Condado Happy Hour Menu, Time, Price, and Location 2023

For every location where Condado is located, Happy Hour Time is different.

Happy Hour has to offer different prices which are exciting for the customers to avail.

Some of the locations offer all day but only from Monday to Thursday and some offer weekends or weekdays 3-6 PM.

The Condado happy Hours offers drinks and eat categories in their promotion that can be ordered through their application as well as through their website.

Condado Happy Hours are Offered to customers in 7 states of the United States.

The restaurants are located in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and North Carolina.

The requirements to avail of the happy hours are to order in the time in which happy hours are offered as well as only from the selected menu that the particular restaurant is offering.

Another requirement includes that this offer cannot be availed on game days on The Banks.

The Condado happy hours are offered on particular dates and in a specific locations. These are listed below:

Condado Happy Hour Times (Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Kentucky)

Monday3 pm – 6 pm
Tuesday3 pm – 6 pm
Wednesday3 pm – 6 pm
Thursday3 pm – 6 pm
Friday3 pm – 6 pm

At Pennsylvania

Monday4 pm – 6 pm
Tuesday4 pm – 6 pm
Wednesday4 pm – 6 pm
Thursday4 pm – 6 pm
Friday4 pm – 6 pm

At Indiana and North Carolina

EatsWeekdays3 PM – 6 PM
DrinkMon – ThursAll Day

As Condado offers limited yet exciting items in their menu for Happy Hour, the menu respectively to the locations in which they are offered are listed below.

Condado Happy Hour Menu (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Kentucky)

Smoky’s Nachos$9.00
Three Buds$20.00
Seasonal Margs$8.00
Gran Clasico$8.00
House Margs$6.00
House Large Margs$11.00
House Margs Pitcher$25.00
$1 Off Cervezas + Bud Light   

At Indiana

Smoky’s Nachos$9.00
Three Buds$16.00
House Margs 
Mon – Half Off House Large Margs   
Tue – $3 Off Gran Clasico   
Wed – Half Off House Flight   
Thu – House Pitchers  $25.00

In North Carolina

Smoky’s Nachos  $9.00
Three Buds  $16.00
Mon – House Margs  $9.00
Tue – House Large Margs  $13.00
Wed – Gran Clasico  $10.00
Thurs – House Flight  $16.00

Condado’s Happy Hours Offer Can Be Found Through The Following Links

Happy Hour Order  

People Also Ask

Does Condado Offers Happy Hours on Weekends?

No, Condado does not offer happy hours on weekends. It offers happy hours only at a specific time at a specific location.

What Items Are Included in The Happy Hour Menu?

Both Drinks and Eat are included in the Happy Hours menu.

Does Condado Offers Happy Hours on Late Nights?

Unfortunately, No, Condado Doesn’t Offer Happy Hours Late At Night.

What Types of Eateries Are Included in The Happy Hour Menu?

The Eateries offered are different for different locations but commonly these are smoky nachos and three buds.

Can a Customer Redeem Gift Cards on Condado Happy Hours?

Yes, Customers Can Redeem Gift Cards During Happy Hours As Well.

Does Condado Offers Happy Hours on The Game Day At The Banks?

No, Customers Cannot Avail of Happy Hours on Game Day At The Banks.

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