Pollo Campero Menu Prices 2023 (Individual and Family Chicken Meals)

Pollo Campero doesn’t serve just any food. This food joint offers slow-down-and-enjoy-every-bite delicacies so that you come back again and again to their place.

Seasoned with all the zest and flavors you need, they serve a unique food experience that you have never tasted before.

From the scrumptious chicken items to meal deals, salads, and desserts, each of the dishes is made with the freshest of ingredients and the finest of flavors to provide a flavor dance in your mouth. Thrilling, isn’t it?

To fulfill your hungry tummy and a starved soul, Pollo Campero serves 9 salivating chicken meals (served with tortilla/dinner roll and one side), 3 different chicken bite items, 2 chicken bowls, and 24 family meal deals just for you.

They also have other items like Empanadas, Sandwiches, kids’ meals, a handful of sides, and salivating desserts to fulfill your Latin food cravings successfully.

You can also choose from a collection of 6 different beverages to complete your meal perfectly.

Besides mouthwatering dishes, Pollo Campero also offers a friendly ambiance where you can sit, laugh and enjoy your meal in a light-hearted manner.

Their well-decorated interior with a friendly atmosphere will surely attract your interest in no time.

Not just these. Pollo Campero offers catering services to their customers so that you can host a party with your favorite dishes without having to cook them.

Just call the location or make an online order to relish some of the tastiest foods while enjoying a gathering!

You could also enjoy a handsome discount on catering items if you order through the app. isn’t it amazing?

Let’s go through the Pollo Campero prices to know more.

Pollo Campero Family & Group Meals

Family Flavor Combo Meal for 4-5 People
Choose from the options below:
Chicken & Camperitos Meal  
5 Pcs of Chicken, Two Family Sides, 10 Camperitos & choice of Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
Chicken Meal
2 Family Sides, 10 Pcs of Chicken, & choice of 5 Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
Chicken & Sandwiches Meal  
5 Pcs of Chicken, 2 Family Sides & 2 Sandwiches
Chicken & Empanadas Meal
5 Empanadas, 5 Pcs of Chicken & 2 Family Sides
For 6-8 People
Choose from the options below:
Chicken & Camperitos Meal
3 Family Sides, 8 Pcs of Chicken, 16 Camperitos & choice of Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
Chicken Meal
16 Pcs of Chicken, 3 Family Sides & choice of 8 Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
Chicken & Sandwiches Meal
8 Pcs of Chicken, 3 Sandwiches & 3 Family Sides
Chicken & Empanadas Meal
8 Pcs of Chicken, 8 Empanadas & 3 Family Sides
For 9-10 People
Choose one of 3 options below:
Chicken & Camperitos Meal
10 Pcs of Chicken, 20 Camperitos, 4 Family Sides & choice of Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
Chicken Meal
20 Pcs of Chicken, 4 Family Sides & choice of 10 Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
Chicken & Sandwiches Meal
10 Pcs of Chicken, 4 Sandwiches & 4 Family Sides
Chicken & Empanadas Meal
10 Pcs of Chicken, 10 Empanadas & 4 Family Sides
Legs & Thighs (20 Pcs) Fried Only$37.99
ADD 3 Fam Sides$11.00

Pollo Campero Individual Meals

Four Piece Special
Chicken (4 Pcs), 2 Sides & Choice of Tortilla or Dinner Roll and Choice of Campero Fried, Grilled or Both
Campero Bowl
Campero beans, Choice of fried chicken, Campero rice, roasted corn & peppers, smashed avocado, spring, mix cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese
Two Piece Meal
2 Pcs of Chicken + Choice of Campero Fried or Grilled, Side & Choice of Dinner Roll or Tortilla
Campero Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal
Campero fried, 100% white meat fillet, Campero chicken, 3 sweet pickles + buttered brioche Bun
Three Piece Meal
3 Pcs of Chicken + Choice of Campero Fried or Grilled, Side & Choice of Dinner Roll or Tortillas
Empanada Trio Meal
Made from Handmade signature chicken
Campero Chicken Sandwich Meal
100% white meat fillet + traditional seasoning, 3 sweet pickles + buttered brioche bun
Camperitos Meal
(100% White meat nuggets) Campero Fried chicken & fried fresh daily
Kid’s Meals
Choose any of 3 options:
Drumstick $5.00
Empanada $5.00
Comperitos $5.00
Chicken Breast Salad
spring mix, grape tomatoes, roasted corn & peppers, Choice of Campero Fried Chicken, shredded carrots and feta cheese + dressing
Individual Empanada184$2.50

