Filiberto’s Mexican Food Menu and Prices 2023

Filiberto’s is the right place if you are a Mexican food lover. Filiberto’s Mexican cuisine offers a wide range of delicious Burritos, Tacos, Torta, and Tostada to satisfy your hunger cravings. At Filiberto’s, kids are treated to special kids’ meals.

Every Filiberto’s cook is passionate about what they do. They procure ingredients from their farms, cook with care and serve with love.

 Each item is carefully crafted using fresh elements to guarantee quality and taste.

Start your day with Filiberto’s breakfast burritos if you are an early starter. Douse your hunger with healthy and flavorful breakfast burritos.

There is more to it. If you are not in the mood for burritos, you get to choose from three whole bowls. Filiberto’s offers Chicken Bowl, Adobada Bowl, and Carne Asada Bowl for bowl lovers.

Filiberto’s has been known for its Burritos and Tacos since 1993.

At Filiberto’s, you can choose from 18 types of yummy Burritos, 7 types of Tacos, 19 different combo platters, 8 kinds of Torta, 3 types of lip-smacking Tostada, and 3 variety bowls.

Filiberto’s offers 3 different kinds of crispy crunchy kids’ combo meals to choose from.

Filiberto’s serves five different daily specials from Monday through Friday. Visit Filiberto’s to find out your favorites.

Filiberto’s is a go-to place if you have kids. Every kids’ meal includes Filiberto’s special irresistible crispy fries.

Each item quantifies one person perfectly, so no need to worry about excess food. You can order what you need at ease and enjoy your meal.

Filiberto’s menu daily specials change throughout the weeks from Monday to Friday, for example on Thursday bean tostada are only $2.25. Tuesday is for tacos and gets specials on shredded beef or chicken tacos.

On Wednesday, you get a discount on Bean Burrito, and on Monday there are 3 tacos rolled with cheese. And the last one is for Friday you will get Jr Quesadilla.

Filibertos Burritos Menu

Fish Burrito$8.14
Bean and Cheese Burrito$4.94
Chicken Burrito$7.22
Adobada Burrito$8.14
Arizona Burrito$9.68
Carnitas Burrito$8.14
Chilie Relleno Burrito$8.14
Chile (Green) Burrito$8.14
Shrimp Burrito$10.26
Cabeza Burrito$9.00
El Gordo Burrito$12.70
Patron Burrito$11.60
California Burrito$11.60
Texas Burrito$8.14
Beef Burrito$8.06
Veggie Burrito$7.49
Pollo Asada Burrito$8.14
Carne Asada Burrito$9.68

Filibertos Platters

2 Enchiladas$9.84
4 Rolled Tacos with Guacamole$12.18
Burrito and Enchilada$11.68
Chimichanga Plate$12.56
Burrito and Taco$11.68
2 Carne Asada Burritos$17.48
Taco and Enchilada$11.68
2 Carne Asada Tacos$14.81
2 Chicken Tacos$11.68
Tacos and Tostadas$11.68
Fajitas Plate (Steak or Chicken)$14.81
2 Beef Tacos$11.68
2 Chilie Rellenos$12.14
Camarones Rancheros$14.97
Carnitas Plate$12.22
Chilie (Green) Plate$11.80
Carne Asada Plate$15.33
2 Fish Tacos Plate$11.52
Pollo Asada Plate$11.80

Filibertos Breakfast Burrito

Steak and Egg Burrito$10.58
Chorizo Burrito$8.14
Bacon Burrito$8.28
Machaca Burrito$9.16
Country Burrito$7.92

Filibertos Tacos Menu

Carne Asada Taco$5.76
Beef Taco$3.85
Shrimp Taco$4.65
Lengua Taco$4.26
Carnitas Taco$4.03
Fish Taco$4.03
Adobada Taco$4.03

Torta Menu

Carne Asada Torta$9.85
Carnitas Torta$8.34
Ham Torta$8.49
Chorizo Torta$6.80
Adobada Torta$8.34
Machaca Torta$7.78
Fish Torta$6.83
Chicken Torta$6.80

Tostada Menu

Carne Asada Tostada$7.93
Carnitas Tostada$6.22
Chicken Tostada$6.22

Bowls Items

Adobada Bowl$9.90
Chicken Bowl$9.90
Carne Asada Bowl$11.54

Kid Meals

Chicken Nugget$5.24
Jr Bean and Cheese$5.24
Jr Quesadilla$5.24

Filiberto’s Must-Try Mouth Watering Picks

Filiberto’s is popular for its incredible Mexican cuisine. Though all the items served by Filiberto’s are well-liked, few are ordered most frequently. Check out the list of the most popular items from Filiberto’s.

