Santiago’s Menu & Prices + Catering in 2023

Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant is known for feeding every hungry tummy with fresh, authentic, and delicious traditional Mexican meals. Not to mention it’s well worth the price.

The game changer of Santiago’s menu is their authentic Green Chile recipe that you will fall in love with for sure.

Day Starters is Santiago’s breakfast menu, guaranteed to get your taste buds awake every morning.

Breakfast Burritos & Stuffed Sopapillas are two signature items that you can kick off the morning with.

Apart from that, Breakfast bowls, Pancakes, Rancheros, and even Indian Tacos are there.

Diving further into the menu, you got covered with all Mexican delicacies from Appetizers, Tamales, Chile Rellenos, Tostadas, Enchiladas, family meals, desserts to so on.

And everybody’s go-to when it comes it Mexican is Tacos. Soft or hard, it’s vibrant, flavorful, and photogenic.

Make it a filling meal by adding rice, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and guacamole for just $11.19.

A stuffed and packed range of burrito combos and even burrito bowls are on the menu just for you!

Turning to Santiago’s entrees, you can get either chicken or steak Fajitas, Flautas, Carne Asada, Chile Fries, and Menudo.

If you’re a fan of Mexican combos, you can choose between small and large portions depending on how hungry you are.

Don’t leave Santiago’s without trying their signature Mexican Burger.

Hungry burger lovers can also enjoy Deluxe hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and even sides like tortillas, French fries and so more to pair with.

The food of course, doesn’t end there, Santiago’s menu also has an array of Mexican plates that is rich in flavor.

This course is where you can enjoy the splendor of their green chile.

Santiago’s is a must-try restaurant not just because it provides delicious meals but also excellent quality and reasonable pricing.

Santiago’s Breakfast Burritos Menu

Burrito with cheese$2.81
Burrito with cheese Extras$2.81
Burrito Extras$2.76
Breakfast Bowl with Cheese$5.79
Egg Potatoes and Cheese Burrito$2.76
Breakfast Bowl$5.57

Santiago’s Tacos Menu

Soft Shell Beef$4.97
Soft Shell Chicken$4.97
Hard Shell Beef$2.21
Hard Chicken$2.21

Santiagos Burritos Menu

Chile Inside$3.31
Steak Burrito Plain$6.39
Steak Burrito Deluxe$9.38
Steak Burrito Smothered$7.99
Steak Burrito with Chile (Inside)$6.62
Deluxed Burrito Bowl$7.17
Smothered Burrito Bowl$5.79

Day Starters

Huevos Rancheros$7.99
Morning Plate$7.17
Side of Bacon$2.48
Side of Sausage$2.48
Side of Ham$2.48
Side of Toast$1.37


Beef Tostada$3.09
Chicken Tostada$3.09
Guacamole Tostada$3.09
Bean Tostada$2.21
Beef & Bean Tostada$2.76
Bean & Guacamole Tostada$3.09

Santiago’s Enchiladas Menu

3 Cheese Enchilada$6.89
Cheese Enchilada$2.48
3 Cheese Enchilada Smothered with Green Chile of Santiago$8.27
3 Beef Enchilada$6.89
Cheese Enchilada Smothered with Green Chile of Santiago$3.70
Beef Enchilada$2.48
Chicken Enchilada Smothered with Green Chile of Santiago$3.70
3 Beef Enchilada Smothered with Green Chile of Santiago$8.27
Chicken Enchilada$2.48
Carnitas Enchilada$2.48
3 Carnitas Enchilada$6.89
Beef Enchilada Smothered with Santiago’s Green Chile$3.70
3 Chicken Enchilada Smothered with Santiago’s Green Chile$8.27
Carnitas Enchilada Smothered with Santiago’s Green Chile$3.70
3 Carnita Enchilada Smothered with Santiago’s Green Chile$8.27
3 Chicken Enchilada$6.89

