Morton’s The Steakhouse Menu Prices (Updated September 2023)

If you fancy a gourmet dinner, steakhouses are the best option out there. Morton’s The Steakhouse, the star of the show is upscale, classic, and has the best delicacies.

Morton’s dinner menu is versatile to the core with 13 mouth-watering appetizers including Maine Lobster Ravioli and Wagyu meatballs.

Their soups and salad menu varies from classic Caesar Salad to fancy Lobster Bisque.

They’ve got a Raw Bar with the freshest seafood and their Butcher-Cut Features with three options are amazing.

The anticipated Prime Steaks and Chops range from filet mignons and Prime ribeye to excellent pork chops.

The in-house Butter and Sauce menu is unique to them while the Enchantments menu with 5 dishes comes with juicy lobster tails and bacon steak.

Of course, they offer 8 Chef’s Selections from Shrimp Scampi to Crab Cakes-Jumbo and more.

Their Sides and Signature sides menus with +10 items are a true hit among the people.

Their lunch menu offers a complete meal with appetizers, Soups & Salads, and Steak & Chops-USDA that are quite similar to their dinner menu.

It comes with salad additions like shrimp, salmon, and chicken while their 10 lunch specials offer a variety of ravioli and Prime Burgers.

Prime 2-course Power Lunch of Morton’s asks you to pick your soup or salad and entrée to customize your favorite lunch options. They’ve got some flavorful lunch sides as well.

Their dessert menu is genuinely delightful with signature desserts (lime pies, ice creams, and more) and 6 dessert drinks. (Morton’s Coffee, Italian Coffee, etc.)

Heading towards their Bar 12-21, it’s got everything you ever dream of with fresh cocktails, Morton’s Mixology options, white and red wines, champagne for moments worthy of celebrating, and outstanding Rosé wine.

Last, but not least their Butcher’s Block with 9 steaks and chop variants are a blast with juicy ribeye and filet mignons.

Morton’s Steakhouse Menu (Steaks and Chops)

Filet Mignon (8 oz)570$53.00
Filet Mignon (12 oz)840$62.00
New York (16 oz, Prime Signature Cut)1060$63.00
Ribeye (16 oz, Prime Center Cut)1210$66.00
Wagyu Filet (7 oz)720$70.00
Two pieces of Lamb Chops (Australian)880$65.00
Filet Oscar (Classic) $63.00
Ribeye Steak (16oz, Prime Cajun)1310$68.00
Bone-in Ribeye (22oz, Prime Chicago Style)1360$72.00
Pork Chop (16oz, Prime Double Cut)710$40.00

Mortons Lunch Menu (Entrees)

Lobster Tail (8 oz Cold-Water)270$49.00
Sea Bass (Miso Marinated)390$48.00
Chicken Christopher (4 oz, Chicken Breasts)1320$32.00
Seasonal Ora King Salmon550$39.00
Shrimp (Jumbo) Scampi730$36.00
Jumbo Lump (Two pieces) Crab Cakes880$47.00
Lobster Tails$54.00
Filet and Lobster Tail1040$65.00


Loaf (Egg and Onion) $2.00
Ahi Tuna Poke380$20.00
Cocktail (Jumbo Shrimp)680$25.00
Cocktail (Colossal Crab)510$32.00
Cocktail (Lobster)1030$32.00
Sea Scallops Wrapped with Bacon440$26.00
Cake made with Jumbo Lump Crab690$25.00
Shrimp Alexander (Dusted with breadcrumbs)660$23.00
Bacon Steak (Nueske’s)900$22.00
Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella690$18.00
Wagyu Meatballs (Snake River Farms)910$19.00
Mushrooms (Wild)550$18.00
Maine Lobster Ravioli560$19.00


Cognac Sauce Au Poivre (with heavy cream)110$6.00
Butter: Blue Cheese270$6.00
Butter: Black Truffle350$6.00
Signature Béarnaise Sauce (Morton’s)520$3.00
Bordelaise Butter230$6.00
Oscar Style580$16.00
Nueske’s Bacon Steak500$12.00
(3) Grilled Shrimp300$12.00
Bacon-Wrapped Sea Scallops220$15.00
Morton’s Steak Sauce100$3.00

Sides Menu

Asparagus (Grilled)90$13.50
Creamed Spinach (with parmesan cheese)510$13.50
Brussels Sprouts (Sauteed with Bacon and Shallots)550$13.50
Spinach (Sautéed) and Button Mushrooms180$12.50
The Troy210$11.50
Baked Souffle (Sweet Corn)870$12.50
Asparagus (Steamed)370$12.50
Loaded Baked Potato460$12.50
Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream840$13.50
Gouda (Smoked) and Bacon Au Gratin Potatoes (sliced)860$15.50
Bacon and Cheese and Onion Macaroni1710$13.50
Herb Roasted Cauliflower $15.50
Onion Rings1070$13.00
Truffled Mashed Cauliflower700$15.50
Maine Lobster (Five pieces) Ravioli750$25.50
Maine Lobster Macaroni and Cheese1570$26.50

Soup and Salads

Bisque with Lobster700$16.50
Iceberg Wedge570$13.50
Salad (Caesar)480$12.50
Salad (Seasonal Burrata)860$17.00

Desserts Menu

Cheesecake (New York Style)1250$14.00
Mousse (Hazelnut-Chocolate)870$13.00
Fresh Berries with cocoa powder200$11.00
Key Lime Pie with whipped cream1100$13.00
Pudding: Sticky Toffee Bread (House made)1090$14.00


San Pellegrino (Large)0$10.00
Diet Coke0$2.00
Panna (Large)0$10.00

Most-Ordered Items on The Morton’s 

Who rocks steak better than a steakhouse with 4 decades of experience? Here’s what you should order at Morton’s to enjoy one of the most luxurious meals in your entire life.

