La Madeleine Menu Prices 2023 (Fresh French Food With Fast Delivery)

You are lying if you say the thought of French cuisine doesn’t make your mouth water.

If there’s one place that has nailed authentic French cuisine, that’s La Madeleine. Let’s enter the chat with their insane meal bundles and kits.

You get pasta night, café classics, breakfast and brunch meals, and more, feeding four mouths at a time. Sides-family size and bakery boxes are there too.

For the grumbling bellies in the morning, their breakfast menu consists of 10+ items, varying from country French breakfast to savory ham and cheese Danish and drinks.

If we peek into their sandwich menu, we’re met with gourmet-quality chicken Caesar sandwiches, turkey and cheese sandwiches, chicken Parisien, Croque monsieur, and more.

La Madeleine is known for its phenomenal soups and salads.

Their French onion soup is the most sensational while country potato soup, the strawberry Romanoff with its light taste, and the old-fashioned Caesar salads just hit differently among all their menu items.

There are no French cuisine sans the bakery and pastry part. This is why you would find a humongous pastry menu at La Madeleine with 30+ items.

They make soft classics like macarons and Buche de Noel. Then, there are several croissants, tarts in many flavors, crème brulees, and freshly baked cookies.

They offer entrées like pesto pasta, La Madeleine chicken, and Balsamic glazed salmon.

Their many different sides including rice Provençal, sausage, and mashed potatoes add nice touches to the mains and entrées.

Your children are good to go with their 7 kids’ meals that have fun options like mac and cheese, pizza, and grilled cheese.

The beverages range from hot chocolate to chai lattes and cappuccino, making their drinks a true delight to savor. You could pick any of their pastries, cookies, and cakes as desserts.

La Madeleine Breakfast Menu

Country French
2 eggs with a bacon or sausage, Potato Galette and a butter croissant
1 egg, two strips of bacon and avocado toast
2 eggs, butter croissant & bacon or sausage
Fruit Salade  
Egg White370$11.29
Two Eggs Any Style290$7.59
Ham and Cheese Danish440$4.59
Croissant Sandwich410$8.89
Avocado Toast $5.89
Potato Galette270$3.49
Breakfast Add-on Sides  
Bacon (3 pcs)140$2.99
½ Avocado $1.69
Sausage (2 pcs)200$2.99
1 Egg – A La Carte $2.99
Coffee (Large)10$3.29
Bottled Water $2.59
Hot Tea (Large)10$3.29
Iced Coffee10$3.29
Orange Juice160$3.19

La Madeleine Entrees & French Favorites

Strawberry Nutella Crepe  $9.29
Crepe la Madeleine  $10.99
Pasto Pasta 690$10.89
Chicken 840$13.48
Signature Chicken la Madeleine 190$10.99
Salmon  $16.48
Shrimp 770$14.48
Balsamic-glazed Salmon  $15.59
Quiche Florentine 960$8.29
Quiche Lorraine 1020$8.29
Add a Beverage   
Coke20 oz $3.39
Diet Coke20 oz $3.39
Sprite20 oz $3.39
Bottled Water16 oz $2.69
Add on Sides   
Salt & Pepper Chips 210$1.69
Chicken Salade (4 Ounces) 390$4.39
Green Beans Almonadine 290$3.79
½ Avocado  $1.69
Cranberry Apple Stuffing  $3.79
Café Sampler 478-1215$12.59
Tender Chicken Friand
(Puff Pastry Shell)

Meal Bundles & Kits

Meals for 4

Family Dinner
Mashed Potatoes, Caesar Salade, Signature Chicken la Madeleine, Fresh Baguette and Steamed Broccoli
Salmon Dinner
Four salmon fillets, fresh Baguette, choice of two sides and a Caesar Salade
Café Classics
A salade (strawberry + bacon + spinach), 2 homemade quiche, 4 lemon tarts and iced tea (1 gallon)
Pasta Night
Classic Caesar Salade, Chicken Pesto Pasta, and Four sea-salt baguettes
Picnic Lunch
Fruit Salade, Chicken Salade, Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade, Butter Croissants and four Chocolate Chunk Cookies.
Breakfast & Brunch
Fruit Salade, Homemade Quiche and Fresh-baked Goods
Coconut Cream CakeWhole4900$39.99
Sacher TorteWhole4150$39.99
Choice of Six freshly-baked items
Box $18.99
House Wine  $22.00
Iced Tea1 gal. $8.50
Family Size Sides
(Select any 1)
Fruit Salad  $11.99
Green Beans Almondine  $11.99
Mashed Potatoes  $11.99
Steamed Broccoli  $11.99
Rice Provencal  $11.99


