PDQ Menu Prices 2023 (Grab Tasty Chicken Tenders, Nuggets & Sandwiches)

Ever thought of 100% fresh, 100% real, 100% delicious fast food? Yes, it exists. Stop by PDQ; People Dedicated to Quality, to enjoy the freshest fast food you have ever tasted.

PDQ is the leading fast-casual restaurant known for its hand-crafted chicken tenders, fresh-cut fries, hand-spun milkshakes, and warm hospitality.

The absolutely delicious PDQ menu includes combo meals, family meals, sandwiches, tenders & nuggets, signature sauces, salads, sides, cookies & treats, milkshakes, and other beverages.

Getting your kids to eat fast food seems like a breeze. At PDQ, your kids can enjoy a finger-licking good kids’ meal.

Let them choose their favorite classic, specialty, tenders & nuggets from the kids’ menu.

The freshness and healthiness of fast food is a concern shared by all but seldom fulfilled. But at PDQ, you can put that fear to rest.

Unlike other fast food restaurants, PDQ uses only fresh, farm-raised ingredients and never any hormones, steroids, or other fillers.

You’ll notice a difference in flavor. You can customize the dish to your liking. Need a certain flavoring? Is there a new twist? Check with them. They will do it cheerfully.  

If you need a delicious spread for your event to wow your loved ones and coworkers, PDQ Catering is here to help.

You can order your guest’s favorite savory and sweet cravings from the PDQ catering menu.

Here comes the rewarding news, for all PDQ points members, PDQ rewards you with fantastic offers and deals like free-meal on your birthday, free items on your first PDQ order, skip-the-line (Yes, VIP feeling) exclusive discounts and so more.

If you shop at PDQ, you can rack up 10 points for every dollar spent, and then use those points to get cool swag as your account level rises. For more details; PDQ Menu Nutrition, and PDQ Catering.

PDQ Chicken Menu – Tenders

Items (Choice Sauce)CaloriePrice
10 Spicy Tenders1050$18.99
10 Crispy Tenders1050$15.99
5 Spicy Tenders525$8.49
5 Crispy Tenders525$7.99
4 Spicy Tenders420$7.49
4 Crispy Tenders420$6.99
3 Spicy Tenders315$6.49
3 Crispy Tenders315$5.99

PDQ Chicken Sandwiches

Spicy Chicken Sandwich585$6.79
Crispy Chicken Sandwich510$6.29
Honey Butter Sandwich690$6.49
Buffy Bleu Sandwich460$6.49
Big Buffy Bleu Sandwich565$8.49
Jacked Spicy Chicken Sandwich665$7.99
Jacked Buffy Bleu Sandwich640$9.19

PDQ Nuggets Menu

Items (Choice Sause)CaloriePrice
12 Spicy Nuggets420$7.99
12 Crispy Nuggets420$7.59
8 Spicy Nuggets280$6.99
8 Crispy Nuggets280$5.99

PDQ Combo Meals Menu

5 Spicy Tenders685-1395$11.49
5 Crispy Tenders685-1395$10.99
4 Spicy Tenders640-1285$10.49
4 Crispy Tenders640-1285$9.99
3 Spicy Tenders594-1175$9.49
3 Crispy Tenders594-1175$8.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich925-1315$9.79
Crispy Chicken Sandwich850-1240$9.29
Honey Butter Sandwich1030-1420$9.49
Buffy Bleu Sandwich800-1090$9.49
Big Buffy Bleu Sandwich905-1140$11.49
Jacked Spicy Chicken Sandwich1005-1395$10.99
12 Crispy Nugget540-1060$10.59
Jacked Buffy Bleu Sandwich930-1090$12.19
8 Crispy Nugget480-920$8.99
12 Spicy Nuggets540-1060$10.99
8 Spicy Nuggets480-920$9.99

PDQ Platters

Items (Choose Sauce)CaloriePrice
25 Spicy Tenders2625$41.49
25 Crispy Tenders2625$38.99
50 Spicy Nuggets1750$41.49
50 Crispy Nuggets1750$38.99

