Susie Cakes Menu Prices in 2023

Susie Cakes menu is catering quality and customizable pastries for all occasions—birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more.

Their cakes are top-tier with 8 options of pre-made cakes that can be ordered as a whole or it can combine into a single cake which they call “Cake Flight,” seasonal flavors can also be added upon availability.

On big occasions, Susie Cakes is offering a tasting kit that the celebrants can decide on ahead of time before deciding on the exact flavor wanted for the big day.

Susie’s Signature Decorated Cakes are a pre-made option for specific occasions and you can build and customize them according to your liking.

Among all the available options, the most popular choices of Cake are the Vanilla Celebration Cakes, Susie’s Famous Southern Red Velvet, and Old-Fashioned Chocolate.

These choices are also available for their national shipping menu.

Alongside the big, decorative cakes, there are 13 choices of cupcakes, including mini cupcakes, gender reveals cupcakes, and a mini bouquet box that can be shared with loved ones, and four delectable choices of cookies that can be transformed into bite-sizes according to your liking—there is even a flourless cookie option.

Susie Cakes Cupcakes

Four Box Cupcake Assortment$17.00
Eight Box$34.00
Twelve Box$51.00
Uncle Nearest 1884 Cupcake Four Box
(Signature Vanilla Cupcake Filled & Frosted With A Blonde Whiskey Buttercream Made From Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey)
Mini Bouquet Box
12 Mini Cupcakes (6 Chocolate & 6 Vanilla)
Mini Cupcake Assorted Dozen Box  
(Buttercream Frostings Toppings. Available In Vanilla, Red Velvet, Flourless Chocolate & Chocolate)
Gender Reveal Cupcake Box
(Four Box Of Cupcakes With Personal Choice Of Susieblue Or Susiepink Buttercream On The Inside)
Mini Cupcake Bundle
(Four Dozen Cupcakes, Twelve Red Velvet (Green Velvet 3/16-3/17), Twelve Vanilla, Twelve Flourless Chocolate, & Twelve Chocolate, Twenty-Four Gold Plates & Sixteen Gold Stripe Napkins)
Personalized Happy Birthday Cupcake Four Box  
(Chocolate Buttercream/Chocolate)
(Vanilla Buttercream/Chocolate)
Personalized Name – (Cream Cheese Frosting/Red Velvet)
Heart – (Susieblue Buttercream/Vanilla)
Happy Birthday Cupcake Dozen Box
(Assorted Chocolate, Red Velvet & Vanilla)
Congrats Cupcake Four Box
(Cream Cheese Frosting/Red Velvet, Susieblue Buttercream/Vanilla, Chocolate Buttercream / Chocolate, Vanilla Buttercream/Chocolate)
Happy Birthday Cupcake Four Box
(Cream Cheese Frosting/Red Velvet, Susieblue Buttercream/Vanilla, Vanilla Buttercream / Chocolate, Chocolate Buttercream/Chocolate)
Susieblue Cupcake Deco Box
(Dozen Assorted Vanilla Cupcakes & Chocolate For You & Your Family To Decorate, With Susieblue & White Vanilla Buttercream & Sprinkles)
Petite Party Tower of Treats
(Top Tier Mini Cupcakes: Two Chocolate, Two Red Velvet & Two Vanilla.
Middle Tier: Four Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bottom Tier Cupcakes: Two Chocolate, Two Red Velvet & Two Vanilla)
Susiepink Cupcake Deco Box
(Dozen Assorted Vanilla Cupcakes & Chocolate For You & Your Family To Decorate, With Susiepink & White Vanilla Buttercream, Sanding Sugar &  Sprinkles)
Baby Bash Tower of Treats
(Top Tier: Two Mini Chocolate, Two Mini Red Velvet & Two Mini Vanilla Cupcakes,
Bottom Tier: Four Chocolate Chip Cookies)
Thank You Cupcake Four Box
(Vanilla Buttercream/Chocolate
You – Chocolate / Chocolate Buttercream
So – Susieblue Buttercream/Vanilla
Much! – Cream Cheese Frosting /Red Velvet)

Susie Cakes Popular Items

12 Box Cupcake Assortment$51.00
Vanilla Celebration Cake
(Six Layers, Baked with Colorful Sugar Confetti, Filled & Frosted with Retro-Blue Vanilla Frosting)
Mini Cupcake Assorted Dozen Box
(Buttercream Frostings Toppings, Available in Vanilla, Red Velvet, Flourless Chocolate & Chocolate)

