Pancheros Menu & Prices 2023 (Mexican Grill Food Bowls)

Mexican food is never bland and boring but irresistibly flavorful and mouthwatering!

Panchero’s is the ideal spot if you’re looking for absolutely rich Mexican flavor profiles.

Panchero’s is known for providing every menu item from queso to hand-pressed tortillas to salads made daily with their fresh in-house ingredients.

You should note that not every Mexican restaurant does this!

If we dive into their vibrant Mexican menu, they got 5 main items, chips & sides, more sides, a kid’s menu, and drinks.

As you make your way to the entrees, you will find this gigantic burrito that is guaranteed to leave your hungry stomach completely satisfied!

You will notice that the hand-pressed tortillas make the burrito stay together until the last bite.

You can get this stuffed with your choice of meat or Tofusada, beans, with or without rice, veggies, and cheese. More meat & cheese? No worries, they got your back!

Burrito fillings minus the tortilla, aka Burrito Bowl, is something all calorie deficits can dig in with no worries.

When you stuff the tortillas with art you call them Tacos! And it’s a flavor volcano!

Each serving consists of two tacos, and you get to make your own flavor volcano.

Be it Tofusada, grilled or marinated meat you’re craving, everything you need for a taco is there.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Quesadilla when it comes to Mexican.

Pair your cheesy quesadillas with your favorite salsa sauce and bomb your taste buds!  

Want to know what summer tastes like? Try their salad which is exciting, extra flavorful, and healthier! You will scrape off the delicious salad bowl for sure.

And not to mention the ever so famous Blue Corn Tortilla Chips! Dip your chips on queso (fan favorite), guacamole, or salsa, and feel the juicy crunch!

Last but not least, offer your guests a taste of Mexico with the catering menu!

Pancheros Mexican Grill Menu – Breakfast

(Start by choosing from one of our five main items, Choice of meat: Chicken, Steak, Carnitas, Tofusada)

Burrito Bowl
Choice of Tortilla, Rice, Whole Pinto /Black Beans, Marinated & Grilled Meats/Tofusada, Cheese & Salsa.
Choice of marinated and grilled meats/ Tofusada, whole pinto or black beans, cheese, rice, & salsa
Two tacos, lettuce, soft flour tortillas + marinated & grilled meats/ Tofusada, cheese and salsa.
Tortilla + Cheese, Salsas & Choice of Marinated and Grilled Meats/Tofusada.
Lettuce + Marinated and Grilled Meats/ Tofusada, Whole Pinto/ Black Beans, Cheese and Salad Dressing/Salsa.

Chips and…

Served with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.

Chips & Guac $3.95
Chips & Queso $3.95
Chips & Salsa460-520$2.95
Chips Only $1.25

On The Side

Always nice to have a little somethin’ on the side

Corn SalsaSmall70
 Pico De GalloSmall10
 Sour CreamSmall80$0.50
Jalaplenos 10
 Mild AnchoSmall15
 Medium VerdeSmall10
Hot TortillaSmall1515


Small Soda22 oz$1.95
Large Soda32 oz$2.25
Bottled Water (Dasani)20 oz$2.00

Pancheros Delivery Methods

Are you getting hungry? Order the absolutely delicious Mexican delicacies.  

Dine inAvailable
Take OutAvailable
Pick UpAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable

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People Also Ask

Does Panchero’s Have a Vegetarian Menu?

Every menu item is customizable. You can exclude meat when you order and enjoy your favorite Mexican dish.

Is Panchero’s Better Than Chipotle?

The fresh, hand-pressed tortillas that they use to make its burritos are incomparably more delectable than Chipotle’s.

While Chipotle’s burrito is disappointing as the meat inside is dry and sad.

Why is Panchero’s So Good?

Lots of Mexican restaurants bring pre-cooked, heated-up food to customers’ tables and that’s not the case here.

It is guaranteed that every meal you order is just made for you.

Because they don’t even have a microwave, freezer, or fryer. All they use is their in-house fresh ingredients.

How Do I Get a Free Panchero’s Burrito?

You can earn reward points for every $1 you spend at Panchero’s. When you reach 100 points, you’ll receive a complimentary burrito.

Final Words

All hungry Mexican food lovers are invited to get stuffed to the gills with an absolutely Mex-cellent menu!

As you know now, Panchero’s never deserves a second thought, because it offers a family atmosphere, great food, great service, and anything else a hungry customer would seek.

If newbies need some guide to kick off the tour to Mexico, get a jumbo bite of the jumbo burrito at Panchero’s!

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