PDQ Family Meals

Family Meals (Choose Tender, Sauce, Salad, Side & Dressing)S1000-3000$34.99
Mac & Cheese$6.59
Sweet TeaHalf Gallon820$3.49
Unsweet TeaHalf Gallon0$3.49
Petey’s PunchHalf Gallon$3.49
LemonadeHalf Gallon850$4.49
Green TeaHalf Gallon0$3.49

PDQ Sauces

Items (Want Extra Sauce)Calorie
Sweet Sriracha160
PDQ Sauce150
Honey Mustard150
Buffalo Bleu90
Bleu Cheese260
Honey BBQ80
Creamy Garlic140

PDQ Salads

Spicy Pdq Salad (Choose Dressings)700-830$11.29
Pdq Salad (Choose Chicken & Dressings)700-830$10.29
Mediterranean Salad (Choose Chicken & Dressings)510-640$10.49


Large Fries540$3.69
Mac & Cheese$3.79
Parmesan Broccoli300$3.29
Family Meal Fries720$4.59
Garden Salad (Choose Dressings)120-420$4.69
Mac & Cheese (Family Meal)$6.59
Family Meal Broccoli450$4.59

Hand Spun Shakes

Items (Choose Flavor)SizeCaloriePrice
Limited Time Shakes14oz (S)470-660$5.49
20oz (R)670-920$6.79
Classic Shakes14oz (S)470-660$3.99
20oz (R)670-920$4.99
Specialty Shakes14oz (S)610-850$4.79
20oz (R)960-1290$5.99


Cranapple Oatmeal Cookie340$1.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie400$1.99
Chocolate Cake Slice895$5.49
More Cookies (Choose Choices)1360-1600$6.99


Petey’s Punch20oz (R)$2.39
Coke20oz (R)$2.39
Coke Zero20oz (R)$2.39
Diet Coke20oz (R)$2.39
Dr. Pepper20oz (R)$2.39
Sprite20oz (R)$2.39
Fresh Brewed Tea (Choose Flavor)20oz (R)0-120$2.39
20oz (L)0-120$2.89
Bottle Water$2.29
Bottle Cheerwine150$2.49
Sweet TeaHalf Gallon820$3.49
Unsweet TeaHalf Gallon$3.49
Petey’s PunchHalf Gallon$3.49
LemonadeHalf Gallon850$4.49
Green TeaHalf Gallon$3.49

Kids Meals

Items (Choose Side, Sauce & Beverage)CaloriePrice
Crispy Nuggets120-545$5.49
Crispy Tenders135-620$5.49

Fan Favorite PDQ Restaurant Menu Meal Items

You want to devour the entire menu regarding fast food, but you can’t.

So, we’ve compiled a short selection of the PDQ menu’s absolute must-haves for your eating pleasure.

01. Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich

The game changer in chicken sandwich history. The crispy chicken sandwich is made with a brioche bun, two large and crunchy chicken tenders, lettuce, and pickles.

It is dipped in inhouse sweet honey butter perfectly balances out the spiciness of the burger. The meal comes with waffle fries and a choice of beverage.

No doubt, this will be your favorite chicken sandwich. Every bite is evenly better.

02. Chicken Tenders Meal

At PDQ, it’s all about chicken! You can’t go wrong with PDQ chicken tenders, so crispy and so yummy.

Spicy breaded made-to-order tenders are super fresh to feel in your every bite. You can pair these beautiful crunchies with your favorite sauce.

Waffle fries and a choice of the beverage are included to make it a filling meal.

03. OREO Cookie Shake

Star of the PDQ beverage menu. Both adults and kids have a mad love for PDQ Oreo Cookie Shake.

After doubling down on spicy chicken, this is ideal for quench the fire. The creamy and thick cookie shake is garnished with some crushed Oreo cookies to give a crunch.

04. Waffle Fries

The major perk! Fresh-cut potato waffle fries are the perfect side to pair with any PDQ meal. It’s salty, crispy and warm unlike your regular French fries.

They’ve got a flavorful range of sauces for you to dip these beauties and devour them.

05. PDQ Salad

Crispy chicken with salad? Or Grilled chicken? You can choose your preferred preparation style of chicken to mix with fresh veggies like carrots, tomatoes, red cabbage, mixed greens, and so on.