Stuffed Sopapilla

Stuffed Sopapilla$8.38

Indian Taco

Indian Tacos$7.72

Street Tacos

Tacos Al Carbon$8.27
Shredded Beef$8.27

Chile Rellenos

Chile Relleno Smothered$3.42
Chile Relleno Plain$2.21


Smothered Tamale$3.42
Plain Tamale$2.21

Santiago’s Plates

Tample Plate$9.92
Carnita Plate$11.03
Pork Chop Plate$12.40
Chili Chop Plate $9.92
Green Chili Bowl$4.97
Enchilada Plate$9.92
Green Chili plate$8.27

Santiago’s Entrees

Chicken Fajitas$11.19
Carne Asada$11.19
Chile Fries$7.72
Small Combo$9.92
Large Combo$13.79
Steak Fajitas$11.19


Mexican Hamburger$9.38
Cheeseburger with Fries$7.72
Hamburger with Fries$7.17

Platos Pequenos

Beef Quesadilla$2.75
Chicken Quesadilla$2.75
Cheese Enchilada Beans & Rice$5.90
Beans, Rice, Beef & Tortilla$5.90
Taco,Tostada & Rice$5.90
Grilled Cheese with Fries$5.90

Family Size

Family Enchilada Dinner$46.31
Quart of Beans$9.92
Pint of Beans$4.97
Quart of Chili$9.92
Pint of Chili$4.97
Quart of Rice$9.92
Pint of Rice$4.97
Quart of Salsa$9.92
Pint of Salsa$4.97


Quart of Menudo$9.92
Menudo (Pint)$4.97

Side Orders

Side of Beans$2.28
Side of Beef$2.28
Side of Chicharonnes$2.28
Side of Carnitas$2.28
Side of Chips$2.48
Side of Chile$2.75
Side of Chicken$2.48
Side of Cheese$1.39
Side of Pico de Gallo$1.64
Side of Fries$2.76
Side of Salsa$2.48
Side of Rice$2.48
Side of Tortillas$0.56
Side of Sour Cream$1.27
Side of Potatoes$2.48
Side of Guacamole$2.48
Side of Toast$1.37


3 Deep Fried Taquitos$7.44
Guacamole Salad$6.23
Chips & Salsa$3.31
Taco Salsa$6.84
Santi’s Sampler (Nacho Plate)$6.34


Sopapilla Bites with Suger (Powdered)$3.31
Sopapillas With Honey$3.31
Sopapilla Bites with Cinnamon and Sugar$3.31


Large Drink$3.15
Small Drink$2.10
Bottled Water$2.10
Bottled Drinks$2.36
Apple Juice$2.36
Orange Juice$2.36
Red Bull (Sugar Free)$2.36
Red Bull$2.36

Santiago’s Catering Menu

ItemsPrice (With Servers)
Green Chile Plate$11.98
Taco Plate$10.00
Tamale Dinner$13.50
Small Combination$13.75
Enchilada Casserole$13.50
Deluxe Plate$13.05
Fajita Dinner$15.50

Santiago’s Delivery Methods

Get Santiago’s fresh and fine Mexican dishes to your table with the below options.

Dine inAvailable
Drive ThruNot Available
Take OutAvailable
Pick UpAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable via DoorDash, Postmates

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Frequently Asked Questions About Santiago’s Menu

What’s Special About Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant?

The specialty is the scratch kitchen menu with freshly picked ingredients cooked authentically and offered at an affordable price. 

Does Santiago’s Restaurant Offer Delivery and Takeout?

Yes. Takeout is available. If you wish to go with home delivery, you can proceed with DoorDash or Postmates.

What’s Best At Santiago’s?

There are many popular and highly recommended dishes at Santiago’s: Indian Tacos, Green Chile Plate, Burritos, and Mexican hamburgers.

How Many Locations Does Santiago’s Have?

You can always enjoy fresh Mexican food at 28 Santiago outlets now.

What is The Rating of Santiago’s Restaurant?

Food at Santiago’s is rated 4.0 stars.

Final Words

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Santiago’s has something throughout the day to satisfy your craving!

They don’t skimp on the meal, especially when it comes to Green Chile, you can’t go wrong with it.

Food is top-notch; Service is excellent; Atmosphere is homey; Price is affordable. So, what else could you ask for? Go ahead and get a spoonful of Mexico at Santiago’s.

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