Marie Callender’s Christmas Dinner 2023

As festivities are approaching, everyone is in a jolly mood. No doubt, everyone wants to have an amazing Christmas dinner with their loved ones.

But, it’s very difficult to spend a lot of time cooking all the dinner items.

Need not worry! Marie Callender’s Christmas dinner menu is all set to offer you diversified Christmas dinner options.

You can get the best-ever pre-cooked Christmas feasts from them. In addition to that, they have a whole lot of options that will make your day.

They primarily offer three different types of menus for Christmas dinner. Marie Callender offers mouth-watering Holiday feasts.

You can get the feasts with a combination of sides or some pre-ordered pies that will make your Christmas merrier and sweeter.

Marie Callender is open throughout the country and has several outlets serving people. Besides that, the menu of every location varies slightly.

Therefore, before ordering anything from Marie Callender’s you need to be very particular about their location and menu.

They will serve mouth-watering and sizzling Christmas dinner options for you. All the items are prepared with high-quality and fresh ingredients.

You must be wondering if there should be something special on their Christmas dinner menu that you can’t miss out on at any cost. Well, you are thinking on the right track.

There are several fulfilling items that you can try at Marie Callender’s. One of the highly recommended Christmas items will be Holiday special Ham feast.

You can enjoy this feast with your family and will be drowned in its flavourful items.

If you are planning to have a Christmas dinner with 6-8 people, this is just the perfect meal, you can opt for.

It has a great number of sides with chef’s vegetables and a whole pie to make your dinner perfect.

But, if you are opting for this or any other type of holiday feast from their menu, you need to place your order well in advance.

The entire reheating process of the feast will take around 3 hours. So, it is always preferable to place to order much before the time.

If you are a dessert-lover and want to enjoy your Christmas time with a lot of sweetness, you can order various pies from Marie Callender’s.

Some of the most heavenly pies that you can order from them are apple pie, cheesecake, drooling banana cream pie, and much more.

Every outlet of Marie Callender is not running any particular offer. But, there are some Marie’s outlets that are running offers for specific days.

For instance, one of Marie Callender’s outlets offers a Kids Free Eat option on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Marie Callender’s Christmas Holiday Dinner Menu

Roasted Turkey$27.99
Home Style Beef Stroganoff$27.99
Oven Baked Ham$27.99
Cajun Salmon and Jumbo Shrimp$27.99
Shrimp & Chicken Carbonara$27.99
Fresh Vegetable Pasta$22.99

Kids Menu

X mas Turkey$12.99
Beef Stroganoff$12.99
X mas Ham$12.99
Cajun Salmon and Jumbo Shrimp$12.99
Shrimp & Chicken Carbonara$12.99
Vegetable Pasta$12.99

Serving Start and Closing Date

Feasts and Pies22nd December24th December

How To Order Your Food From Marie Callender?

Ordering at Marie Candeller’s has become seamless due to the wide range of options.

But, you can’t place your order via phone as they don’t accept this ordering method.

Order Online

  • Head to the official website of Marie Callender
  • Select your zip code and search for the nearest outlet
  • Once you are done with this, you can easily place your order

Order Via Delivery Apps

  • You can visit the food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash or GrubHub to place your order
  • Once you open the app, just select your location and proceed with the ordering process
  • As soon as you are done with the order, your order will be delivered to your place according to the item which you have selected

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Related Questions

Which is The Highly Demanding Pie At Marie Candeller’s?

Cream Pies are the heart of Marie Callender’s. If you ever taste it, you will become a die-hard fan of these pies.

Why is Marie Callender Famous?

Since the time it opened, Marie Callender’s is known for its high-quality pies and coffee.

From Where Can I Buy Marie Callender’s Pies?

Apart from Marie Callender’s outlets, you can find Marie Callender’s pies at various online portals and stores like Target and Walmart.

Is Marie Callender’s Pies Healthy To Consume?

Well, Marie Callender’s pies have all the fresh ingredients but it has a good amount of sugar content.

So, if you want to stay at bay from sugar these pies might not be suitable for you.

Does Marie Callender’s Offer Healthy Items on its Menu?

Its simple answer is: Yes. But, if the calorie content of some food items is high then they taste so amazing that it is worth some extra calories.

Final Thoughts

Marie Callender’s is the best place to bank upon if you are planning to have a relishing Christmas dinner.

You can get their pre-cooked meals and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

This will not only save you a lot of time but will also make your dinner preparations hassle-free.

So, why not order a pre-cooked meal for your Christmas dinner and see the wonders?

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