Macaroni Grill Catering Menu & Prices in 2023

If you want to serve some authentic Italian cuisine to your guests, the Macaroni Grill Catering will help you with that.

Catered to a wide range of mouthwatering Italian foods, this restaurant’s menu will satisfy your hunger and impress the crowd in no time.

Your guests will always love the food. There is no doubt about that.

To satisfy your demand, Macaroni Grill Catering offers 9 different catering menus with lots of options to fulfill your hungry tummy.

For starters, Macaroni Grill has 18 different pasta meals in their Catering pasta menu to give you a wide variety of options.

You can also try the “Customizable Pasta Menu” to make your own pasta and awe your guests in no time.

On the other hand, their Catering Antipasti menu contains 7 different dishes while the Salad menu has 8 varieties to choose from.

If you want salads, sides, and drinks to accompany your food, pick from their 8 salads, 6 sides, and 12 different iced teas.

Your meal would never feel any more satisfying. All these items are available in both small and larger sizes for your convenience.

Also, as all these items are reasonably priced, you don’t have to think about cutting deep into your pocket while hosting a crowd.

You can please your guests with some fantastic food while spending the bare minimum.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit them now and get your favorite meals served in no time!

Macaroni Grill Boxed Lunch Meals

Items (Minimum Five Orders)Price
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$16.00
Meatball Sandwich$16.00
Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Caesar dressing$16.00
Italian Sandwich served with Pesto Caprese$16.00
Signature Caesar Salad (Rosa’s)$16.00
Fresh Greens Salad$16.00
Choice of Salad
Ricotta Meatballs served with Spaghetti Include Bolognese Sauce$16.00
Fettuccine Alfredo Include Chicken$16.00
Pomodoro Tortellacci$16.00
Pasta Milano$16.00

Macaroni Grill Box Dinners Catering

Grilled ChickenL10$82.00
Grilled SalmonL10$121.00
Grilled Oreganata SirloinL10$115.00

Macaroni Grill Antipasti Catering

Truffle Mac + Cheese Bites (Signature)L10$35.00
Mac + Cheese Bites (Signature)S5$19.00
Caprese SaladL10$51.00
Crispy Brussels SproutsL10$40.00
Stuffed MushroomsL10$55.00
Crispy Lasagna BitesL10$42.00
Toasted Cheese RavioliL10$33.00

Create Your Own Pasta Bar

Choose Sauce & Vegetables

Macaroni Grill Pasta Catering

Signature Truffle Mac + CheeseL10$73.00
Chicken ParmesanL10$98.00
Penne RusticaL10$98.00
Chicken ScaloppineL10$98.00
Pollo CapreseL10$86.00
Mushroom RavioliL10$94.00
Lasagna BologneseL10$98.00
Fettucine AlfredoL10$65.00
Fettuccine Alfredo Include ChickenL10$79.00
Ricotta Meatballs served with Spaghetti (Include Pomodorina)L10$86.00
Ricotta Meatballs served with Spaghetti Include BologneseL10$98.00
Pasta MilanoL10$79.00
Spaghetti Include PomodorinaL10$45.00
Spaghetti Include BologneseL10$47.00
Chicken MarsalaL10$98.00
Buffalo Chicken ParmesanL10$89.00
Chicken Parmesan (Mac + Cheese)L10$50.00

Salads Catering

Fresh GreensL10$32.00
Rosa’s Signature CaesarL10$32.00
Rosa’s Signature Caesar Includes ChickenL10$48.50
Rosa’s Signature Caesar Include ShrimpL10$57.00
Italian ChoppedL10$67.00
Bibb + BleuL10$50.00
Bibb + Bleu Includes ChickenL10$63.00
Bibb + Bleu Include ShrimpL10$73.00

Sides Catering

Spinach + Tomato (Sun-Dried) PastaL10$41.00
Buttermilk Mashed PotatoesL10$41.00
Rosemary Peasant BreadFour Loaves10$7.00
Two Loaves5$4.00
Crispy Brussels SproutsL10$40.00

Dolce Catering

NY Style CheesecakeL12-15$77.00
Decadent Chocolate CakeL12-15$65.00
Romano’s CannoliL12-15$52.00
Tray-Chocolate Chip Cookie1 Dozen$22.00

Drinks Catering

Sweetened IcedGallon$12.00
Iced TeaGallon$12.00
Peach IcedGallon$17.00
Blackberry IcedGallon$17.00
Raspberry IcedGallon$17.00
Blood Orange IcedGallon$17.00
Tropicana Lemonade LiteGallon$15.00
Peach TropicanaGallon$18.00
Blackberry TropicanaGallon$18.00
Raspberry TropicanaGallon$18.00
Blood Orange TropicanaGallon$18.00

What Are The Most Popular Items of Macaroni Grill Catering?

Macaroni Grill Catering is known for its scrumptious kinds of pasta and other amazing food items.

However, even though they offer a wide variety of foods, not all made a place in their customers’ hearts.

Here are some of the most popular items from the Macaroni Grill menu to try right now!

