Jamba Juice Catering Prices 2023 (Cheers With Fresh Fruits and Plants Smoothies)

Enhance your taste buds with a diverse range of smoothies and baked items from Jamba Juice Catering.

Sweet tooth lovers will find a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing recipes on their menu.

Jamba juice’s catering has three main categories on their menu viz. smoothies, baked goods, and freshly squeezed juices.

The menu is no less than a paradise for vegetarians seeking affordable, healthy food.

Their signature smoothies include a Mango smoothie, Orange Dream Machine, & Caribbean passion.

The taste of their products is as good as their names. Their technique aims to transform nature’s healthy secrets into delicious smoothies.

Furthermore, they have super blends, regarded as the ultimate standard of healthy eating.

They offer Açai Super-Antioxidant, PB Banana Protein, Orange C-Booster, and many more super blends at your doorstep.

The blends are specially designed to meet your individual goals – be it health, fitness, wellness, enjoyment, or a nutritious treat for your children.

You can taste fresh fruit with their plant-based smoothies made from strawberry, mango, peach, and pomegranate.

You can also get smoothie packs for office lunch, parties, or a last-minute snack in the morning. They also offer freshly squeezed healthy juices made from carrots and oranges.

In addition, they make sure that you get to taste the original and traditional soft and chewy pretzels.

Whether you have them for breakfast in the morning or high tea in the evening, they are a delicious companion.

The brown glossy texture with sprinkled salt crystals will make your day. They offer apple cinnamon pretzels, sourdough pretzels, and signature sweet waffles.

Jamba Classic Smoothies Menu

Caribbean Passion Small$6.00
Mango A Go Go Small$6.00
Surf Rider (Strawberry) Small$6.00
Dream Machine (Orange)Small$6.00
Strawberries WildSmall$6.00
Aloha PineappleSmall$6.00
Berry Lemonade (Electric)Small$6.00
White GummiSmall$6.00

Jamba Juice Smoothie Packs

(15 Smoothies of 16oz.)

Smoothie Packs (Choose any 3 Flavors)$95.00
Mango A Go Go
Apples and Greens
Açai Super Antioxidant
Orange Dream Machine
Strawberries Wild
Strawberry Whirl

Jamba Plant-Based Smoothies Menu

Peach PerfectionSmall$6.00
Strawberry WhirlSmall$6.00
Pomegranate ParadiseSmall$6.00
Mega MangoSmall$6.00
Amazing GreensSmall$6.00
Apple and GreensSmall$6.00
Vanilla Blue SkySmall$6.00
Greens and GingerSmall$6.00
Go GetterSmall$6.00
Talking Mango (Smooth)Small$6.00

Jamba Super Blends

PB Protein (Banana)Small$6.00
Açai Super AntioxidantSmall$6.00
Berry (Protein) Workout include Soy ProteinSmall$6.00
Berry (Protein) Workout include whey ProteinSmall$6.00
Orange C BoosterSmall$6.00

Baked Goods

Sourdough Pretzel$2.99
Cinnamon Pretzel (Apple)$2.99
Tomato Twist (Cheddar)$2.99
Belgian Waffle (Sweet)$2.99

Jamba Fresh Squeezed

Purely Orange$6.79
Orange Carrot Twist$6.79
Purely Carrot$6.79

Our Favorite Picks of Refreshing Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice Catering is quite famous for its smoothies and baked goods. They had created a buzz among the food-lovers with their amazing pretzels and plant-based smoothies.

01. Mango-a-go-go

This is a perfect blend of real mangos and pineapple fruity sherbet with the subtle taste of passion mango juice.

This smoothie serves as a nutritious snack since it is rich in vitamins A and C.

02. Caribbean Passion

This Caribbean smoothie will bring you a sense of the island breeze.

Jamba’s experts have made this healthy snack with a blend of strawberries, peaches, and orange sherbet. It is an ideal smoothie to enjoy during summertime.

03. Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz is a delicious smoothie made of berries. It gives tropical vibes and Hawaiian essence.

It is a delicious combination of strawberries, bananas, and berry juice to create the ultimate berry treat.