Susie’s Signature Deco Cake

Ombre – Susieblue
(Shades Of Blue Buttercream)
Ombre – Susieblue
(Several Shades of Pink Buttercream)
Party Mix
(Vanilla Celebration + White Vanilla Buttercream)
(With Up To 2 Numbers Or A Personalized Inscription, Cake Pictured – Vanilla Celebration + Susieblue Vanilla Buttercream)
(Vanilla Celebration + Susieblue Vanilla Buttercream)
Rainbow Sprinkle6″$56.00
Rainbow Sprinkle Barbie Cake
(Personal Choice Of Cake Flavor & Outside Buttercream, Three Barbie Doll Options To Choose From)
Confetti Barbie Cake
(Personal Choice Of Cake Flavor & Outside Buttercream, Three Barbie Doll Options To Choose From)
2 Tier Cake
(The Outside Will Be Frosted In Personal Choice Of White Chocolate Buttercream Or Vanilla With Simple Texture, Top Tier 6″ & Bottom Tier 9″)
Gender Reveal Celebration Cake
(Only Available In Vanilla Celebration Cake + White Vanilla Buttercream Outside + Personal Choice Of Susieblue Or Susiepink Buttercream On The Inside)
Quarter Sheet Cake – Rosette Sheet
(Pink Buttercream Rosette Decoration)
Festive 2 Tier Cake  
(The Outside Will Be Frosted In Susieblue, Susiepink, Chocolate Buttercream Or White Vanilla, Decorated With Sprinkles & Nonpareil Decoration, Top Tier: 6″ & Bottom Tier 9″)
Smash Cake
(With White Vanilla Buttercream & Frosted + Personal Preferred Outside Buttercream)

Cake Slices

Tasting Kit
(Four Cupcakes One Vanilla, One Red Velvet, One Chocolate & One Chocolate Vanilla,
2 Cake Slice Flavors)
2 Specialty$15.90
Cake Flight
(7 Of Susie’s Signature Cakes, Old Fashioned Chocolate, 1 Slice of Vanilla Celebration, Red Velvet, Classic Marble, Carrot, Luscious Lemon Cake & Tropical Coconut)

Susie Cakes Special Cakes

Celebration Cake6″$49.00
Carrot Cake
(Baked With Golden Raisins & Pecans, Layered With “Praline Filling” And Topped With Cream Cheese Frosting)
Flourless Chocolate Cake
(Moist & Rich Single-Layer Chocolate Cake)
Classic Marble Cake
(Chocolate & Vanilla Cake Marbled Together + Chocolate Chips, Filled & Frosted With Vanilla & Chocolate Buttercreams)
Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake
(Chocolate Cake Covered & Filled in Chocolate Buttercream Frosting)
Luscious Lemon Cake  
(4 Layers Of Vanilla Cake Filled With Frosted, Fresh Lemon Curd Including Vanilla Buttercream)
Tropical Coconut Cake
(Pineapple Accented Coconut Filling Layered Vanilla Cake, with Coconut Buttercream & Shredded Coconut topping)
Southern Red Velvet Cake
(Deep Red, Lightly Flavored with Cocoa, Filled and Topped with Cream Cheese Frosting)
1/4 Sheet Cake
(Chocolate + White Vanilla Buttercream Inside & Out)

Cookies & Bars

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
(Soft & Chewy Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie)
Four Box$14.00
Sweetheart Sandwiches
(Susie’s Sweetheart Sandwiches)
Four Box$21.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies  
(Baked With Brown Sugar, Butter & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips)
Four Box$14.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Platter (Mini)  
(48 pcs)
Susie’s Nutty
(2 Peanut Butter Cookies with Peanut Butter Buttercream)
Four Box$22.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Platter
(18 Chocolate Chip Cookies)

Susie Cakes Delivery Methods

In-StoreYes/Available/No/Not Available
Drive ThruNo/Not available
Home DeliveryYes/Available
Shipping NationwideYes/Available
Curbside PickupYes/Available

Important Links of Susie Cakes Menu

Store Locator  
Contact Number1-800-730-2253

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Frequently Asked Questions About Susie Cakes Menu

Is Susie Cakes’ Cupcakes Good If Refrigerated and How Long Will it Last?

It is not advisable for the Susie Cakes’ cupcakes to be refrigerated, it is best to be kept well-sealed in plastic wrap and inside a box at room temperature overnight.

Does Susie Cakes Products Contain Preservatives?

According to Susie Cakes’ official website, they do not add preservatives to their products, so it is advised to be consumed after purchase

Does Susie Cakes Cater Special Orders Such As Gluten-Free Or Sugar-Free Products?

As of the moment, they are not able to produce gluten-free and sugar-free pastries

What is The Storage Life of Their Cakes?

The storage life of their cakes can last 3-4 days, while cakes that have a coating of whipped cream can last 2-3 days on display.

How Long Can The Cakes Stay in The Freezer Before a Celebration?

Cakes can stay frozen for at least 30 days, just make sure that upon consumption of the cake, it is not recommendable to refreeze the cake.

Is My Cake Frozen Or Freshly Baked Upon Delivery?

Susie Cakes is kept upon delivery, to preserve the design and the overall freshness of the cake

Final Thoughts

Susie Cakes is a good celebratory option that is not made from preservatives.

It is reliable because you can decorate your own cakes and accessible because you can order and comes right into the comfort of your home through its nationwide shipping.

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