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Simple Snowman Cookies

HEY, everyone! We made it through another grinding week, so it’s time to FEED YOUR SPIRIT!  Today, I’m going to share what’s goin’ on around my kitchen, including a fun winter cookie craft idea for kids… these simple snowman cookies!

WORD OF CAUTION: When I was standing in line for creativity and hand/eye coordination, God decided to give me crazy awesome Scrabble skills instead. Seriously… I couldn’t paint myself through a kindergarten art class…but I ROCK at coming up with 7- letter words to fit onto a Triple Word Score.
So please know that these snowmen cookies, while immensely ridiculous looking, were made with love and can be made MUCH more awesome by anyone ages 4 and up. 🙂  Regardless, I think they’re perfectly adorable in their own imperfect way. No two humans are made exactly alike, and apparently, the same goes for snow people.

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Today is my last submission for #CookieWeek. I’ve been sick for most of this month, so I’m physically drained and finding it difficult to get into the kitchen. I’m sure that we’ve all had times where we’ve needed to make a treat to send to school with the kids or for an office party at work, but there was just no motivation or energy to do it. That’s when these super easy, super simple snowman cookies will fit perfectly into your life.

Simple snowman cookies - An easy and fun holiday craft for kids and adults!

They’re SO easy to make that I don’t even need to give you an actual recipe.  Just a shopping list and directions for assembly.  First, let me share some WILDLY delicious sounding cookie recipes from the other Cookie Week bloggers.

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To make my Simple Snowmen Cookies, you’ll need:

~ White Fudge Covered Oreos (I found them at Target)
~ Food safe writing markers (available at most craft stores)
~ orange decorating gel or royal icing
~ candy corn (optional)

Use the food markers to give your snow people cute faces and accessories.
I cut the yellow end off of candy corn pieces and used an orange food marker to color in the white end for the snow people’s noses, but if you have the decorating skills that I’m lacking, just use the orange decorating gel to give your snow people adorable noses 🙂
I used a dab of decorating gel to hold the candy corn in place.

The most important step of this project is to let your imagination work wonders. When all is said and done, having fun while you work is a GREAT way to keep your spirit fed!

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      1. Sorry, Becca. The email for your reply went to my spam folder, so I’m just now seeing it! The party starts every Saturday at 6pm PST and runs until late Tuesday night. We pin all the recipes until the end, so you can show up anytime 🙂 I hope you had a nice date night!

  1. I love this idea. sometimes you just need something quick, easy and cute. The kids will love these. They won’t even notice I didn’t bake.

  2. First, yeah your post is up and normal. Second, happy blog anniversary! Third, just adorable cookies! Those fudge covered Oreos are slightly addicting. 🙂

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