Roy Rogers Menu & Prices 2023 (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and More)

No one makes roast beef like Roy Rogers in its Western theme. But, it’s not all about beef and chicken.

Roy Rogers’ limited-time items, to begin with, are randomly delicious with mozzarella sticks, steak and cheese, and the fluffiest French toast.

They’ve got three glorious breakfast menus that have everything imaginable.

Their breakfast sandwiches, for example, could go from ham, egg, and cheese sourdough or crescent sandwiches to their fresh biscuits with egg, cheese, and ham. 

Out of their 10 breakfast platters, the pancake platter and the scrambled eggs platter win the taste test every time.

A la carte -breakfast menu, too has 10 items with their famous biscuits, sausage, bacon, and gravy.

Looking into their lunch and dinner menu, you find multiple burgers like bacon cheeseburgers and double R bar burgers.

Yet, their roast beef sandwich is a clear winner among the other dishes.

Talking about chicken, they serve fried chicken tenders, breasts, and a giant family meal with sides and biscuits.

The chicken sandwiches (southwest grilled chicken and Texas Pete spicy chicken) are part of the dinner and lunch menu.

There’s a side salad as a healthier option alongside five kids’ meals that have cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and roast beef sliders.

French fries, baked beans, mac and cheese, fruit parfait, etc. are all part of the side menu at Roy Rogers. 

If you’re planning a party, you better order from their catering menu with 9 yummy goodness.

They have mashed potato drenched in gravy, the crunchiest chicken tenders, biscuits, desserts, and beverages.

When it comes to individual dessert options, they make strawberry shortcakes, French brownies, and chocolaty sundaes.

Roy Rogers has a massive beverage menu with 21 items that range from Coke and Powerade to apple juice and iced tea.

Roy Rogers Breakfast Menu – Sandwiches

Sourdough Egg and Cheese
Select bacon, ham or sausage
Make it a Combo $5.59
Sandwich Only $3.59
Egg and Cheese Crescent
Select bacon, ham or sausage
Make it a Combo $5.09
Sandwich Only $3.09
Honey Maple Chicken on warm Biscuit
white meat chicken on a buttermilk biscuit and maple honey butter
Make it a Combo $5.89
Sandwich Only $3.99
Honey Maple Chicken on warm Biscuit (Plain)410-1023 
Make it a Combo $4.99
Sandwich Only $3.99
Egg and Cheese Biscuit
Select bacon, ham or sausage
Make it a Combo $5.19
Sandwich Only $3.19

Roy Rogers Breakfast Platters

French Toast Sticks Combo  
5 Pieces with choice of side and drink752 
Make it a Combo $5.59
Platter Only $3.99
3 Pieces with choice of side and drink752 
Make it a Combo $4.39
Platter Only $2.79
Western Platter551 
Make it a Combo $6.99
Platter Only $5.39
Scrambled Egg669-966 
Make it a Combo $5.19
Platter Only $3.59
Biscuit and Sausage Gravy399 
Make it a Combo $5.29
Platter Only $3.69
Biscuit with Creamed Chipped Beef on top370 
Make it a Combo $6.79
Platter Only $5.19
Buttermilk Pancake225-404 
Make it a Combo $5.39
Platter Only $3.79

Offers For Limited Time

French Toast Sticks5 pcs455$3.99
 3 pcs225$2.79
Steak & Cheese 484-1224 
 Single $9.89
 Double $11.69
French Toast Sticks Combo5 Pcs752 
Make it a Combo  $5.59
Platter Only  $3.99
Mozzarella Sticks 930-1550 
 3 pcs $3.49
 5 pcs $4.99
French Toast Sticks Combo3 Pcs752 
Make it a Combo  $2.79
Platter Only  $4.39

À La Carte Breakfast

French Toast Sticks5 pcs225$3.99
 3 pcs455$2.79
Biscuit 306$1.89
Breakfast Fries 294-359 
 Regular $2.29
 Large $3.09
Side of Ham 83$2.39
Eggs (Side) 197$2.29
Side of Bacon 90$2.39
Side of Sausage 180$2.39
Side of Creamed Chipped Beef  $3.39
Side of Sausage Gravy  $2.69

