Red Robins Happy Hour Menu & Time in 2023

Who doesn’t love Happy Hour? Luckily, Red Robins Happy Hour Menu is every day of the week, from 3 PM to 6 PM.

During these hours you can order for half the price:

  • Appetizers
  • 10” Pizzas
  • Milkshakes

Of course, not all food items are included in their happy hour offer. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes are 50%.

The Happy Hour is available only for regular sizes. For kids-sized shakes, you will pay the full price.

Half the price for shakes means $3.25 for the strawberry flavor and $2.95 for chocolate and vanilla.

If you crave a pizza, Red Robins Happy Hour menu has your back.

You can order two types of small Donato’s pizzas: Serious Cheese and Signature Pepperoni.

A small pizza means 14 delicious, rectangular slices and is 10”.

For appetizers, order one of three options: pretzel bites, mouth-watering mozzarella sticks, and last, but least, fried pickle nickles!

The name itself makes you want to order these pickles. And they only cost $3.5 during the Happy Hour.

One detail to remember about Red Robins Happy Hour is that you can only use this offer if you dine in. So, no online orders this time.

Shakes are surely not vegan-friendly, and the appetizers and pizzas also contain eggs, milk, and even meat. But don’t be disappointed.

Incredible sides, entrees, and vegan burgers can be ordered for the normal price from Red Robins.

 They even let you create an order where you check all allergies and food preferences.

The only downside is these items are not included in the Happy Hour menu.

Feel free to ask about it at the closest location, though. The same goes for gluten and other allergens.

The Red Robins Happy Hour menu is not offered at all locations. Check the closest restaurant using the store locator on their official webpage.

Then, ask about the Happy Hour offer. You can simply call. All phone numbers are listed with the locations.

Red Robins Happy Hour Time

Monday3-6 PM
Tuesday3-6 PM
Wednesday3-6 PM
Thursday3-6 PM
Friday3-6 PM

Red Robins Happy Hour Menu

Monday Through Friday 3 pm-6 pm At participating locations – Dine-in only. 50% Off!


Mozzarella Sticks
Pretzel Bites
Fried Pickle Nickels

10-inch Donatos Pizza

Signature Pepperoni
Serious Cheese



Red’s Bar Specials

Offers & Items
Spiked Freckled Lemonade
Long Island Iced Tea
Domestic & 1969 Lager 22-oz. Drafts
Tito’s Blue Chill
Truly Hard Seltzer
Domestic & 1969 Lager 16 oz. Drafts
House Margaritas
6-oz. Wine Pours

Important Links To Get Red Robins

Official Website
Order Happy Hour Menu Online
Store Locator
Sign Up
Gift card


What Dish From Red Robin Happy Hour is The Best?

Tastes differ, but you can’t go wrong with the Signature Pepperoni pizza.
The strawberry milkshake is also a crowd’s favorite.

What Differentiates Red Robin’s Double and Big Burgers?

It’s all about the patties. The difference is between a burger with patties and a burger with a big, juicy one instead of two.
We wish these tasty burgers were included in the Happy Hour menu. The good side is you can order the side/ drink for half the price!

How Much Should You Tip When Ordering Happy Hour?

The tip should be proportional to the order. You can tip half the usual amount as the food items are 50% off.

Are There Any Vegan Fries At Red Robin?

Unfortunately, no. Red Robin has some delicious fries, like the zucchini or steak ones, but eggs are added while cooking them.
This means they are not fit for vegan people, but vegetarians can enjoy them.

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