01. Carne Asada Burrito

A combination of tender steak freshly ground spices, herbs, onions, and tomatoes wrapped in a fresh tortilla is the first choice of burrito lovers.

02. Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

With cheddar cheese, pepper, and Filiberto’s special sausage this power-packed burrito is the best breakfast.

03. Camarones Rancheros Platter

Spicy, tangy shrimp and two other Filiberto’s choice items are served with a special sauce and tortilla. This mouth-watering platter doesn’t fail to satisfy your hunger.

04. Tangy Beef Taco

One of their legacies is a crispy taco filled with seasoned beef and Filiberto’s special herbs. It is a feast for your taste buds.

05. Fish Torta

Another sea-food lovers’ favorite. It comes in a convenient size to snack on or order more if you are hungrier.

06. Chicken Bowl

Juicy chicken seasoned with fresh herbs on top of a bowl of rice is a perfect choice for wholesome lunch. In each layer of the bowl, you will enjoy the authenticity of Mexican cuisine.

07. Chicken Nugget Kids Meal

A platter of crispy fries and tasty chicken nuggets is an all-time favorite of kids. Kids can not stay away from this tempting combo meal. Visit Filiberto’s with your kids to experience what we say.

About Filiberto’s Cuisine and Service

Filiberto’s celebrates Mexican culture through food since 1993. They carefully carried their legacy and continue to serve authentic Mexican cuisine.

Filiberto’s food experts handpick all ingredients used for cooking to ensure quality.

At Filiberto’s, you can choose from a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisine and enjoy food in your comfort.

At Filiberto’s everyone can enjoy impeccable service.

If you enjoy a quiet meal, Filiberto’s is your place. It also has amenities to host parties and family get-togethers.

How To Place Your Food Order

It is easy to enjoy your favorite Filiberto’s food from wherever you are. To start with, you can visit Filiberto’s outlet in person to enjoy all delicacies.

If you are in no mood to travel, you can place an order over the phone or online from Filiberto’s website.

Visit to order online and we will deliver it to your doorstep through DoorDash/Grubhub/Uber Eats.

Filiberto’s Delivery Options

Filiberto’s is your delicious surprise if you are a Mexican cuisine lover or someone who loves to try different cuisine. Here is how you can enjoy Filiberto’s amazing food.

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable
Curbside PickupNot Available

Payment Methods To Complete Your Order

You are one step closer to enjoying Filiberto’s flavorful meals. Here are the payment methods accepted by them. Does Filibertos Take Apple Pay? The answer is, Yes.

  • Amex
  • Apple Pay
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Meta Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Shop Pay
  • Venmo
  • Visa

Important Links of Filiberto’s

Here is everything you need to access Filiberto’s delicious Mexican cuisine.

Official Website
Online Order
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Filiberto’s Undertake Outdoor Catering Orders?

Yes, Filiberto’s undertakes outdoor catering orders. Do check your local Filiberto’s outlet for more information.

Where Do Filiberto’s Get Their Ingredients From?

Filiberto’s grow their herbs and fresh produce. However, they procure meat from renowned local slaughterhouses to ensure quality.

Do Filiberto’s Offer Discount For Large Orders?

No, Filiberto’s doesn’t offer a discount based on orders. But they offer a discount during the holiday/festive season. Visit Filiberto’s website or Filiberto’s outlet for more information.

Do Filiberto’s Buy Their Tortillas From Outside?

No, Filiberto’s make their own tortillas daily to ensure freshness and quality.

Is Filiberto’s a Good Choice Only For Non-Vegetarians?

No. Vegetarians can choose from Filiberto’s amazing combo platters. Filiberto’s serves vegetarian/vegan cuisine as well.

Final Thoughts

Filiberto’s is your destination if you are open to enjoying the art of cuisine or a Mexican food lover.

Try something new from Filiberto’s wide menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarian food lovers.

Filiberto’s is known for its mouthwatering meals, reasonable price, and wonderful service. Visit Filiberto’s today to savor your favorite food!

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