What is Cardi B and Offset Meal at The Mcdonald’s 2023

For those who are wondering about Cardi B and Offset meal – it’s McDonald’s latest celebrity collaboration meal. 

This creative and fun meal includes the favorite McDonald’s items of both rappers, consisting of a delicious cheeseburger, a quarter pounder, fries, and two drinks.

This sure comes with an apple pie as a shareable dessert

Understandably, the Cardi B Offset meal is a limited-time menu item that is meant to be shared between a happy couple as an ideal date meal. 

One thing to remember is that this meal is only available in participating restaurants.

Image courtesy; Mcdonald’s

How Much is The Cardi B Offset McDonald’s?

The price of this meal massively varies depending on the location of the restaurant.

You could purchase a Cardi B Offset meal for $13.45 in many areas. However, the cost could immediately reach a higher level of $20.

This means in certain Mcdonald’s, this celebrity meal sells for around $20.39.

With certain delivery apps, it may cost roughly around 18 dollars to enjoy Cardi B Offset meals.

Just remember that your location could have an entirely different price from these as well.

How Long is The Cardi B and Offset Meal Available?

This special meal at McDonald’s is a limited-time deal that won’t be available forever on their menu.

The celebrity McDonald’s meal – Cardi B and Offset meal was introduced on February 14th as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

You get to enjoy this limited-time deal from February 14, all the way up to March 12. 

That way, you get around four weeks to snatch your celebrity Offset meal from participating McDonald’s restaurants.

Cardi B and Offset Meal Menu

Cardi B & Offset menu features the favorite McDonald’s food of these two artists – Cardi B and Offset.

Cardi B’s contribution to this meal is the delicious Mac cheeseburger, alongside the BBQ sauce.

Then, there’s a large Coca-Cola as a beverage option. This does include Offset’s favorite items.

Those are the hefty quarter pounder with a slice of cheese and his choice of drink – Hi-C Orange Lava burst in a large cup.

Since this meal could be shared between two people, a large McDonald’s French fries including apple pie, as dessert is also packed here. 

What is The Cardi B Offset Mcdonalds Near Texas USA?

Some of the participating McDonald’s restaurants in Texas sell Cardi B Offset meals until 12th March 2023.

The location doesn’t change the content of the latest celebrity meal there.

With this limited-time meal, you get a McDonald’s cheeseburger, and a juicy quarter pounder and cheese as main potions – each respectively being the favorite McDonald’s burger of Cardi B Offset. 

As for the drink options, they serve a Hi-C Orange Lava burst, and a Coca-Cola, both served in a large size.

An apple pie, and a large French fry, do come as a part of this shareable meal.

What is The Cardi B Offset Mcdonalds Near California USA?

If you’re from California, USA, and want to taste the latest Cardi B Offset meal, you might be able to find one in some of the McDonald’s across California.

Since this meal is promoted as a couple’s meal, you get two burgers and two drinks, and some shareable items.

Burgers include the classic cheeseburger and a quarter pounder (added cheese) while the beverages consist of a large Coca-Cola, and a Hi-C Orange Lava Burst.

You have the share the large fries and the apple pie with your partner here.  


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