Chicken Salade Croissant with lettuce & tomatoesSandwich (Whole) + 1 Side680$8.99
Oven-roasted sliced Turkey Cranberry & Swiss Croque Monsieur  $10.99
Roast Beef & Cheese CroissantSandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side850-1250$9.59
Ham & CheeseSandwich (Whole) + 1 Side850-1250$9.49
Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss and Parmesan Grilled CheeseSandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side $8.99
 1 /2 Sandwich+ 1 Side $6.99
Turkey & Cheddar CheeseSandwich (Whole) + 1 Side850-1250$9.29
Chicken RivieraWhole w/1 Side   $10.99
 1 /2 w/1 Side $9.49
Chicken (balsamic-marinated) ParisienSandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side860$11.29
 1 /2 w/1 Side430$9.49
Chicken (balsamic-marinated) CaesarSandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side950$11.29
 1 /2 w/1 Side $9.49
Smoked Turkey BistroSandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side770$9.99
 1 /2 w/1 Side390$8.99
French Dip (Roast beef) au Caramelized OnionsSandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side800$10.79
 1 /2 w/1 Side400$9.79
Croque Madame (Smoked ham & Swiss)  $12.98
Croque Monsieur (French ham and cheese)Sandwich (Whole)+ 1 Side650$10.99
 1 /2 w/1 Side330$9.29
Add On Sides   
Cup of Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade 300$4.29
Fruit Salade (Cup) 60$4.29
½ Avocado  $1.69
Salt & Pepper Chips 210$1.69

Salades & Soupes

Strawberry Bacon Spinach $8.59
Petite $4.99
With Chicken $11.18
With Salmon $14.18
With Shrimp $12.18
Petite $5.19
Classic $8.59
Chicken $11.18
Salmon $14.18
Shrimp $12.18
Cranberry & Pecan Wild Field490$8.99
With Chicken640$11.58
With Salmon720$14.58
With Shrimp570$12.58
Romanoff Sauce (6 Ounces)420$4.39
Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta  
1 Pound1248$11.00
4 Ounces390$4.39
Cup $5.79
Café Sampler478-1215$12.59
Seasonal Kale & Quinoa660$9.79
With Chicken810$12.38
With Salmon890$15.38
With Shrimp740$13.38
Corn Chowder, Tomato Basil, Country Potato, French Onion, Cream of Mushroom  
Cup $5.49
Bowl $6.49
Soup for The Group – Serves 10 $40.00
Strawberries Romanoff  

Bakery & Pastries

Gingerbread Creme Brulee  $2.99
6 – Pack  $15.99
PecanSlice $4.59
 Whole $26.99
Fresh FruitIndividual270$4.29
Macaron 6 Pack  $11.99
Cinnamon Bun  $2.99
Palmier 320$2.99
Bakery Box  $18.99
Individual Cheesecake (Berries & Cream)  $4.29
Chocolate 330$3.99
6 – Pack  $18.99
Butter 280$2.79
6 – Pack  $13.99
Chocolate Almond 720$4.29
Almond 610$3.99
Nutella Muffin  $2.99
Coconut Cream CakeSlice490$5.59
Dark Cherry + Yogurt Danish (Greek)  $3.89
Sacher TorteSlice570$5.89
Caramel Crème brulee 470$3.59
 3 – Pack1410$8.99
 9 – Pack4230$24.99
Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin PecanIndividual480$2.29
  Mini 6 – Pack720$3.99
Sacher Torte 290$2.59
French Vanilla & Fruit 110$2.59
Lemon Madeleine 130$1.79
3 – Pack 390$4.59
Fudge Brownie  $3.29
Muffins  $2.59
Sea Salt BaguetteMini180$2.59
 Mini 4 – Pack $6.59
 Mini – 6 Pack1080$9.99
Napoleon  $5.89
Bread Loaves  $5.99
Mini Tart & Parfait 6-Pack 110-260$12.99
Classic Eclair  $4.29
Strawberry Napoleon 580$5.89


Green Beans Almondine$3.79
Red-Skinned Mashed Potatoes$3.79
Rice Provençal$3.79
Steamed Broccoli$3.79
Half Avocado$1.69
Fresh Fruit Salade (Cup)$4.49
Sausage (2 Pcs)$2.99
Potato galette$3.49
Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade (Cup)$4.29
Bacon (3 Pcs)$2.99
Strawberries Romanoff (Cup)$4.29
Caesar Salade (Petite)$5.19

Children’s Menu

Cheese Pizza480$5.79
Chicken Pesto Pasta480$5.79
Chicken & Cheese Pasta450$5.79
Ooh la la Chicken & Rice340$5.79
Grilled Cheese Sandwich440$5.79
Scrambled Eggs with Bacon & Fruit440$5.79
Croissant Sandwich with choice of Turkey or Ham & Cheddar280$5.79


