze milk?


Can you freeze milk?

YES. It’s actually rather simple but there are a few things you want to be aware of when you are de-thawing frozen milk.

DETHAWING MILK TIP: Be sure to allow it to fully de-thaw in the refrigerator and then SHAKE IT UP. If you don’t shake it after it full de-thawing the results are… not enjoyable. 

How to Freeze Milk?

Milk has a little bit of water in it. So just like when you normally freeze water it will expand. Be sure to remove at least a little bit of milk out of the container before freezing. We generally take out about a Tablespoon or so. 

When space is low on the freezer (like it is now) and since I also only use milk for my tea I froze the milk into ice cube molds and that way only need to de-thaw that I’m using for that day or next day and not the entire carton. 

ONE MORE MILK FREEZING TIP: Another thing that is probably wise to mention is that when you freeze dairy/milk it will turn a yellow-ish color. There is nothing wrong with the dairy and will turn back to a white color after it dethaws. 

Can you freeze milk?

Other things you can freeze:

So there you go. No need to panic buy. Buy what you would need for the next 2-4 weeks in your normal routine and no more is needed. There are many basic and staple ingredients in the cabinets already that can be made into meals or biscuits please remember that if the panic begins settling in. Also.. I’m pretty sure standing in line with hundred of people in the grocery stores is not ‘social distancing’. 

Remember that just because you might recover from it doesn’t mean you can’t get the people who wouldn’t sick so practice compassion and kindness please during this time. 

Be safe and healthy out there everyone. ❤️ 

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