01. Porterhouse Steak

Here enters the king of steak with a T-bone cut. This giant steak is made up of a filet mignon and a New York strip contributing to the maximum quality of the meat.

It’s perfectly cooked into a pinky medium rare with ample juices. It’s evenly seasoned with a beautiful char, has good smokiness, and tastes like heaven. 

02. Ora King Salmon- With Honey Balsamic

Coming up as one of the finest salmon out there, this filet of Ora King salmon tastes refreshingly unique and is renowned for its ultra-tenderness.

This comes to your table surrounded by the sweetest cone, and freshly diced tomatoes.

The chickpeas on the side pair exceptionally with the dish, making it a fantastic choice for the weight-watchers.

03. Chicago Cut Ribeye-Bone-In

Your steak won’t get any juicer than this with USDA-approved top-quality meat.

The char on the surface here is beautiful while the seasonings generously rubbed all over work wonders on the already-premium rib eyes. Its thick smokiness is amazing while bones keep the juices trapped inside.

04. Cajun Ribeye

The “proprietary” ribeye in the Cajun flavor ranks as one of the best that Morton’s offers you on the menu.

The meat is thick and tender and cooked to your liking. Cajun seasoning and the olive oil taste heavenly on the meat while flavors created together are top-notch.

05. New York Strip – Signature Cut

It might not be the best tender in the bunch, but it’s notorious for its intensely rich flavors and good texture.

It’s thick with no room for dryness and has a certain chewiness to it.

Though it’s not quite marbled as you’re used to, trust this strip to give you a rich and potent flavor to appease your tastebuds.

Morton’s Online Ordering Process

  • Visit the official website
  • Add delivery method and location details
  • Go through their various menus and pick the items you need to order
  • Add them to your cart, re-check the location and the time of pick-up and check-out

Morton’s Delivery Methods

  • Morton’s delivers with UberEATS, Door Dash, Grubhub, Postmates, and Caviar
  • Order with the app to get them delivered

Morton’s, being an upscale restaurant, offers a wide range of delivery methods. Here’s what’s available with them.

Drive ThruNo
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Morton’s Payment Options

Morton’s The Steakhouse, being a fancy place, accepts many options as payment. Here’s the list of payment methods accepted by Morton’s Steakhouse.

  • Credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and JCB.)
  • Gift cards

Important Links of Morton’s Steakhouse

The following links will get you connected to Morton’s ASAP.

Online orderOrder
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Morton’s Social Media

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Morton’s The Steakhouse Behind The Story

Let’s a flashback to 44 years earlier, to 1978, when the first Morton’s opened in Chicago.

Arnold J. Morton, the founder opened this place with top quality and genuineness in his mind.

Nearly four and half decades later, they still stick to their original principles of quality food.

Operating across 65 locations, Morton’s still serves the juiciest and most tender meat alongside its award-winning collection of exquisite wines.

They have come far in the world of fine dining and reign to this date with more than 4000 employees working for them.

Ultimately, it’s a household name for its decadent food and as a place where you go to make memories in life.

Why Morton’s steakhouse is So Popular?

Morton’s Steakhouse is a luxurious dining space, quite famous among the crowds for multiple reasons. Here are a few for you.

It’s no secret that the steak at Morton’s comes from grain-fed animals that are carefully raised.

It’s USDA approved and aptly dry-aged, making their steak, the juiciest and the best.

Wine is an indispensable part of fine dining. Morton’s, understanding its vital role in meals, offers the most extensive wine menu to choose from.

The wine is exquisite and award-winning, adding up to its true quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Popular Chicken Christopher on Morton’s Menu?

This is a dish made with two chicken breasts dipped in butter. It comes seasoned with fine herbs and a white sauce and tastes heavenly. It is one of their most preferred dishes.  

What Does Morton’s Oscar Style Mean?

This traditional steak in Oscar Style is prepared with filet mignon. It’s drenched in bearnaise sauce and comes with lobster or crab meat for extra flavors. You get some asparagus as well.

Is Lunch Served At Morton’? What Are The Hours?

Yes, it is. During the weekend, lunch is open from 11.20-2.30 PM.

Is There a Thanksgiving Menu At Morton’s?

Of course, this season, Thanksgiving dinner is available for dine-in at Morton’s.

Does Morton Make Glutton-Free Meals?

YES. Morton’s offers two separate glutton-friendly menus for people with dietary restrictions. They are Glutton-sensitive lunch and dinner menus.  

Final Thoughts

You expect excellent service when you pay more for your food.

Morton’s The Steakhouse, though a little expensive is worth every penny with its gourmet steaks, exquisite wines, and extensive seafood menu.

Head towards Morton’s today to make memories with your loved ones.

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