Honey Baked Ham Christmas Dinner 2023

Do you hear the jingle bells just around the corner? Plan your holiday meal with Honey Baked Ham to enjoy the smoothest Christmas dinner.

Honey Baked Ham, understanding the need for a diverse meal on your table offers several holiday meals.

For example, their first meal combo consists of a juicy half ham-bone-in and a delicious turkey breast. Yes, there are chilled sides that you just have to heat before serving.

The second meal includes another bone-in ham (quarter) with a juicy turkey breast for extra protein. This too comes with several sides to make it a complete meal.

If you fancy ham without bones, the third option at Honey Baked Ham is tailor-made for you.

They have the turkey breast and ham without the bones while the frozen sides are good to go after some time in your oven.

It’s always amazing when the customization option is available and you can decide which sides should come with your meal choice.

They do offer two signature Honey Baked Ham meals with 8 and 9 lb. with four frozen sides of your choice.

There are some individual bone-in ham dishes in half or quarter sizes.

For additional meat on the table, you get to take your pick from their beef and pork options- all frozen with beef pot roast, peppered bacon, BBQ pork roast, and baby back ribs.

Since there’s no Christmas dinner with sides, let’s take a look at Honey Baked Ham’s sides in heat & serve style.

There, you get cheesy mac and cheese with double cheddar, a casserole of green beans, broccoli- Tuscan Style, and another dinner essential- mashed potatoes.

Of course, their gravy, souffles, and baked cinnamon apples also.

You could always order some slices and salads to ensure that everyone eats well. This includes chicken and ham salads and ham and turkey slices.

There’s always something extra that you need on your Christmas dinner table. That’s where Honey Baked Ham’s extras come in handy.

These vary from yummy soup mix to egg twist rolls and all sorts of sauces and dippings.

Christmas is all about love and sweets. That’s why you gotta have some killer desserts on your Christmas table.

I’d say their vanilla and chocolate rum cakes are sweet and heavenly alongside their many pies and cakes.   

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Honey Baked Ham Christmas Dinner Menu

The Mini Ham Brunch3-4 Lbs3-4$73.95
Half Ham8 Lb20-24$91.95
The Amazing Buffet16-20$153.95
Honeybaked Ham7 Lds
Turkey Breast (Oven-Roasted)3 Lbs
Cornbread Stuffing64 Oz
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes64 Oz
Kettle Cooked Apples19 Oz
Turkey Gravy32 Oz
Cranberry Walnut Chutney11 Oz
Champagne Mustard16 Oz
Golden Mini Ham3-4 Lbs$118.95
Gourmet Crackers
Baby Swiss Cheese2 Lbs
Keepsake Cutting Board
Dessert Pears
Red Pear
Fuji Apples
Navel Oranges
Granny Smith Apple
The Gourmet Duo16-20$109.95
Honeybaked Ham7 Lbs
Turkey Breast3 Lbs
The Royal Feast$138.95
Honeybaked Ham7 Lbs
Turkey Breast3 Lbs
Baby Swiss Cheese2 Lbs
Gourmet Crackers1/3 Lb
Champagne  Mustard 
Keepsake Cutting Board
The Turkey Breast And Swiss Duo$58.95
Turkey Breast Oven-Roasted 3 Lbs
Baby Swiss Cheese2 Lbs
Champagne Mustard16 Oz
Whole Grain Mustard12 Oz
The Mini Gourmet Duo$73.95
Mini Ham3-4 Lbs
Turkey Breast  1.5 Lbs
The Honeybaked Ham And Swiss Combo16-20$98.95
Ham7 Lbs
Baby Swiss Cheese2 Lbs
Champagne Mustard16 Oz
Whole Grain Mustard12 Oz


Carrot Cake8 Inch6-8$49.95
Cheesecake Sampler (4 Flavor)8-12 Slices$39.95
Bavarian Apple Tart8 Slices$49.95
Golden Pecan Pie1-8$34.95
Red Velvet Cake8 Inch6-8$39.95
Coffee Cake Duo (Cinnamon Walnut)8 Inch$39.95
Triple Chocolate Cake6-8$39.95

Christmas Dinner Serving Start and Closing Dates

Honey Baked Ham is working extra efficiently during the Christmas season. You can visit them and place an order for pick-up as early as the beginning of December.

Just remember that Honey Baked Ham is open on Christmas eve from 6.30 am-4.30 pm. However, understandably, it’s closed on Christmas day itself.

How To Order

Online Ordering

  • Go to Honey Baked Ham and view their holiday menu
  • Scroll through the different menu options and add the items
  • Customize your order with the preferred sides
  • Add the location and the pick-up details
  • Re-check and check out

Delivery Apps

  • You could order their dinners with Grub Hub, Uber eats, and Door Dash

Best Items on The Christmas Menu

Honey Baked Ham prepares the most delicious Christmas dishes to spread their love everywhere. Here are some of their yummiest ones.

01. Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Potatoes make everything better, especially at Christmas. This essential holiday dish, coming up with premium butter and chives will warm your belly and heart alike.

The bacon in it adds a hint of crispiness to the dish. All you have to do to enjoy this creamy goodness is reheat it according to the instructions.

02. Bone-in Half Ham

This is the ideal protein dish for a small family with extra juices. It’s affordable and super moist.

This juicy ham, glazed with honey and smoked for 24 hrs. with hardwood chips, is the best.

You get to enjoy this delicious ham in spiral cut and it’s fully cooked for your convenience.

03. Double Cheddar Mac and Cheese

This comfort food of all the holidays is rich and creamy with perfectly cooked corkscrew pasta.

Its creamy white sauce is made of premium quality cheddar cheese and tastes amazing.

The pasta bathed in this white sauce is tasty and cozy and would make an excellent addition to your dinner table alongside the ham.

04. Turkey Breast

Since there can’t be enough meat on your Christmas dinner table, this addition would make your loved ones crave for second and third bites.

Its juiciness and super tenderness come from being slow-cooked for a long time.

Honey Baked Ham guarantees its top quality with white meat. It comes to your table all glazed and already sliced.

05. Half Boneless Ham

Another perfect dish for a smaller family with many flavors. It’s perfectly glazed and smoked for around 10-12 hours, ensuring its smoky flavor.

Yet, it’s mild and light in taste, immediately satisfying your belly.

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Related Asked Questions

Does Honey Baked Ham Offer Christmas Dinner?

Absolutely. Honey Baked Ham offers several meal options for Christmas dinner.

They’ve got complete holiday meals, individual meat dishes and sides, and all sorts of desserts for your dinner table.

What Side Dishes Can Be Ordered At Honey Baked Ham?

There are multiple dishes to choose from. Mac and cheese, smashed potatoes, green beans casserole, and soups are some of their best-selling sides.

Are There Any Discounts For The Christmas Dinner Meals With Them?

Of course, there are several. You get cash off when purchasing holiday meals on selected days for pick-up.

You can earn their reward points and enjoy the benefits. Refer to their site for more info.

Is The Nutritional Information Available For The Christmas Dinner Meals?

Under each meal item on their menu, there’s an option to view this information. 

Can I Order Dessert For Christmas Dinner With Honey Baked Ham?

Of course, they offer several seasonal desserts with many pies and cakes that you can order for your dinner.

Final Thoughts

The Christmas season can be a little hectic for everyone.

Let Honey Baked Ham take over your Christmas dinner and dazzle your loved ones with the heartiest Christmas meal ever.

With Honey Baked Ham, planning your Christmas dinner is easy, convenient, and chilling.

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