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Farmer’s Market Potato Salad

Farmer's market potato salad is an easy side dish that's a hit at any potluck or picnic! Homemade sour cream dressing is combined with tender red potatoes, hard boiled eggs, red onion, carrots, and bell peppers. This easy potato salad recipe is the best when it's made using fresh produce from the farmer's market or your vegetable garden!

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Homemade Strawberry-Apple Coleslaw {no mayo}

Healthy Homemade Strawberry-Apple Coleslaw (without mayo)

Apple coleslaw is a healthier coleslaw with apples, strawberries, cabbage and dried cherries. This strawberry-apple slaw has a sweet taste, without added sugar! What makes the strawberry-apple coleslaw dressing recipe healthier is that it's made without mayo. Instead, this healthy side dish recipe has a fruity strawberry-lime vinaigrette dressing!

Farro Salad w/ Citrus Vinaigrette {Heart Healthy Recipes}

Farro salad with citrus-basil vinagrette is one of my favorite heart healthy recipes. Once you try it, will likely become one of your favorites, too. Nutty, whole grain farro, dried cranberries, and fresh apples are tossed with a fresh and tangy vinaigrette. The texture and flavors in this salad will have you in side dish delight! During rough times in my life, having supportive friends to lean on helps the tough times pass more quickly. Not that the pain goes away altogeth...

Low Carb Cucumber Salad Recipe

Cucumbers, Vidalia onions, and a flavorful garlic lemon vinaigrette make this low carb cucumber salad recipe a quick, easy, and healthy side dish.This delicious post is possible thanks in part to the generosity of OXO and Melissa's Produce, who each sent me products of theirs to try at no charge. I wasn't compensated in any other way for this post, and all thoughts in this post are my own.Of all the local produce available to me here in northeastern Wisconsin in the summer time, ...

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad is a healthy spring salad recipe, loaded with flavor and texture! Baby spinach, juicy strawberries, crispy bacon, crumbled blue cheese, and sliced almonds make this dinner salad filling and delicious.March 21st is California Strawberry Day, so let's celebrate! Wait. Did you just say that you had no idea that today is California Strawberry Day? Well it is, so scoot your cute self to the grocery store to pick up some deliciously healthy berries so that you can in...

Raspberry Vanilla Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe

This raspberry vanilla vinaigrette dressing makes a sweet and tangy contribution to a boring salad, giving it a pop of color and fresh flavor.  This recipe is part of the #vanillaweek celebration. If you haven't entered the giveaway, click here to do so!

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