Pizza Hut Menu With Prices in 2023 (Delightful 10 Must-Try Pizza Flavors)

Known for its delicious Large Pepperoni Pizza, this restaurant is one of the most popular Pizza chains in the US, so if you’re still deciding on what to eat today, here are all the details about the Pizza Hut menu with prices. 

Pizza Hut is not only about the taste of Italian cuisine. Its mission is to blend it with the American taste and bring joy to its clients every day.

One of their best pizza options includes the Supreme, Cheese, Meat Lovers, Hawaiian Pizzas, and Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza. 

There are many crust options available, from the thin, crispy option or the Italian hand-tossed crust to the popular, mozzarella-stuffed Pizza Hut crust.

Of course, there are multiple sizes available, from small to large, and even new, Double Pizzas Detroit Style.

Vegetarian options are included in the menu for everyone to enjoy these tasty dishes, and for the creative people who always like to try something different, the option to create your pizza is always available.

Besides its unique Pizzas, the restaurant serves appetizing Pasta dishes, Wings and Sides, fresh beverages, and of course, desserts.

To enjoy dinner, Pizza Hut has Dinner Box options, in Dinner Box orders there are a few options depending on the location, the order can be done in a variety such as 3 Pizza comes with Big Dinner Box, Freshly Baked Pasta comes with also Big dinner Box order that is another box menu.

And if you are a wings lover then boneless wings Big Dinner Box is the best option for you.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza Menu

Crust TypeSizeCalorie/SlicePrice
Hand Tossed Large160$14.89
Original Pan Large225$16.39
Original StuffedLarge220$16.89
Thin & CrispyLarge125$14.89
Hand Tossed Medium120$12.59
Original Pan Medium160$14.09
Thin & CrispyMedium100$12.59
Original Pan Personal100$5.09

Pizza Hut Popular Pizza

Detroit Style: Double PepperoniMedium160$12.99
Detroit Style: SupremoMedium160$12.99
Detroit Style: Meaty DeluxeMedium160$12.99

Cheese Pizza

Crust TypeSizeCalorie/SlicePrice
Hand Tossed Large160$13.29
Original Pan Large225$14.79
Original StuffedLarge220$15.29
Thin & CrispyLarge125$13.29
Hand Tossed Medium120$11.19
Original Pan Medium160$12.69
Thin & CrispyMedium100$11.19
Original Pan Personal100$5.09

Regular Pizza

(Supreme Pizza, Meat Lover’s Pizza, Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza, Veggie Lover’s Pizza, Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Luau Pizza, Hawaiian Chicken Pizza)

(Price is common for the following pizza crust)

Crust TypeSizeCalorie/SlicePrice
Hand Tossed Large160$18.19
Original Pan Large225$19.69
Original StuffedLarge220$20.19
Thin & CrispyLarge125$18.19
Hand Tossed Medium120$15.59
Original Pan Medium160$17.09
Thin & CrispyMedium100$15.59
Original Pan Personal100$5.59

Super Supreme Pizza

Crust TypeSizeCalorie/SlicePrice
Hand Tossed Large160$19.19
Original Pan Large225$20.69
Original StuffedLarge220$21.19
Thin & CrispyLarge125$19.19
Hand Tossed Medium120$16.59
Original Pan Medium160$18.09
Thin & CrispyMedium100$16.59

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Crust TypeSizeCalorie/SlicePrice
Hand Tossed Large160$19.79
Original Pan Large225$21.29
Original StuffedLarge220$21.79
Thin & CrispyLarge125$19.79
Hand Tossed Medium120$16.99
Original Pan Medium160$18.49
Thin & CrispyMedium100$16.99
Original Pan Personal100$6.19

Create Your Own Pizza

Crust TypeSizeCalorie/SlicePrice
Hand Tossed Large160$13.29
Original Pan Large225$14.79
Original StuffedLarge220$15.29
Thin & CrispyLarge125$13.29
Hand Tossed Medium120$11.19
Original Pan Medium160$12.79
Thin & CrispyMedium100$11.19
Original Pan Personal100$5.09

