China Buffet Menu Prices (Updated 2023)

China Buffet is where all the world’s cuisines meet from Japanese and Italian food to American dishes and salads.

Starting with comforting soups, they make 4 different soups that are served with fried noodles including authentic hot and sour soup and seafood soup.

Of course, their sushi is a hit among food fans. The appetizers are multiple and juicy with wings, egg rolls, crab Rangoon, biscuits, and more.

There’s a possibility to make a delicious combo by combining two or three of your favorite appetizers. 

China Buffet serves the greatest fried rice with shrimp or chicken.

If you’re looking for an original Chinese Lo Mein, there are five versions of this, made with different ingredients from chicken and shrimp to beef or veggies.

And, there’s Chow Mein- a fried version of Lo Mein that has a slight crunch to it. Their thin noodles- Mei Fun taste amazing as well.

The egg Foo Young has chicken, beef, or shrimp versions that are served over a lump of white rice.

As for the meat options, you could order 5+ chicken dishes including the popular ones like Kung Pao chicken or the spicy Hunan chicken.

Beef, on the other hand, could be spicy or non-spicy depending on what you pick.

Their seafood menu is entirely dedicated to different dishes of shrimp with lots of sauces (lobster sauce, garlic sauce, etc.)

If you love a little green on your plate, make sure to order one of their many vegetable dishes. Their mixed vegetables and green beans are awesome though.

They have a couple of healthy options with steamed veggies and several Szechuan specials that could range from orange beef to salt and pepper crab.

If you fancy having lunch at China Buffet, they serve several veggies, noodles, and meat options.

For parties, there are trays made with loads of food. Their drinks menu is amazing with wine and some beer options.

China Buffet Lunch Specials

(Available 11:00am – 3:30pm-Except Sunday)

Comes with Pork Fried Rice, Choice of Sour Soup/Egg Roll & Egg Drop Soup/Hot

Chicken With Mixed Vegs$9.99
Chicken + Broccoli$9.99
Moo Goo Gai Pan$9.99
Chicken Chow Mein$9.99
Sweet And Sour Chicken$9.99
Chicken + Cashew Nuts$9.99
Kung Po Chicken (Spicy)$9.99
Chicken With Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$9.99
Beef + Broccoli$9.99
General Tso’s Chicken (Spicy)$9.99
Hot Spicy Shredded Beef$9.99
Pepper Steak$9.99
Shrimp + Mixed Vegs$10.99
Shrimp + Lobster Sauce$10.99
Sauteed Mixed Vegs$9.99
Sauteed Shrimp And Chicken$10.99
Bean Curd + Mixed Vegs$9.99
Broccoli With Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$9.99
Lo Mein (Chicken, Veg, Beef/Shrimp)$9.99

China Buffet Party Tray

(Please Specify the Items in The Comment Area)

Choice of 1-3 Items from The Menu
Beef & Seafood Sections N/A
Choice of 1-3 Items from The Menu
Beef & Seafood Sections N/A
Seafood by Weight (Choose Any Items From The Seafood Section)$12.99

China Buffet Appetizer

(Served with Fried Rice)

Steamed/Fried Dumplings$10.99
Egg Roll (2 pcs)$4.00
Chicken Stick (4 pcs)$6.99
Chicken Wings (8 pcs)$10.99
French Fries$5.99
Crab Meat Rangoon (10 pcs)$10.99
Sweet & Sour Chicken$10.99
Biscuit (10 pcs)$7.99
Fried Plantain (Banana)$8.99

China Buffet Soup Menu

(Includes Fried Noodle)

Hot And Sour (Spicy)$3.99
House Special$4.49

Appetizer Combo

Crab Rangoon (4 pcs), Chicken Stick (2 pcs) , Egg Roll (2 pcs)$12.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken (4 pcs), Chicken Stick (2 pcs), Egg Roll (2 pcs)$12.99
Sweet & Sour Chicken (2 pcs), Crab Rangoon (4 pcs), Egg Roll (4 pcs)$12.99
Chicken Wings (2 pcs), Crab Rangoon (4 pcs), Egg Roll (2 pcs)$12.99
Chicken Stick (4 pcs), Chicken Wings, Egg Roll (2 pcs)$12.99

