Salty’s BBQ & Catering Menu With Price 2023

Salty’s BBQ and Catering is a story about a family who owns and run a BBQ restaurant and also a full-service caterer.

They offer a variety of items on their menu. Salty’s BBQ and Catering Restaurant offers two menus’; one for their restaurant and the other for their catering.

Their Catering Menu includes demand-based food options for any type of event.

Besides that, they provide full-service catering which specializes majorly in three main courses; first is Oak Grilled Tri-Tip and Chicken, Second comes the slowly smoked pulled pork and lastly their House Made Sides.

Salty’s amazing yet delicious restaurant menu items consist of 9 items which include Sandwiches, Combos, Dinners, Sides, Ala Carte, Kids Meal, Salad, Platters, and Dessert.

Their most liked item from the menu is the Tri-Tip Sandwich which is 5 oz of Tri-Tip on a pyrenes roll toasted with garlic butter.

With a sandwich, people love to have chili beans which are made with ground beef, bell pepper, onions, and spices.

Another popular item comes from the section of dinner where people love to have ½ Chicken Dinner costing only $15.99.

This amazing dinner includes ½ chicken with 2 regular sides, a pyrenes roll, and 4 oz of BBQ on the side.

Overall, Salty’s Restaurant Menu comes under the fast-food category for an American household.

Salty’s provides multiple options to cater to customer needs.

Customers can directly come to their restaurant to enjoy the food at either of their two restaurants.

The pickup can be done from both of their restaurants as well.

Talking about delivery they have 4 currently delivered through 4 options which include Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Restaurant Runner.

Salty’s can be reached through a lot of mediums which includes direct website link, and also can be found on social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram by the name of Salty’s BBQ and Catering.

Moreover, they provided their phone numbers on the website as well as on social media accounts so that people could contact them easily.

Salty’s BBQ & Catering Menu Packages

One Meat (Chicken/ Pulled Pork), One Side with a Pyrenees Roll & Salad, BBQ, and Butter$15.28 
Two Meat, One Side with a Pyrenees Roll & Salad, BBQ, and Butter$21.78 
Three Meat, Two Sides with a Pyrenees Roll & Salad, BBQ and Butter$30.55 

Choice of Meats: Chicken, Tri-Tip, Pulled Pork

Choice of Sides: Chili Beans, Green Beans, Rice Pilaf, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Spicy Mac & Cheese


garlic butter toasted Pyrenees roll with Pulled pork (5 oz)

Pulled Sandwich
Comes with 1 regular side and BBQ on top
Tri-Tip Sandwich
Comes with 1 regular side and 2 oz of BBQ on the side
Chicken Sandwich
Comes with1 regular side and BBQ on the side
Pig Sandwich
Comes with 1 regular side, Coleslaw on top and BBQ
Hot Link Sandwich
Comes with 1 regular side and BBQ on the side
Salty’s Special
Comes with 1 regular side

Picked For You

Tri-Tip Sandwich
Garlic butter toasted Pyrenees roll with Tri-Tip (5 oz), BBQ (2 oz), and a regular side
One Hot Link
Louisiana-style hot link + 2oz BBQ
Salty’s Special
Layer of Tri-Tip + pulled pork, yellow chiles, ladle of BBQ, and topped with coleslaw. Comes with 1 regular side
Lil’ Chicken Dinner
A dinner roll, 1/4 of a chicken with 1 side and BBQ on the side
S’more Brownie
Brownie middle, Graham cracker crust, marshmallows on top


Available in Quarter or Half lb sizes with a Pyrenees roll, choice of 1 side, and BBQ on the side

Chicken and Ribs$16.99$27.99
Chicken and Pulled Pork$13.25$23.00
Brisket and Pulled Pork$16.50$26.00
Tri-Tip and Pulled Pork$16.50$26.00
Brisket and Chicken$16.50$26.00
Tri-Tip and Chicken$16.50$26.00


Pulled pork (Half lb) or Tri-Tip or Chicken with Pyrenees roll, 2 regular sides, and BBQ drizzled on top

Half lb Pulled Pork$20.79
Half lb Chicken$20.79
Half lb Tri-Tip$22.09
Two Beef Ribs$23.39
Two Pork Ribs$23.39


ItemsRegular (6 oz)Large (16 oz)X-Large (32 oz)
Chili Beans
with bell pepper, ground beef, onions and spices
BBQ Sauce
Smokey, Sweet, tangy
Green Beans
with sauteed garlic butter & spices
Creamy & tangy + a little pepper
Rice Pilaf
Nice & buttery
Potato Salad
with olives, a mustard mayonnaise base, pickles and eggs
Spicy Mac n Cheese
with pepperjack and a jalapeno cream and cheese
with tomatoes & peppers grilled over an oak fire

A La Carte

Full Rack of Pork Ribs (12)
Pork Ribs (12) smoked using almond wood + 12 oz of BBQ sauce
oak grilled Tri-Tip + 4 oz of BBQ
Half lb$14.94
1 lb$29.24
with a citrus marinade + spices and 4 oz of BBQ
Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork shredded and chopped + BBQ mixed in and splash on top
Half lb$11.69
1 lb$21.44
One Hot Link
One individual Louisiana style hot link + 2oz BBQ.
Pyrenees Roll
One dinner roll from local bakery + garlic butter

Kids Meals

Lil’ Chicken Dinner
a dinner roll, quarter of a chicken + one side & BBQ
Mini version of Pulled Pork sandwich + 3 oz of pulled pork and topped with BBQ
Moo Moo
Mini version of Tri-Tip sandwich + 3 oz of tri-tip and BBQ


Comes with choice of dressing

Chicken Salad
A chopped chicken breast, green bell peppers, carrots & croutons
Garden Salad
Carrots, green bell peppers, and croutons
Tri-tip Salad
Carrots, croutons, green bell peppers, and 5 oz of tri-tip.
Pulled Pork Salad
5 oz of pulled pork + BBQ, green bell peppers, carrots & croutons
Side Salad
Half the size of garden salad.


Sampler Platter
Chicken, 4 Pork Ribs, 1/2 lb of Brisket, 2 beef Ribs, Tri-Tip, Pulled pork, 2 hot links, 6 rolls & large BBQ


S’more Brownie
Brownie middle, Graham cracker crust, with marshmallows

Bottled Drinks

Diet coke$3.00
Coke Zero$3.00
Dasani water$3.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Salty’s BBQ Opening and Closing Timings?

Salty’s BBQ opens from Monday to Sunday with timings of 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM at both restaurants.

What Are Salty’s BBQ Locations?

It is located at 9425 Rosedale Highway in Bakersfield, California. The other one is located at 6801 White Lane, Bakersfield, California.

How To Contact Salty’s BBQ & Catering?

You can contact us through phone numbers provided on the website as well as you can drop a message in the message box available on the website.

Moreover, you can contact them through social media accounts as well.

What is Salty’s Portion of Meal For Catering Services?

Salty’s provides meals that can cater to 150-200 people easily depending upon the type of the event.

Do Salty’s Restaurant Take Reservation?

Yes, due to peak timing especially on weekends, Salty do take reservation to book a table for their customers.

Final Thoughts

Salty’s BBQ and Catering have diverse options on their menu.

They have delivered their specialties at different events which are also showcased on the website.

Customers are recommended to try their catering services which include their specialty in Oak Grilled Tri-Tip Chicken with House Made Sides.

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