Wings Menu

Traditional Wings6 Pcs99$9.99
12 Pcs99$18.99
18 Pcs99$27.99
36 Pcs99$54.99
Wings Breaded Boneless 8 Pcs79$7.99
24 Pcs79$21.99
16 Pcs79$14.89
48 Pcs79$40.99
Ranch1 Dip211$0.75
Honey BBQ1 Dip207$0.75
Blue Cheese1 Dip222$0.75
Buffalo Medium1 Dip140$0.75

New Oven Baked Pasta Menu

Chicken Alfredo (Breadsticks) $8.99
Chicken Alfredo (Cheese Sticks) $9.99
Italian Meats (Breadsticks) $8.99
Italian Meats (Cheese Sticks) $9.99
Cheesy Alfredo (Breadsticks) $8.99
Cheesy Alfredo (Cheese Sticks) $9.99
Veggie (Breadsticks) $8.99
Veggie (Cheese Sticks) $9.99

Sides Menu

Mini Shaker Crushed Red Pepper 10 Tea Spoon5$0.99
Mini Shaker Romano Grated & Parmesan Cheese 5 Tea Spoon10$0.99
Straight Cut Fries1 Order497$3.89
Cajun Style Seasoned Fries1 Order508$3.89
Lemon Pepper Seasoned Fries1 Order509$3.89
Breadsticks With Marinara Dipping Sauce1 Dip182$5.49
Cheese Sticks With Marinara Dipping Sauce1 Dip195$6.79
Fried Mozzarella Sticks With Marinara Dipping Sauce1 Dip127$5.99

Pizza Hut Dips Menu

Ranch1 Dip211$0.75
Garlic1 Dip103$0.75
Marinara1 Dip45$0.75
Honey BBQ1 Dip207$0.75
Blue Cheese1 Dip222$0.75
Buffalo (Medium)1 Dip140$0.75
Cream Cheese Frosting (Cinnabon Signature)1 Dip270$0.75
Icing Dip1 Dip180$0.75

Dessert Items

Chocolate Brownie (Triple)92100$7.79
Mini Rolls (Cinnabon)$6.89
Chocolate Chip Cookie (Ultimate)$6.89
Cream Cheese Frosting (Cinnabon Signature)1 Dip270$0.75
Cinnamon Sticks101800$5.89
Icing Dip1 Dip177$0.75

Drinks Menu

ItemsServed (Bottle)CaloriePrice
Pepsi 20 Oz.1250$2.29
Pepsi 2 L1900$3.19
Diet Pepsi 20 Oz.10$2.29
Diet Pepsi 2 L10$3.19
Mtn Dew 20 Oz.1290$2.29
Mtn Dew 2 L11020$3.19
Sierra Mist 20 Oz.1240$2.29
Sierra Mist 2 L1900$3.19
Aquafina 20 Oz.10$2.29

Which Items You Must Try From Pizza Hut?

As the company opened more and more locations, the menu also got creative, introducing delightful varieties of pizzas, as well as new, tasty items, like crispy wings, pasta, and heavenly desserts.

Of course, some of them truly won the customers’ appreciation, so here are some ideas for your next Pizza Hut visit: 

01. Large Pepperoni Pizza 

Since it was added to the menu, the large Pepperoni pizza has been the most ordered Pizza Hut item.

Now, its newest version, the Double Pepperoni Pizza Detroit-Style is slowly stealing its fame, but no one can forget the perfect taste of a classic. 

Choose the size and crust type of your pizza, add extra toppings, and complete the order by selecting one of four unique sauces. You can even choose the amount of cheese for the pizza! 

02. Hand-Tossed Cheese Pizza 

The Cheese Pizza is next on the list for the most appreciated pizza flavor.

The crust choice is yours: go for an authentic, hand-tossed, Italian crust, choose the thin, crispy option or stuff it for a richer flavor.

The simple combination of marinara sauce and mozzarella is surprisingly one of the most interesting, appetizing options out there. 

03. Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Despite its name, the Pizza Hut menu contains many other delicious dishes.

Moving on to the pasta section, the Chicken Alfredo, oven-baked pasta is certainly a famous classic.

As chicken is already enjoyed by everyone, combining it with a creamy, buttery sauce, oregano, and parmesan, results in the most delectable meal of all time.

