Ono Hawaiian BBQ Menu Prices [Updated 2023]

Hawaiian food is something that every foodie enjoys, even the fussiest eater!

Ono Hawaiian BBQ is one of the most unbeatable Hawaiian food chains that deliver authentic Hawaiian-style dishes. Their awesomely tasty foods will become your addiction!

Ono Hawaiian offers a menu that is extremely delicious and vibrant and most importantly made with fresh ingredients.

Food items are categorized into Plate Lunches, Aloha Plates, Mini Meals, Keiki Meals, Family Meals, Gourmet Salads, Appetizers, drinks and so much more at Ono.

You can always identify good food just by its aroma! And when it comes to Ono, you know every single meal is phenomenal.

Hawaiian for lunch? You got a full array of plate lunches that includes every kind of meat option and fish cooked in authentic Hawaiian style.

The portion is adequate for two hungry people as it comes with the perfect amount of steamed rice, veggies, and protein.

They also have an option of combo plate if you wish to taste two proteins together.

Heading to Aloha Plates, you can mix and match one or two entrees from a variety of options like Island Fire Chicken, Grilled Chicken Breast, Kalua Pork, Chicken Katsu, and so on.

It is again accompanied by steamed rice and salad with a dressing.

Do mini meals always come in mini sizes? That’s not the case with Ono. A mini meal is more than enough for one hungry adult to satisfy their craving.

Little did you know that the mini Hawaiian meal comes with one scoop of mac and cheese as well.

The perfect crunch? Ah-ha, Ono Hawaiian got your back!

Just slide your knife across any crisp meal, be it chicken katsu, fried shrimp, or anything, and you can get the best satisfying crunch in your life!

Kids love when their plate is colorful and Hawaiian food does it best!

Unlike other restaurants where kids get one or two meal options, the Ono Hawaiian Keiki meal range got five different meals for kids to choose from and fill their tummies.

Ono Hawaiian BBQ Plate Lunches


(Includes Two Scoops of Rice, One Scoop Famous Macaroni Salad & Vegetables)

Chicken Katsu
(Breaded chicken fillets served with Katsu Sauce)
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
(boneless and skinless chicken marinated in Hawaiian BBQ Sauce)
Island Fire Chicken
(Chicken slices marinated in spices, grilled with onions and tossed with Island Fire Sauce)
Teriyaki Chicken
(Grilled boneless chicken with teriyaki sauce)
Grilled Chicken Breast
(grilled chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning)

Beef or Pork

(Includes Two Scoops of Rice, One Scoop Famous Macaroni Salad & Vegetables)

Hawaiian BBQ Beef
(Grilled beef slices marinated in Hawaiian BBQ sauce)
Kalbi Short Ribs
(grilled beef ribs marinated in Korean Style BBQ sauce)
Kalua Pork
(Slow roasted shredded pork served over steamed cabbage)


(Includes Two Scoops of Rice, One Scoop Famous Macaroni Salad & Vegetables)

Crispy Shrimp$12.59
Island White Fish$11.99

Island Favorites

(Includes Two Scoops of Rice, One Scoop Famous Macaroni Salad & Vegetables)

Hawaiian BBQ Mix$14.99
Chicken Combo$12.99
BBQ and Katsu Mix$13.99
Seafood Mix$13.99
Grilled Spam and Eggs$10.99
Kalua Combo 
Chicken and Beef 
BBQ Chicken and Shrimp 
Shrimp and Island White Fish 
BBQ Chicken and Island White Fish 

Mini Sized Meal

(Includes One Scoop of Rice, One Scoop of Macaroni Salad & Vegetables)

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$9.99
Hawaiian BBQ Beef$9.99
Crispy Shrimp$9.99
Chicken Katsu$9.99
Grilled Chicken Breast$10.49
Island Fire$9.99
Teriyaki Chicken$9.99

Aloha Plate

(Served On Bed of Steamed Rice, Side of Fresh Mix Salad Including House Dressing)

Pick Two$11.79
Pick One$10.99

Family Meal

(Includes Rice, Mac Salad & Veggies)

Family Meal4$43.99

Keiki Meal (Kid’s Meal)

(Includes One Scoop of Rice & Veggies)

Chicken Katsu$5.29
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$5.29
Island White Fish$5.29
Crispy Shrimp$5.79
Teriyaki Chicken$5.29

Appetizers & Sides

Hawaiian BBQ Beef Musubi2 Pcs$5.99
Spam Musubi2 Pcs$5.99
Crispy Shrimp6 Pcs$7.59
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Musubi2 Pcs$5.99
Crab Rangoon3 Pcs$4.09
Steamed RiceTwo Scoops$2.99

Gourmet Salads

Macaroni Salad2 Scoops$3.99
4 Scoops$7.99
6 Scoops$10.49
Fresh Mix Salad
Full With Protein$10.99

Make It a Combo

(Includes Side & 32 Oz. Drink)

Mac Salad1 Scoop
Crab Rangoon3 Pcs
Side Salad


Hawaiian Sun$2.79
Fountain DrinkSmall$2.39
Bottled Water$2.79

Delivery Methods of Ono Hawaiian BBQ

We know you’re starving now, so let’s go ahead and order the good stuff!

Dine inAvailable
Drive ThruAvailable
Take OutAvailable
Pick UpAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable

Important Links of Ono Hawaiian BBQ

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Address970 Serramonte Blvd b, Colma, CA 94014, United States
Contact number+1 650-755-8288
Official Websitehttps://onohawaiianbbq.com/our-food/
Order Onlinehttps://order.onohawaiianbbq.com/
About Onohttps://onohawaiianbbq.com/spread-the-aloha/
Contact Onohttps://onohawaiianbbq.com/contact-us/
Join Ono Ohanahttps://onohawaiianbbq.com/ono-ohana/

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People Also Search

Is Ono Hawaiian BBQ expensive?

Ono Hawaiian may be slightly pricier but you get a lot of food in just one plate; They don’t skimp on your Hawaiian meal. You can eat heartily!

What Kind of Sauce is Available At Ono Hawaiian BBQ?

There’s teriyaki, katsu, sriracha, tartar, and a lot of more different sauces. The vinegar hot sauce is the mostly raved sauce at Ono Hawaiian that you must try out.

Does Ono Hawaiian have Musubi?

Yes. Check Ono Hawaiian BBQ menu with prices, they got three different musubi plates: spam, BBQ beef, and BBQ chicken.

How Much is The Ono Hawaiian BBQ Family Meal?

You can enough serve 4 hungry people just for $43.99 and it comes with an entrée, veggies, mac salad, and rice. You can also add any number of extra sides and additional entrees.

Final Words

When you say Hawaiian it’s Ono Hawaiian BBQ! Oh man, it’s delightful, perfectly seasoned, and exciting; So how can you say no?

Every spoonful will take you to Hawaii, no cap. If you still haven’t tried Ono Hawaiian, it’s time to see the magic here!

So, without further hullabaloo, let’s begin your Hawaiian feast with Ono Hawaiian BBQ today!

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