Roy Rogers Sandwiches

Texas Pete Spicy Chicken 603-1297 
Make it a Combo  $10.09
Sandwich Only  $6.19
Steak and Cheese 484-1224 
Make it a ComboSingle $9.89
 Double $11.69
Sandwich OnlySingle $5.99
 Double $7.99
Southwest Grilled Chicken 420-1193 
Make it a Combo  $11.09
Sandwich Only  $7.19
Gold Rush Chicken 725-1419 
Make it a Combo  $10.19
Sandwich Only  $6.29
Cheeseburger (1/4 lb) 650-1264 
Make it a ComboSingle $9.59
 Double $11.59
Sandwich OnlySingle $5.69
 Double $7.69
Bacon Cheeseburger 717-1331 
Make it a ComboSingle $10.09
 Double $12.09
Sandwich OnlySingle $6.19
 Double $8.19
Double-R-Bar Burger 691-1305 
Make it a ComboSingle $10.09
 Double $12.09
Sandwich OnlySingle $6.19
 Double $8.19
Hamburger (1/4 lb) 550-1164 
Make it a ComboSingle $9.09
 Double $11.09
Sandwich OnlySingle $5.19
 Double $7.19
Large Roast Beef 609-1223 
Make it a ComboWithout Cheese $11.79
 With Cheese $11.79
Sandwich OnlyWithout Cheese $7.89
 With Cheese $8.39
Roast Beef 511-1125 
Make it a ComboWithout Cheese $10.79
 With Cheese $10.79
Sandwich OnlyWithout Cheese $6.89
 With Cheese $7.39
Roast Beef Sliders 525-1219 
Make it a Combo  $10.79
Sandwich Only  $6.89

Roy Rogers Fried Chicken & Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders 263-1756 
Make it a Combo3 pcs $6.69
 4 pcs $11.29
 8 pcs $17.99
 12 pcs $19.99
Tenders Only3 pcs $5.79
 4 pcs $7.39
 8 pcs $14.09
 12 pcs $18.19
2-Piece Chicken 1050-1744 
Make it a Combo  $9.79
Chicken Only  $5.89
3-Piece Chicken 1576-2270 
Make it a Combo  $11.79
Chicken Only  $7.89
8-Piece Family Meal 5042-5664 
Make it a Combo  $24.09
Chicken Only  $17.19
Tailgate MVP 16pc Meal 8404-11035 
Make it a Combo  $31.99
Chicken Only  $29.19

Roy Rogers Salads

Side Salad41$2.79

Kids Meals

Chicken Tenders286-818$3.10
Roast Beef Slider285-817$3.10


Mozzarella Sticks 930-1550 
 3 pcs $3.49
 5 pcs $4.99
Mashed Potatoes 80-225 
 Regular $2.79
 Large $4.89
French Fries 390-585 
 Regular $2.79
 Large $3.39
Baked Beans 136-434 
 Regular $2.79
 Large $4.89
Cole Slaw 274-877 
 Regular $2.79
 Large $4.89
Mac & Cheese 206-658 
 Regular $2.79
 Large $4.89
Fruit Cup 50$2.79
Fruit Parfait 256$3.99
Biscuit 306$1.89
Side Salad 41$2.79


Strawberry Shortcake431$3.89
Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae446$3.89
Uncle Ralph’s Brownie451$1.89
Hot Fudge Sundae348$3.49
Chocolate Milkshake653-817 
Regular $4.39
Large $5.39
Vanilla Milkshake584-729 
Regular $4.39
Large $5.39
Cookies & Cream653-817 
Regular $4.39
Large $5.39
Regular $4.39
Large $5.39


Coke 0-582 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Diet Coke 0 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Sprite 0-582 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Cherry CokeRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Birch Beer 0-582 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Coke ZeroRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Hi-CRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
FantaRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
PoweradeRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Pibb ExtraRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Caffeine Free Diet CokeRegular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Lemonade 0-582 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Unsweetened Iced Tea 1-3 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Dasani Bottled Water 0$2.29
Minute Maid   
Apple Juice 140$2.39
Orange Juice 140$2.39
Milk½ Pint130$1.79
Sweetened Iced Tea 1-582 
 Regular $2.59
 Large $2.89
 Ex. Large $3.29
Coffee & Hot Tea 3-5 
Regular12 oz $1.79
 20 oz $2.19
Decaf12 oz $1.79
 20 oz $2.19
Hot Tea12 oz $1.79
 20 oz $2.19
Honest Kids   
Fruit Punch6 oz35$1.69
Apple Juice6 oz35$1.69

Roy Rogers Delivery Options

Drive ThruYes
Home DeliveryYes
Curbside PickupYes 

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People Also Ask

Are Baked Potatoes on The Menu At Roy Rogers?

Yes, you could order baked potato as part of the side menu at Roy Rogers.

What is Included in Roy Rogers’ Family Meal?

Their fried chicken family meal comes with chicken legs, breasts, wings, and thighs.

You get to pick two from their sides menu and it is served with four biscuits.

Does Roy Rogers Serve Salads As Part of The Menu?

Currently, you could order only one salad at this restaurant and that’s their side salad.

When Can I Order Breakfast Items At Roy Rogers?

During the weekdays the breakfast can be ordered until 10:30 am from Roy Rogers. On weekends, the breakfast menu is open until 11.00 am.

What is The Largest Chicken Meal Served At Roy Rogers?

There’s their Tailgate MVP meal with 16 pcs of chicken. It comes with 3 side dishes and eight fresh biscuits.

Final Thoughts

Roy Rogers steals its supreme flavors straight from Indiana and makes surprisingly delicious flavor combos that are wild.

They’ve indeed got the beast roast beef that blows your mind.

But if there’s a little room for diversity, there’s always their fried chicken, double R bar burgers, and killer milkshakes that you can never say no to.

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