Even more, the pasta comes with 5 cheese sticks/ breadsticks and has a vegetarian alternative, so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

04. Buffalo Boneless Wings 

The newest addition to the Pizza Hut menu, crispy wings, is becoming more and more popular each day.

Choose your serving: 8, 16, 24, and 48 pieces are available, select one of the eight additional options, and share them with your friends!

With 93 calories per wing, they provide great nutritional value to your daily diet. 

Pizza Hut Story

Pizza Hut started in 1958 in Kansas as a small family restaurant. With the financial help of their mother, two brothers with a love for pizza founded the first Pizza Hut location. 

Providing its customers with joy, warmth, and a delicious meal, the place soon became popular.

Now, there are many as 16,000 restaurants all over the world, filled with happy, satisfied customers and team members. 

Throughout its history, Pizza Hut won the title of the best pizza restaurant in the world in 1971, and launched numerous educational and charity programs, including “Reading is fundamental” and the food donation program for those in need. 

Why is Pizza Hut So Much Popular Compared To Others?

They serve the best pizza out there, while it’s still hot and appetizing, and they do it with pleasure! Tasty food creates joyful people, and Pizza Hut is all about that.

The restaurant even delivered to the White House in 1989, when First Lady Barbara Bush decided to throw a 200 guests pizza party, at a children’s reception.

Of course, while children are the biggest pizza fans, the secret is that adults can rediscover their inner child and enjoy the slices just as much. 

The restaurant, however, didn’t stop there and continued to deliver their slices of happiness as far as in space, being the first company to ever send pizza to the International Space Station, in 2001.  

Ordering Process of Pizza Hut

Ordering from Pizza Hut has never been easier. The restaurant offers three types of ordering methods: the classic, physical order, the phone order, and of course, the online one.

Of course, online ordering has made out lives easier during these years, it can be done in a few minutes and anyone can get the delivery right at their door!

Just access their official website, click on the store locator, choose the location that’s closest to your home and start the order

Delivery Methods

There are multiple delivery options available on the official website. Simply choose the one that fits your needs best at the start of your order.

Drive ThruAvailable 
Home DeliveryAvailable  
Curbside Pickup Available

Contact Information Links of Pizza Hut 

If there are still any things left unclear about the Pizza Hut menu with prices, here are some useful links: 

Online Order
Store Locator
Sign Up
Gift Cards
Their Story

Find Pizza Hut on Social Media

You can find more details about special offers and exclusive deals, as well as gorgeous pictures of the most appetizing dishes by checking out the social media pages of Pizza Hut. Here is a short list: 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do If My Delivery Area is Not Available For Online Ordering From Pizza Hut? 

No worries. While your location is not listed as available for ordering, picking up the order from the closest Pizza Hut restaurant is always possible.

It’s exactly the same process, as you can preorder and pay for the food items online.

A Large Pizza At Pizza Hut is Enough For How Many People? 

The Large pizza at Pizza Hut includes 12 slices that can be easily shared between 4 or 6 people. 

Is there a minimum amount for delivery orders?

Yes, if you also count the taxes, the minimum delivery order is Rs 200. 

Can I Request a Refund From Pizza Hut? 

To make a long story short: yes. You can always request a refund from Pizza Hut, if your delivery is late or hasn’t arrived at all.

Dial their call center and once the complaint is validated, the refund should be transferred in a maximum of 21 working days. 

What is Included in The $20 Dinner Package From Pizza Hut?  

The Dinner Box from Pizza Hut is exactly what you need when you come home at the end of the day and have no energy to prepare a meal.

Enjoy 2 two medium pizzas with pasta or wings of your choice, one topping, and five breadsticks.

As an alternative, you can also choose just 3 medium pizzas instead of the other food items. 

Final Thoughts 

All in all, the Pizza Hut menu will have a delightful option for every occasion if it’s for a business lunch, a family dinner, or just a quick snack.

Combining the Italian style with American cuisine, their pizzas are famous for creative toppings, rich taste, and delicious, varied crust types.

And if pizza is not your favorite, there’s more to choose from! Don’t miss the chance to try. 

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