Mendocino Farms Catering Menu & Prices in 2023

Mendocino Farms Catering is all about providing healthy as well as delicious catering to their customers.

Currently, their catering menu consists of 12 categories. Their categories are listed below:

  • Baby Blue Package
  • Cheffy Cocktail Sandwiches
  • Crafted for kids
  • Sandwich Trays
  • Boxed Lunches
  • Add more happy
  • Specialty Leafy Salads
  • Foodie Package
  • Gourmet Deli Sides
  • Baby baguettes
  • Mix and Match Package
  • Skewers

Mendocino’s Blend and Match Bundle has one product.

Their Foodie Bundle, Child Blue Bundle, Sandwich Plate, Specialty Verdant Servings of mixed greens, and Child Loaves incorporate 4 things.

Their Boxed Snacks incorporate 3 things. Their Connoisseur Shop Sides, Cheffy Mixed drink Sandwiches, Sticks, and add more blissful incorporate 5 things each.

Finally, Mendocino’s Created for youngsters incorporates 2 things that are explicitly for kids.

Mendocino’s most popular items include two main categories: one Cheffy cocktail sandwich and the other Baby Baguettes.

The Cheffy sandwich is a masterpiece of Mendocino’s, featuring premium ingredients that are expertly crafted and perfectly balanced.

The popular item from baby baguettes is Vegan banh Mi in which tofu is baked with vegan aioli, and sweet chili sauce.

The combination of sweet chili sauce, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs and vegetables is a classic and flavorful one.

The star product of Mendocino which is always in high demand and is a very popular item in Cheffy Cocktail is Caprese which consists of refreshing mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto, mixed greens, and balsamic glaze drizzle on a brioche bun.

Mendocino has provided their customers with a variety of options from which they can get the Mendocino products right at their doorsteps, they offer 3 types of delivery service options, you can call on the contact number provided at their 8 locations, and even order directly from their website.

Mendocino also has an application that you can easily download on your phones and order your favorite products from Mendocino through the application which has a very friendly user interface.

Mendocino Farms Boxed Lunches

All items serve a minimum of 8 persons

Half Sandwich
(With Potato Chips & A Cookie)
Mario’s Caprese$12.45
The Farm Club$13.45
Vegan Banh Mi$12.45
Chicken Pesto Caprese$13.45
Chimichurri Steak And Bacon$13.45
Not So Fried” Chicken Sandwich$13.45
Prosciutto And Chicken$13.45
Full Sandwich
(With Potato Chips & A Cookie)
Vegan Banh Mi$16.75
Mario’s Caprese$16.75
The Farm Club$18.25
Chicken Pesto Caprese$16.75
Chimichurri Steak And Bacon$18.25
Not So Fried” Chicken Sandwich$18.25
Prosciutto And Chicken$18.25
(With An Apple & A Cookie)
Mama Chen’s Salad With Chicken$17.30
Avocado Quinoa Superfood Ensalada$17.30
Field Greens$16.30
Mama Chen’s Salad With Organic Tofu$17.30
The Modern Caesar With Chicken$16.30

Mendocino Farms Sandwich Trays (Half)


Mix & Match Package

Mix & Match$110.00

Foodie Package

*Includes Personal Choice of Specialty Leafy Salad, Gourmet Deli Side & An Artisan Dessert Tray

Mini (Ten 1/2 Sandwiches)$160.00
Small (Sixteen 1/2 Sandwiches)$210.00
Medium (Twenty Two 1/2 Sandwiches)$285.00
Large (Thirty 1/2 Sandwiches)$375.00

Baby Blue Package

*Includes Greens Salad (Red Onions, Green Apples, Tomatoes, Mixed Greens Including Balsamic Vinaigrette)

Mini (Ten 1/2 Sandwiches)5-7$110.00
Small (Sixteen 1/2 Sandwiches)8-10$155.00
Medium (Twenty Two 1/2 Sandwiches)11-14$200.00
Large (Thirty 1/2 Sandwiches)15-20$280.00

Specialty Leafy Salads

ItemsSizeCalories/ ServingServesPrice
Avocado and Quinoa Superfood Ensalada
(Curly Kale, Chopped Romaine, Housemade Superfood Krunchies, Quinoa And Millet, Black Bean, Roasted Corn And Jicama Succotash, Red Onions, Cilantro, Grape Tomatoes, Cotija Cheese, Avocado + Chipotle Vinaigrette)
Fall and Winter Farmers Market
(Dried Figs, Grape, Crushed Honey Roasted Almonds, Feta Cheese, Mixed Greens Including Farmhouse Balsamic Vinaigrette)
Mama Chen’s
(Bean Sprouts, Napa Cabbage And Kale Slaw, Carrots, Chopped Romaine, Baby Spinach, Scallions, Toasted Cashews, Cilantro, Crispy Wontons Including Miso Mustard Sesame Dressing)
Pink Lady Beets and Goat Cheese
(Pink Lady Beets, Honey & Herb Marinated Creamy Goat Cheese, Green Apples, Crushed Honey Roasted Almonds, Red Onions, Dried Cranberries, Mixed Greens + Citrus Vinaigrette)
Field Greens
(Red Onions, Green Apples, Tomatoes, Mixed Greens Including Farmhouse Balsamic Vinaigrette)
The Modern Caesar
(Chopped Romaine, Curly Kale, Housemade Superfood Krunchies, Red Onions, Shaved Grana Padano Cheese, Grape Tomatoes, Avocado Including Classic Caesar Dressing)

