Shrimp Creole Recipe {Dinner Under 30 Minutes}

Shrimp Creole Recipe {Dinner Under 30 Minutes}

Shrimp Creole is a easy-to-make seafood dinner with fresh shrimp, tomatoes, and the “Holy trinity” of onions, celery, and sweet bell peppers. Oh, and don’t forget the hot sauce!

Shrimp Creole originated in southern Louisiana’s “Creole” region. Down there, the seafood is plentiful and it is so fresh, it practically jumps out of the boat and onto your plate. I love shrimp, but I am forever embarrassed by the lack of fresh seafood at the Wisconsin grocery stores. When I do find a batch that doesn’t smell like the death of the ocean, I buy it, but I pay so much money for it that the rest of my menu usually suffers for it. I repeat… the menu plan usually suffers, but not always!
Enter stage right: shrimp Creole.

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