Kona Grill Happy Hour Time & Menu in 2023

Kona Grill is one of the most famous American grill places that offer a great happy hour menu to drool over.

This menu is specifically designed to offer great comfort and food options that you can get at an affordable price.

Kona Grill’s happy hour menu is available from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Thursday from 9 pm to closing time, and Friday to Saturday from 9.30 pm to 12 am.

You can get the happy hour menu available at various restaurants.

But, various places don’t allow happy hour cocktails after 9 pm. This is restricted as per the law of the particular place.

The best part is that you can get various food and drink options during the happy hours.

There are three price slabs available during happy hours i.e. $3, $6, and $9.

In the $3 happy hour menu, you can get:

  • Chicken satay
  • Fish taco
  • Kona big wave
  • Potstickers
  • Edamame
  • Coors light
  • Shot of sake
  • Truly hard seltzer

Whereas, in the $6 menu, you can go with the options like:

  • Kona sliders
  • BBQ chicken flatbread
  • Macadamia popcorn chicken
  • Crab crunch roll
  • Tuna roll
  • Kona margarita
  • Red Sangria
  • Pinot noir
  • Mini bomber

On the counterpart, there is a variety of options available with a $9 menu that includes:

  • Ribeye meatballs
  • Chicken and shrimp lettuce wraps
  • Spicy shrimp tempura
  • Avocado egg rolls
  • Watermelon margarita
  • Skinny Margarita
  • Moscow mule
  • Sake bomber

At this place, you also become eligible to earn some good rewards.

When you eat more, you stand a chance to earn more points for every dollar that you spend at this place.

The best part is that, when you sign up for the happy hours, you can get a free starter or a sushi roll.

On top of it, you can also enjoy a $15 birthday credit on your birthday.

Therefore, this is the best place to enjoy happy hours and spend quality time with your family.  

Kona Grill Happy Hour Time

Monday-Friday2 pm-6 pm
Monday-Thursday9 pm-Close
Friday-Saturday9.30 pm-12 am

Kona Grill Happy Hour Menu Eats

Fish Taco$3.00
Chicken Satay$3.00
Potstickers (3)$3.00
Macadamia Popcorn Chicken$6.00
Kona Sliders (3)$6.00
Crab Crunch Roll$6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.00
Half BBQ Chicken Flatbread$6.00
Chicken & Shrimp Lettuce Wraps$9.00
Ribeye Meatballs$9.00
Bama Roll$9.00
Spicy Shrimp Tempura$9.00
Avocado Egg Rolls$9.00

Kona Grill Happy Hour Drinks

Cocktails are not available after 9 pm in any state, where it is prohibited by law.

Coors Light$3.00
Kona Big Wave$3.00
Shot of Saké$3.00
Truly Hard Seltzer$3.00
Red Sangria$6.00
Kona Margarita frozen | rocks$6.00
Pinot Noir$6.00
Red Sangria$6.00
Moscow Mule$9.00
Skinny Margarita$9.00
Watermelon Margarita$9.00
Saké Bomber$9.00
Mojito Raspberry/ Traditional/ sparkling sake$9.00
Old Fashioned$9.00

Important Links

Official Websitehttps://www.konagrill.com/
Happy Hour Orderhttps://www.konagrill.com/happy_hour
Store Locatorhttps://www.konagrill.com/locations
Contact Number646.624.2400

People Also Ask

What Type If Food is Served At Kona Grill?

Kona grill serves various steaks and sushi and is one of the best American grill alternatives available in the country.

Is The Happy Hour Available on Sunday At Kona Grill?

No, on Sunday there is no slot for the happy hours at Kona Grill.

Are There Any Specific Hours When I Can Get Happy Hour Meals At Kona Grill?

The happy hours vary by location and no time is fixed for each specific location.

Can I Get Happy Hour Cocktails After 9 Pm At Kona Grill?

No, happy hour cocktails are not available after 9 pm at different locations.

The availability of cocktails varies according to the state laws prevalent at that place.

Does Kona Grill Provide Any Loyalty Program To Earn Rewards?

Yes, Kona Grill offers a loyalty program in which you can earn points for every penny that you spend at this place.

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