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Easy Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner

Easy Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner

This easy sausage sheet pan dinner is a delicious and quick weeknight meal! Garlic smoked sausage, sweet potatoes, and bell peppers are lightly seasoned and roasted in this 20 minute, one pan dinner recipe.

Homemade Strawberry-Apple Coleslaw {no mayo}

Healthy Homemade Strawberry-Apple Coleslaw (without mayo)

Apple coleslaw is a healthier coleslaw with apples, strawberries, cabbage and dried cherries. This strawberry-apple slaw has a sweet taste, without added sugar! What makes the strawberry-apple coleslaw dressing recipe healthier is that it's made without mayo. Instead, this healthy side dish recipe has a fruity strawberry-lime vinaigrette dressing!

Peppered Parmesan Asparagus Quinoa Quiche Muffins

Parmesan-Asparagus Quinoa Quiche Muffins |

Quinoa quiche muffins with Parmesan cheese and asparagus are fluffy, tender egg muffins. They're delicious for any holiday brunch, or even breakfast or lunch on the go. They're gluten-free, vegetarian, and they freeze well, too! Welcome to day 1 of #EasterWeek, hosted by Bernadette from Rants From My Crazy Kitchen. This week we are celebrating Easter and Bernadette’s blogging anniversary with all kinds of delicious recipes, plus a giveaway! From appetizers to ham recipes and side dishes to desserts, we have everything you need for a great Easter dinner or brunch. And one lucky winner will receive a $200 Amazon gift card! Get the recipe and enter the giveaway here

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Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Cream {Snow Ice Cream}

Mint Chocolate Chip Snow Cream {Snow Ice Cream} | Recipe on

Making snow cream, or snow ice cream, is winter fun for kids and adults! Mint chocolate chip snow cream is made with REAL SNOW, using 4 ingredients and it takes just 4 minutes! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE AND INSTRUCTIONS

Easy Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

Easy Vegetarian Minestrone Soup, recipe on

Easy vegetarian minestrone soup is the dinner for busy weeknights, coming together in under 20 minutes. Kidney and cannellini beans provide protein, and the garden vegetables and rich tomato stock pack it with healthy flavor.

Chocolate Chip Banana Blender Muffins

Gluten Free, Healthier, Chocolate Chip Banana Blender Muffins, recipe from

Click over to the virtual kitchen to get the recipe for gluten free, healthier, chocolate chip banana blender muffins. They're lower in sugar, have no oil, and no refined flour! - I love these quick bread muffins, because the batter is made in a blender, so there's less mess, and they bake up in about 15 minutes.