Gourmet Deli Sides

Red Beets & Farro Salad  
(Whole-Grain Farro, Roasted Red Beets, Herb-Marinated Goat Cheese, Toasted Pistachios, Apples, Oranges, Red Onions Farmhouse Vinaigrette & Dried Cranberries)
Basil Pesto Pasta Shells
(Basil Pesto, Pasta Shells, Feta Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Arugula & Parmesan)
 Large 20$55.00
Spicy Curried Couscous
(Roasted Cauliflower And Carrots Including Mendo’s Signature Spice Mix)
Spicy Dijon Potato Salad
(Smashed Potato Salad)
Kale and Apple Rainbow Salad
(Granny Smith Apples, Kale, Dried Cranberries, Rainbow Carrots, Candied Pecans, Thai Basil Vinaigrette & Toasted Coconut)

Cheffy Cocktail Sandwiches

Ten Mini Sandwiches Per Order

ItemsCalories/ EachPrice
(Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil Pesto, Balsamic Glaze Drizzle On Brioche Bun & Mixed Greens)
BBQ Chicken and Smoked Gouda
(Roasted Chicken Breast Tossed Including BBQ Sauce, Shaved, Smoked Gouda, Cilantro On Brioche Bun & Red Onion)
Balsamic Steak and Bacon
(Carved Steak Including Balsamic Glaze Drizzle, Smoked Bacon, Baby Arugula On Pretzel Bun & Herb Aioli)
Tuscan Steak
(Red Peppers, Carved Steak, Herb Aioli, Basil Pesto, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice On Pretzel Bun & Baby Arugula)
Prosciutto and Fig
(Fig Chutney, Italian Prosciutto, Baby Arugula, Honey & Herb Marinated Goat Cheese, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice On Brioche Bun)

Baby Baguettes

ItemsSizeCalories/ EachPrice
Vegan Banh Mi
(Baked Tofu With Sweet Chili Sauce, Vegan Aioli, Pickled Daikon & Carrots, Thai Basil, Jalapenos, Cucumbers, Cilantro)
6 Sandwich190$20.00
12 Sandwich$35.00
Cucumber and Cream Cheese
(With Pickled Red Onions, Arugula & Tomatoes)
6 Sandwich140$20.00
12 Sandwich$35.00
Chicken and Havarti
(With Pesto, Arugula & Herb Aioli)
6 Sandwich230$25.00
12 Sandwich240$40.00
Turkey and Smoked Gouda
(With Herb Aioli)
6 Sandwich240$25.00
12 Sandwich$40.00


24 Skewers Per Order

ItemsCalories/ EachPrice
Peruvian Steak
Applewood Smoked Bacon, Marinated Red Peppers, Carved Steak, Grape Tomato, With Spicy Dipping Sauce (Aji Amarillo “Yellow Rooster”)
Chili Rubbed Chicken
(Seasoned & Grilled Chicken Breast Served With A Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce)
(Baby Arugula, Fresh Mozzarella,  Grape Tomato, Served With  Balsamic Dipping Sauce & Basil Pesto)
Chinese Tofu
(Baked Tofu & Mustard Sesame Dressing, Organic Marinated, Dipping Sauce)
BBQ Chicken
BBQ Sauce Drizzled Grilled Chicken Breast Served + Dipping Sauce (Vegan Ranch)

Crafted For Kids

Kids Sack Lunch
(With Potato Chips, Packed In A Bag)
Turkey & Cheddar$6.10
Peanut Butter And Jelly$6.10
Cheddar Cheese$6.10
Kids Sandwich Platter
(Twenty Four Bite-Sized Sandwiches)
Turkey & Cheddar$50.00
Peanut Butter And Jelly$50.00
Cheddar Cheese$50.00

Add More Happy

Artisan Dessert TraySmall$45.00
Special Recipe Cookies200-250/Ea$2.95
Tim’s Original Potato Chips210/Ea$2.95
Assorted Options
Bottled Water$2.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$3.10
Diet Coke (Can)$2.65
Coke (Can)$2.65
Sprite (Can)$2.65

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Opening Timings of Mendocino Farms Catering?

Mendocino Farms Catering is open 24/7 for receiving orders online as well as through phone calls.

How Much Time Before Shall The Customer Orders Their Catering?

Some items require 48 hours of order before delivering time while other takes 24 hours but it is recommended to place an order 24 hours before one needs their order.

Does Mendocino’s Prepare Special Orders on Demand Such As Gluten-Free?

Yes, just add a special note while ordering and get the food according to the customer’s needs and demands.

Physically, At How Many Locations Are Mendocino Farms Catering Located?

Mendocino Farms Catering is located in different locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Bay Area, San Diego, Sacramento, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth, and Seattle.

Is There Any Special Menu For Kids Available in The Catering?

Yes! Mendocino Farms Catering offers an exciting kids’ menu under the name Crafted for Kids which includes two items.

Final Thoughts

Mendocino Farms Catering is a complete package for any occasion.

From providing food at your location to providing utensils with food, a customer is just an order away from freeing his worry about the catering at on event.

Their specialty in vegan products shows that they are healthy and exciting for all types of age groups.

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