Family Meals

Family Meal
Family Sides, Campero Fried or Grilled Chicken + Dinner Rolls or Tortillas
20 Pieces + 4 Sides4156-7950$60.00
12 Pieces + 3 Sides2592-5337$40.00
8 Pieces + 2 Sides1728-3558$28.50
Chicken Only
Campero Fried or Grilled Chicken
8 Pieces1080-1348$19.25
20 Pieces2700-3370$37.50
12 Pieces1620-2022$25.25
Camperitos (White Meat Nuggets)
Campero Fried chicken & fried fresh, White Meat Nuggets + Choice of Sauce


Cole Slaw 259-802 
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25
French Fries 258-690 
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25
Campero Rice 128-383 
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25
Campero Beans 128-383 
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25
Yuca Fries 315-945 
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25
Mashed Potatoes 173-520 
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25
Sweet Fried Bananas
 Individual $3.25
 Family $5.25


Caramel Flan210$2.75
Chocolate Chip Cookie  
Single Cookie $1.25
Six Cookie $6.00

Add Ons

Campero Spicy Chicken Sandwich Only
Campero Fried 100% White Meat Fillet, Habanero Based Spicy Sauce, Campero Chicken, 3 Sweet Pickles & Buttered Brioche Bun
Campero Sandwich Only
Choice of Fried + Traditional Seasoning, 100% White Meat Breast Filet, 3 Sweet Pickles & Buttered Brioche Bun
Campero Fried $5.00
Individual Empanada
Handmade daily & signature chicken
Extra Chicken
choice of breast, wing, leg, or thigh in Citrus-Grilled recipe or Campero Fried
Campero Fried $3.25
Grilled Chicken $3.25
Dinner Roll80$0.75
Sauce (Campero, BBQ, Buffalo & Ranch)10-130$0.00


Drink Flavors:
Mango, Pepsi, Horchata (Contain Nuts) & Diet Pepsi
Take Out Gallon  
Mango $11.00
Horchata $11.00
Bottled Water $2.00

Delivery Methods

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes

Important Links of Pollo Campero

Official Websitehttps://us.campero.com/
Order OnlineCheck Here
Mobile Appshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pollocampero.app
Store Locationshttps://us.campero.com/find-a-campero  
Sign Uphttps://order.campero.com/sign-up?referrer=%2F  
Gift Cardshttps://campero.cardfoundry.com/giftcards
Contact Number(972) 770-2800

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Pollo Campero 2-Piece Meal Contain?

The 2-piece meal from Pollo Campero contains a fried or grilled chicken with your choice of side and tortillas/dinner roll to fulfill your appetite perfectly.

What is The Parent Country of Pollo Campero?

Although there are many locations of the Pollo Campero in the USA, this food joint actually comes from Guatemala.

It was founded and established in Guatemala in 1971 before spreading its business to the US.

How Many Locations Does Pollo Campero Have in The USA?

It might surprise you, but there are 86 locations of Pollo Campero in the USA.

So, if you are craving some delicacies from them, there are chances that you have them right around the corner.

Who is The Owner of Pollo Campero?

Even though Juan José Gutiérrez founded and established the Pollo Campero restaurant, it is now owned by Pollo Campero/ Parent organizations.

Final Words

Not only their generation-old chicken dish, but all the foods of the Pollo Campero are also fascinating.

They are popular amongst eaters because of the blast of flavors they provide as well as their variety.

To please the crowd in no time, this food joint not only serves rich and unique tastes but also offers an environment that you would love.

Go visit this incredible restaurant and taste some of the most delightful food you ever had.

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