04. Strawberry Surf Rider

This smoothie tastes as unique as its name. It is a combination of strawberries and some peaches with a little essence of lemonade.

05. Strawberry Whirl

It is one of the most popular plant-based smoothies at Jamba Juice Catering.

It is a heavenly combination of strawberries, apple-berries, and bananas catered to serve your taste buds.

06. Peach Perfection

This smoothie is the definition of perfection since it comprises perfect portions of peaches, mangos, strawberries, and two kinds of fruit juice.

07. Apple Cinnamon Pretzel

It is a super blend that delivers most nutrients at once. It is made of Soymilk, Acai Blend, blueberries, strawberries, and some raspberries which provide essential daily vitamins and zinc content.

Jamba juice catering takes care of your sweet tooth with their signature Apple Cinnamon Pretzel.

This pretzel is soft, doughy, and sweet. The recipe combines brown sugar, cinnamon, apple goodness, and whole wheat flour.

How To Order

The best part about Jamba is that there are different ways to order their food. One can order from their website by selecting the size (small/medium/large).

You will get the food delivered by them at your doorstep. Customers can also order from their Jamba app and other apps like Uber Eats.

Payment Methods

Catering was well known for its advanced payment methods since its humble beginnings.

They have incorporated digital methods along with cash. Different payment modes are available at Jamba.

Below are some of the frequently accepted payment methods you can use to pay for their food.

  • Cash
  • Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal

Delivery Methods

You can order directly from their website or the in-built Jamba app. The app is available on the apple store and play store.

Moreover, they are tied up with Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, and GrubHub in Berkeley, Pinole, SF, San Pablo, El Cerrito, and Emeryville.

In StoreYes
Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Important Links of Jamba Juice Catering

Office Address6770 Bernal Ave Ste 420, Pleasanton, CA 94566
Online Orderhttps://www.jambajuicesf.com/delivery
Mobile AppsMobile Apps
Store Locatorhttps://www.jambajuicesf.com/locations
Sign Uphttps://www.jamba.com/sign-up
Gift Cardshttps://www.jamba.com/gift-cards
Their Storyhttps://www.jamba.com/about/
Career https://www.jamba.com/careers

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Story of Jamba

The humble beginnings of Jamba date back to 1990. Their mission is to make eating better and easier with more fun.

Their recipes are made with natural ingredients that are full of flavors. Their menu includes a diverse range of products from mouth-watering smoothies to crunchy pretzels.

Each product at Jamba ensures to please your taste buds without compromising your health.

Whether it’s a smoothie, bowl, or juice, they make sure it’s packed with nutrients.

Their protein-packed bowls and vitamin-rich smoothies can boost your energy in no time. That is how they attracted healthy, cautious customers.

They have been in the business for more than 30 years. The team at Jamba has created the right, delicious and healthy recipes that are served by their friendly staff.

There are a total of 765 Jamba stores across the United States. With multiple delivery options, you can enjoy the smoothies in the comfort of your home.

Moreover, the brand offers different rewards and gift cards to make their customer’s orders more delightful.

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What is The Size of a Large Jamba Juice?

It is approximately 28 oz. This size is quite sufficient for two people. But the best part of Jamba is you can get customized drinks and smoothies.

What Are The Options For Customizing Jamba Juice?

Most of Jamba’s juices and smoothies can be tailored as per your requirements. You can do it online or even at their store.

You can adjust the sugar level in juice or remove certain ingredients if you are sensitive to those.

Why is Jamba Considered a Healthy Brand?

Jamba sells blended drinks, juices, and snacks that are made of natural ingredients.

Most of their juices, smoothies, and bowls are loaded with a mixture of fresh fruits.

What is The Most Nutritious Drink At Jamba?

Their Mango smoothie is quite famous but you can try mango-a-go-go.

Why Does Jamba Use Real Fruit?

They believe in promoting healthy eating. That is why most of their recipes are made of real fruits.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quick delicious yet healthy snack then Jamba Juice is your answer. They offer smoothies, bowls, and juices to entice your taste buds.

With their multiple outlets and faster delivery, you can enjoy their recipes at your convenience.

Order their best sellers today and share them with your friends. Do not wait for the next sweet-craving attack.

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