Hot ChocolateSingle430$3.49
 For 12430$18.00
Chai Tea LatteSingle Shoot $4.29
 Double Shoot $4.79
House Wine (Bottle)  $22.00
Red ‘Rouge’   
White ‘Blanc’   
Peppermint MochaSingle $4.29
 Double $4.99
Mimosa  $6.00
American RoastFor 1210$18.00
Decaf French RoastFor 1210$18.00
French RoastFor 1210$18.00
Iced Tea   
Traditional 10$3.19
Mango Breeze 10$3.19
Traditional -1 gal.  $8.50
Mango Breeze -1 gal.  $8.50
Soda  $3.19
Café LatteSingle90$4.19
Café MochaSingle450$4.29
Hot TeaLarge10$3.29
Caramel MacchiatoSingle160$4.49
Cafe AmericanoSingle5$3.39
Cold BrewRegular (12 oz) $3.29
 Large (20 oz) $3.99
Iced LatteLarge (20 oz) $4.59
 Regular (12 oz) $4.19
CaramelLarge (20 oz) $5.39
 Regular (12 oz) $4.59
MochaLarge (20 oz) $5.39
 Regular (12 oz) $4.59
LemonadeLarge (20 oz)270$3.19
 For 12270$10.00
Bottled Water16.9 oz $2.69
Smart Water Bottle20 oz $3.59
Perrier11 oz $3.19
Simply Orange Juice11.5 oz $3.29
Diet Coke20 oz $3.39
Coke20 oz $3.39
Sprite20 oz $3.39
Horizon Milk  $2.19
Kid’s Apple Juice  $1.89
Orange Juice 160$3.19
Simply Lemonade  $2.99

Market & Grocery (French)

Vine Ripened Tomato Basil SoupSmall (15 oz) $6.59
JarLarge (31 oz)380$10.29
Vine Ripened Tomato Basil Soup Reduced FatSmall (15 oz) $6.59
 Large (31 oz) $10.29
Soup DuetLarge (31 oz) $18.99
 Small (15 oz) $11.99
French Lesson Bowl and Soup Jar   
Tomato Basil Soupe JarLarge (31 oz)  
Tomato Basil Soup Reduced FatLarge (31 oz)  
French Lesson   
Soupe Bowl  $11.99
Mug  $14.99
Caesar Salade DressingRegular (12 oz) $7.49
 Fat-Free (13 oz) $7.49
French Vinaigrette12 oz $7.49
Balsamic Dressing12 oz $7.49
Dressing Duet12 oz $7.49
Soup & Dressing Duet  $15.99
Caesar Dressing   
Caesar Dressing Fat-Free   
Croutons  $3.29
Confiture Fruit Spread   
Strawberry Rhubarb 30$6.49
Blackberry 35$7.29
Dressing & Crouton Bundle  $9.99
Wild Blueberry Spread12.5 oz $7.29
Red Raspberry Fruit Spread  $7.29
French Apple Chutney12.5 oz $7.29
Apricot Tangerine Marmalade12.5 oz $7.29
Bread & Jam Bundle  $10.99
Confiture Duet12.5 oz $12.99
Chocolate9 oz $6.49
Raspberry Chocolate9 oz $6.49
House Wine  $22.00
Red ‘Rouge’   
White ‘Blanc’   
French Roast Coffee12 oz $8.99
Rosemary Chicken Spice Rub  $6.99
Bag of French Roast & French Lesson Mug12 oz $21.99
Herbs de Provence2 oz $6.99

Delivery Options

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes 

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Related Questions

Can I Order Tiramisu At La Madeleine?

Of course, the creamy tiramisu is now back on their menu.

How Are Omelets At La Madeleine Made?

La Madeleine uses two eggs in their signature omelet that can be served with fresh croissants.

Are The Pastries At La Madeleine Fresh?

La Madeleine makes every single pastry from scratch in-house every day to make sure they stay fresh, moist, and soft.  

Does La Madeleine Offer Gluten-Sensitive Options on Their Menu?

Of course. Though there isn’t a dedicated gluten-free menu, you could order potato galette, grilled entrée chicken, salmon fillet, etc., as gluten-free items.

What Meal Bundles Are Available For Purchase At La Madeleine?

There are several. The picnic lunch, café classics, pasta bundles, and family dinner meals are only a couple from the bundles’ menu at La Madeleine.

Final Words

La Madeleine is always there when you want to try something exquisite for any of your meals.

From all-day breakfast options to giant meal bundles for your family and fun kids’ meals, they sure are great for the art of French cuisine.

And my recommendation for the first-timers is always La Madeleine’s French onion soup and the Mediterranean kale and quinoa. 

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