China Buffet Fried Rice

House Special$6.99

Lo Mein

House Special$7.99

Chow Mein


Egg Foo Young

(Includes White Rice)



(Includes White Rice)

Moo Goo Gai Pan$6.99
Chicken With Broccoli$6.99
Kung Pao Chicken (Spicy)$6.99
Chicken With Cashew Nuts$6.99
Hicken Including Black Bean Sauce$6.99
Hunan Chicken (Spicy)$6.99
Chicken with Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$6.99
Chicken With Mixed Vegs$6.99
Curry Chicken$6.99


(Includes White Rice)

Pepper Steak$8.99
Beef + Broccoli$8.99
Beef + Scallion$8.99
Shredded Beef + Hot Spicy Sauce (Spicy)$8.99
Beef + Mixed Vegs$8.99
Beef + Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$8.99


(Includes White Rice)

Shrimp + Broccoli$8.99
Shrimp + Cashew Nuts$8.99
Shrimp + Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$8.99
Shrimp + Lobster Sauce$8.99
Shrimp + Black Bean Sauce$8.99
Kung Pao Shrimp (Spicy)$8.99
Curry Shrimp (Spicy)$8.99


(Includes White Rice)

Broccoli + Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$9.99
Sauteed Mixed Vegs$9.99
Bean Curd + Mixed Vegs$9.99
Bean Curd Szechuan Style (Spicy)$9.99
Pan Fried Noodle With Mixed Vegs$10.99
Green Beans$9.99

Health Food Section

(Includes White Rice)

Steamed Vegetable + Chicken$11.99
Steamed Mixed Vegs$9.99
Steamed Vegetable With Shrimp$12.99

Szechuan Specialties

(Includes White Rice)

Hunan Delicacy (Spicy)$13.99
General Tso’s Chicken (Spicy)$13.99
Beef Orange Flavor (Spicy)$14.99
Hot & Spicy Shrimp (Spicy)$15.99
Honey Chicken$13.99
Chicken, Beef, Shrimp + Broccoli & Garlic Sauce (Spicy)$14.99
Black Bean Sauce With Baby Clam$14.99
Sesame Chicken$13.99
Spicy Crayfish With Peppers (Spicy)$15.99
Salt & Pepper Fried Fish$15.99
Fried Salt & Pepper Shrimp$15.99
Salt And Pepper Crab$15.99
Salt And Pepper Calamari$15.99

Mei Fun

(Includes Thin Rice Noodle)

House Special$13.99

Wines Woodbridge

Items (Bottle)SizePrice
Merlot187 ML$5.55
White Zinfandel187 ML$5.55
Chardonnay187 ML$5.55
Cabernet Sauvignon187 ML$5.55


Items (Bottle)Price
Domestic Budlite$3.95
Domestic Budweiser$3.95
Imported Corona$4.50
Imported Heineken$4.50
Imported Tsing Tao$4.50

China Buffet Delivery Methods

Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryNo
Curbside PickupNo

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People Also Ask

Is There AaCarry-Out Buffet At China Buffet?

Of course, there is. The buffet includes lunch and dinner. The seafood and sushi carry-out orders are a little costly compared to other meals.

Does China Buffet Serve Healthy Food Options?

Yes. If you’re seeking healthier options with fewer carbs, they have steamed vegetables with shrimp or chicken.

What Are The Lunch Hours At China Buffet?

Lunch is served from 11.00 am to 3.30 pm every day except Sunday.

What Party Trays Are Available Here At China Buffet?

You could order a small or large party tray with 1-3 dishes that you have to pick from their menu.

You cannot order a party tray for beef and seafood. Instead, China Buffet sells seafood by weight.

What Noodles Dishes Can Be Ordered At China Buffet?

They have Lo Mein, Choe Mein, Mei Fun, and more.

Final Words

Not many restaurants can offer a wide range of world cuisine in the buffet style.

But China Buffet has been making the spiciest and the greatest food- buffet style in MA for so long.

From soups to noodles and veggies, every single bite is packed with flavor and you don’t have to break your piggy bank to dine here.

Lastly, the honorable mentions for the best dishes here would go to their sushi, Lo Mein noodles, and shrimp.

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