Who likes boring plain salads, right? PDQ salad is topped with cheddar and jack cheese to add a cheesy vibe with honey mustard dressing to add a blend of sweet spices.

How To Order From PDQ

Order now and treat yourself to PDQ yummies.

You got covered with PDQ official website, Android, and iOS App and your friendly food delivery partners: UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, Seamless, and Postmates.

Placing an order with PDQ is simple and quick. Here’s how to:

Step 1

Visit the PDQ website and click on “Order Now”.

Step 2

Select your choice of delivery method, time, and location.

You can also visit their official website to find the nearest outlet.

Step 3

Browse the PDQ menu with prices and fill your cart.

Step 4

Checkout with your choice of payment method. You can either Sign in to PDQ point or proceed as a guest.

Here we’ve listed the acceptable payment methods

Payment Methods

  • VISA/Master card
  • Gift card
  • Cash
  • American Express
  • Coupons

Your delivery partners got you covered with many other payment options like PayPal, Venmo, and their own gift cards.

PDQ Delivery Options

Friends/family day out with finger-licking good fast food? Sounds good.

Fast food and Netflix? Sounds like heaven.

Fully satisfy your hungry monster inside either way with PDQ.

Dine inAvailable
Take OutAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable
Pick UpAvailable

Important Links of PDQ Menu

What could be more tedious than searching the entire website in vain to get a single question answered?

It’s not stressful but quick with the important links we compiled for you.

Official websitehttps://www.eatpdq.com/  
PDQ Menuhttps://www.eatpdq.com/menu  
Order Onlinehttps://order.eatpdq.com/  
Sign Uphttps://mypdq.myguestaccount.com/guest/  
Featured Offershttps://www.eatpdq.com/featured-offers             
PDQ Pointshttps://www.eatpdq.com/mypdq  
Allergen Informationhttps://www.eatpdq.com/allergen  
About PDQ Chickenhttps://www.eatpdq.com/our-pdq-chicken  
Buy E-Gift Cardshttps://mypdq.myguestaccount.com/guest/egift?page=cardInfo  
Our Storyhttps://www.eatpdq.com/people-dedicated-to-quality  

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About PDQ Restaurant

PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality; founded in 2009 by Bob Basham and Nick Reader in Florida.

Currently operating 56 outlets across eight states in America to deliver top-quality and delicious fast food to all hungry fellows.

You can define PDQ as a combination of great people, a great environment, and most importantly great food.

Unlike other fast food chains, PDQ offers, never grind or frozen chicken, it’s all-natural and scratch-made.

Service at PDQ is highly rated by people, as keep their promise to treat you with a tender loving attitude.

They are nice, friendly, and committed to giving you the best chicken holiday!

As dedicated as they are to their guests, they’re also dedicated to the growth of the community.

It’s not all about celebrating food here at PDQ, it’s about celebrating happiness, and that’s why PDQ gives back to the community and empowers them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s PDQ Famous For?

PDQ is known for delivering the highest quality fast food, by preparing them from scratch and fresh, with farm-fresh ingredients.

Everything is handcrafted from chicken tenders, and nuggets to sandwiches to milkshakes. They satisfy you with great food and great service.

What is Better Chick Fil Or PDQ?

Chick Fil is a typical fast food restaurant with basic chicken meals whereas PDQ offers an epicure service of chicken.

Does PDQ Use Frozen Chicken?

Short answer: NEVER! On your every visit, you can enjoy super fresh chicken tenders, and nuggets, and everything on your table is made just for you to give the best value for your money.

Is PDQ Sauce Good?

The hype is real! PDQ prepares all of its sauces and dressings from scratch with in-house ingredients. Each sauce is bursting with flavor and smells and tastes mind-blowing. 

What is The PDQ Star Rating?

A 4.78-star rating is crazy for a fast-food chain. No wonder people rave about their hand-breaded chicken.

Final Thoughts

PDQ knows what you exactly looking for, and are always ready to deliver your expectation to the table.

Where else besides PDQ you can satisfy your craving with scratch-made by hand, five out of five fast food?

It’s addictive, so after just one visit you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Don’t overthink it; just check out the PDQ menu and prices to see how the quality stacks up, and then dive right in!

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