How Much Does Hibachi Catering Cost: Menu & Prices in 2023

If you want an ultimate Japanese cuisine experience, Hibachi should be your go-to place.

They are just there to offer you a great eatery experience no matter where you are and how many you are. 

You just need to call Hibachi catering and you are all set to organize the event at your place.

You will get an impeccable blend of perfect dining and entertainment with Hibachi.

They offer a diversified menu, including some fantastic combos, seafood, kid’s food, and sides.

You can check out their menu for mouth-watering options of Japanese cuisine.

Besides that, they offer a designated chef for a particular table who will cook for a group of 12-20 people.

In case you want an additional chef at your place, you have to pay some extra cost for the same.

With the variety of menus they serve, you should try delicious NY Steak, chicken, and shrimp. This item is one of the unique items on hibachi’s menu.

Moreover, it is famous for its distinctive taste, making it a go-to food item for most people.

In addition, if you are a huge fan of lobster, you must try the Chef’s special meal. This meal has a wholesome conglomeration of fillet mignon, lobster, and shrimp.

If you have kids coming to your party, going with the Hibachis catering will be your best-ever decision.

They serve the kid’s food with the utmost care by taking care of all the ingredients that go into their meal.

Kids can enjoy a variety of chicken and shrimp dedicatedly cooked for them.

Apart from the excellent food menu, you can even select the color of the setup for your event.

In addition to that, you can also choose some extras like soda, chef, server, water, and much more.

You need to pay an additional amount for the extras you select according to your needs.

Hibachi Catering Combinations Menu

Shrimp and Chicken$63.00
Shrimp and NY Steak$68.00
Chicken and NY Steak $66.00
Shrimp, NY Steak and Chicken$75.00
Lobster and NY Steak$80.00
Shrimp and Fillet Mignon$74.00
Scallops and Fillet Mignon$77.00
Lobster and Fillet Mignon$84.00
Salmon and Fillet Mignon$76.00
Chicken, Fillet Mignon, and Shrimp$80.00
Sumo Rib Eye$78.00
Shrimp and Rib Eye$80.00
Scallops and Rib Eye$82.00
Lobster and Rib Eye$85.00
Lobster, NY Steak and Shrimp (Kanji)$87.00
Fillet Mignon$67.00
Lobster, Fillet Mignon, and Shrimp (Chef’s Special)$104.00
Lobster tail, Scallops, and Fillet Mignon (Genki)$115.00
Lobster and Wagyu Japanese A5 (Hibachi Deluxe)$195.00
Vegetarian (Hibachi)$52.00

Hibachi Sea Food

Scallops (Garlic)$61.00
Shrimp (Hibachi)$58.00
Combo Seafood$61.00
Lobster Twin Baby$84.00
Lobster (Wild)$99.00
Ahi Tuna Seared$58.00

Ninja Kids

(3 To 12 years)

Shrimp and Chicken$40.00
Chicken and NY$45.00
Shrimp and NY$45.00

Hibachi Sides

Fried Rice (Chicken)$7.00
Fried Rice$5.00
Soup (Miso)$7.00
House Salad$6.00
3 pc Gyoza$6.00
Garlic Edamame$5.00
3 pc Grill Asparagus$6.00
4oz Noodles$7.00
1 pc Water Glasses$2.00
1 pc Wine Glasses$2.00
Ceramic Sake cups$2.00

The Most Popular Items on Hibachi Catering

If you are having your very first experience with Hibachi, no doubt you will not be able to taste every item on their menu.

But there are some special items on their menu which you must try at any cost.

01. Mouth-Watering NY Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp

This is one of the hot-selling items on Hibachi’s menu. It is prepared with fresh ingredients to give you a flavorful experience.

You will be amazed to taste the dish with the garlic butter that takes its taste to the next level.

In addition, you will be blown by its sesame chicken that you will hardly find anywhere.

02. Lip Smacking Filet and Lobster Special

If you find the lobster and filet combo delicious, you must try this dish. It is perfectly seasoned to give the original taste of steak.

The best part of this dish is the garlic butter and lemon that will be served with the lobster tail. Once you try this, you will intensely admire this combo.

03. Sizzling Chef Special

Every place has a signature dish that acts as an identity for the place. In the case of Hibachi, its’ Chef special steals the show.

You will get the perfect fillet with delicious garlic shrimp in this ultimate combo.

The wild tail lobster cooked with garlic butter and lemon act as a cherry on top of the cake for this dish.

04. Flavorful Kanji

With such an innovative name for the dish, you can experience many flavors.

With the perfectly cooked NY strip steak, you will get an authentically cooked shrimp and lobster tail duo. This will add to the taste of the meal and will make your dining memorable.

05. Innovative Genki

Trying out their Genki will serve your needs if you want to try something new yet delicious on Hibachi’s menu.

This dish is a supreme combination of mignon, scallops, and finger-licking lobster. This will give a brand-new and soulful dining experience.

Service Reviews of Hibachi Catering

Hibachi Catering serves high-quality food to customers. They exclusively focus on top-notch ingredients and prepare their food using fresh items.

You can get their catering services anywhere no matter where you plan to organize your event.


  • They offer inexpensive catering services
  • Offer services at diversified locations
  • Can easily cater a big or small event


  • Don’t cater to less than 10 people
  • Extra charges for additional requirements

How To Place an Order From Hibachi Catering

Ordering food from Hibachi Catering becomes more accessible with a whole lot of options to choose from.

Some of the prominent methods used while ordering food from Hibachi are discussed below.

Order Online

  • Visit their official website for your ordering requirements
  • You will be prompted to put your as well as the event’s details
  • Then you are good to go and the services will be delivered to your place

Order Via Delivery Apps

  • If you want to order any specific food item, visit the food delivery apps like Uber Eats or Door Dash
  • You just need to select your location and the food item of your choice
  • Once you select the payment, the delivery process of the food will start.

Delivery Options

Drive ThruN/A
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Contact Details of Hibachi Catering

Contact Number951-760-8753
Official Website
Online Order
About Them

Social Media Presence of Hibachi Cater


People Also Ask

What is The Cost of Having Services From Hibachi in LA?

It will cost you somewhere around $53-120. They will cook fresh food with fresh ingredients as per your preference.

What is Meant By Hibachi Food?

Hibachi is not any kind of food but its literal meaning is the technique by using which the food is cooked. In Hibachi, the food is cooked in large ab open bowls.

What Type of Meat is Primarily Used For Hibachi?

Superior quality meat like chicken, steak, or seafood is used for making hibachi.

Is There Any Special Kind of Sauce Used By The Hibachi Chefs While Preparing Rice?

Its straightforward answer is: Yes. They use soy sauce as the core ingredient while preparing the rice.

Is Butter Used While Making a Hibachi Grill?

Its simple answer is: Yes. Garlic butter acts as a key ingredient while grilling hibachi. This will act as your core ingredient even if you want to make it at home.

Final Thoughts

Hibachi Catering will act as a blessing in disguise for your events. You will get freshly prepared food served at your place without any hassle.

Whether you organize a big or a small party, you can always bank upon Hibachi Catering for top-botch results.

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