01. Delightful Signature Truffle Mac and Cheese

The signature Truffle Mac and Cheese from Macaroni Grill menu would never fail to hit your taste buds in the right places.

Made with a whole lot of different cheese (fontina, smoked mozzarella, asiago, cheddar, and pecorino) and tasty truffle oil, the penne is all about flavors and deliciousness.

Macaroni Grill also added herbed breadcrumbs to this dish to make it even more appetizing.

02. Mouthwatering Pasta Milano

This pasta is supremely cheesy and tasty. Besides freshly-made rigatoni, Macaroni Grill also used pieces of perfectly-roasted chicken, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic cream sauce to make it as delicious as ever.

Once you have it, there is no turning back. You would always come back to Macaroni Grill to have this unique item.

03. Tasty Lasagna Bolognese

If you are craving something scrumptious and saucy, this Lasagna Bolognese will satisfy your cravings.

Made with a special Bolognese and imported pomodorina sauce, this mouthwatering dish is loaded with soft Italian sausage and 2 types of cheese for a flavor burst in your mouth.

With every bite, you could feel the juiciness of the food.

04. Ever Salivating Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan from Macaroni Grill’s menu is fulfilling.

Consisting of a salivating Milanese-style chicken breast topped with pomodorina sauce and mozzarella, this dish will satisfy your appetite in no time.

Also as it comes with a capellini side, it will fulfill your hunger too.

05. Delicious Seafood Ravioli

If you are craving something other than chicken, try out the ever-popular Seafood Ravioli.

The freshly-made pasta of this dish is filled with enough seafood and shrimp to make it as delicious as ever.

Moreover, as they used Roma tomatoes, asparagus, and lemon butter in this dish, it became even more soul-lifting for any pasta lover.

How To Order For Macaroni Grill Catering

Ordering for Macaroni Grill is quite easy and quick. You can visit any of their physical stores and order your favorite item in no time.

However, if you are in no mood for dine-in, you can always call or order online to enjoy such fantastic food items.

What Are The Delivery Methods

Unlike other food places, Macaroni Grill doesn’t offer many delivery options for their customers.

Below, we have listed the delivery method so that it is easier for you to find out what you can use and what not.

Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupNo

How To Pay For Macaroni Grill Catering?

Macaroni Grill’s payment method is incredibly convenient for its users. They not only accept cash but also accept all major cards to ensure seamless payment.

However, remember that they don’t accept Apple Pay. Payment Method Macaroni Grill Prefers Are:

  • Cash
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card
  • American Express 

How To Contact Romano’s Macaroni Grill Catering

If you want to know more about Macaroni Grill Catering, here are the links to everything you might need.

Office 1855 Blake St Ste 200, Denver, Colorado, 80202, United States
Contact 407-365-4405
Order Online
Mobile Apps
Gift Cards

Find Macaroni Grill Catering on Social Media

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Macaroni Grill Story

Founded and established by Philip J. Romano in 1988 in Leon Springs, Texas, Macaroni Grill is one of the most popular restaurants in America that serves Italian-American cuisine.

Even though they started well with fresh foods, a great environment, and exceptional service, this restaurant soon hit rough patches.

In November 1989, Brinker International, Inc. bought the franchise due to financial and legal issues. However, they also had to let go of the business sooner than later.

For years and several acquisitions, Sullivan’s Steakhouse bought the Macaroni Grill with $32 million and has been operating since then.

Why Macaroni Grill is So Popular?

There are several reasons Macaroni Grill Catering gained immense popularity over the years. Let’s discuss why people love them so much so that you know them even better.

  • Offers a wide range of options to choose from
  • They serve authentic Italian food with amazing taste
  • Uses fresh ingredients to prepare their dishes
  • Affordable, pocket-friendly price range
  • Well-behaved employees
  • Prompt service
  • Serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to meet everyone’s cravings
Photo Credit;, CC

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Macaroni Grill Catering Serves Bread?

Yes, Macaroni Grill serves their signature Rosemary Peasant Bread with their orders as a complimentary. However, you might have to buy additional bread if you are a bread lover.

Where Can You Use The Macaroni Grill Gift Cards?

One exciting thing about Macaroni Grill’s gift cards is that you can also use them at other food and drink joints.

Places like Chili’s Grill & Bar, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, and Maggiano’s Little Italy accepts Macaroni Grill Catering’s gift cards without any questions asked.

Does Macaroni Grill Catering Serve Frozen Foods?

No, Macaroni Grill doesn’t serve frozen foods. All their items are freshly made to satisfy their customers’ hunger.

How Many Days Prior Should You Order For a Catering Delivery?

Even though Macaroni Grill Catering can serve same-day catering orders, they prefer at least a day’s notice.

That is because, due to the availability of existing orders and drivers, it is difficult for them to offer their best services to their customers.

Final Words

Macaroni Grill Catering would serve you a little piece of Italy on your plate.

With a wide-ranging menu of authentic Italian foods that are made with all fresh ingredients, Macaroni Grill would never fail to hit your taste buds instantly.

Even when you are not a fan of pasta, lasagnas, and ravioli, you would definitely fall in love with their foods. That’s for sure!

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