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How to Keep Fresh Produce Crispy

Here’s a simple tip that will show you how to keep fresh produce crispy. If you’ve ever reached into the refrigerator for a quick snack of celery and peanut butter, and found the celery as limp as a wet noodle, or you’ve wanted to munch on carrots, but found them full of that white “carrot hair”, you’re not alone…and all is not lost!

How to keep fresh produce crispy - Get the tips from Chef Becca at

 To revive wilted celery, trim the bottom 1/4 inch of the stalks, then cover them in ice water.  In a short while, you’ll be crunching and munching with happiness!

In the future, to extend the shelf life of celery from the time of purchase, follow this one simple step:

Remove the celery from any packaging and wrap it unwashed tightly in aluminum foil.

Wash and trim the celery stalks as you use them and you’ll easily get an extra 3-4 weeks of crispness and crunch factor!

BONUS… This works for carrots and parsnips, too!

You can use these tips the next time you’re preparing a great side dish, like this fireworks orzo salad.

Fireworks Orzo Salad - This side dish recipe has fresh veggies, vibrant colors, and an explosion of flavor, just like fireworks! #MyPicknSave #shop

Now that you know you how to keep fresh produce crispy, I’d love for you to use the comments below to share your produce tips with me!

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  1. I’m trying to wrap up the ‘black gold’ in my homemade compost tumblers before winter, so most of my raw vegetable scraps and coffee grounds are going in the small bed outside my kitchen door. I noticed yesterday that a couple of wilted green onions had suddenly perked up and developed new shoots. Since they won’t multiply, I’ll just harvest them in the next month, or so. — Meanwhile, great tip on reviving celery and the root vegetables. I would add that limp celery and carrots still work very well in a stock.

  2. Thanks for the great tip! I’m trying another celery-related tip (seriously, how many could there be?) right now. I fished the base of the CSA celery plant out of the ‘feed it to the composting pigs’ bag and stuck it in a dish with some water. Incredibly to me, 3 days later there’s a tiny tuft of celery growing out of the center! I plan to plant this when it gets bigger. Got this from another food blog, and it’s working!

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