Two Sisters Catering Pricing for 2023

Have you prepared everything for the next event but are missing impressive, delightful catering to make the day memorable for your guests? Two sisters catering is undoubtedly an option to consider. 

With 5 menus to choose from, Two Sisters catering & Cafe is the firm that can cover any event, from kids’ birthday parties to office lunches and even weddings. 

If the event is early in the morning, there’s no better way to start the day than enjoying a delightful breakfast.

The breakfast menu contains a yogurt or oatmeal bar, low-carb wraps, stuffed croissants, waffles, and delicious grand spreads.

 A country breakfast, serving sausages, scrambled eggs, and buttermilk biscuits are not missing from the menu.

Guests can also opt for Southern or Sawmill breakfasts and enjoy the meal with homemade cinnamon rolls and fruit trays of 3 different sizes. 

The takeout menu includes family packages and holiday feasts that serve 10 to 12 guests, as well as a la carte dishes, like Brisket, Lasagna, Poppyseed Chicken, and many others. Side dishes and hot soups are also available. 

Even more, there are 4 appetizing dips & bread as quick snacks that serve 12 to 15 people, as well as grazing boards for 10-12 guests, containing a selection of deli meats, gourmet cheese, olives, hummus, and other special ingredients. The Two Sister’s Southern board is the star of this category. 

For parties and appetizers, there are 15 different pre-planned menus available for your guests’ delight.

From an assorted party board and chicken tenders to a white event and southern elegance menu option, any event has its appropriate, unique catering style.

These menu choices require a minimum of 25 portions. Beverages and other additions can also be included in the catering order. 

The Lunch & Dinner menu contains dishes of all kinds: sandwiches & wraps, soups, meat-based dishes (poultry, beef, and fish), side items, pasta, side items, and casseroles.

A special combination available on the menu is the best way to enjoy a little bit of everything!

Choose any two items from the selection for $12 on average, or box it up, combining salads and sandwiches or opting for a hot meal.  

For an office lunch, specialty lunches like taco/fajita bars, chicken enchiladas, pork carnitas, and burger bars are a perfect choice. 

Finally, the dessert menu can itself cater for a full event, including 18 cake flavors that can serve up to 70 people per cake, cupcakes, chocolate fruit pizzas, cookies, and pies of all kinds.

Brownies and dessert bars are always tempting, assuring your guests with smile on their faces. And the best part is that sugar-free flavors are also available! 

Two Sisters Breakfast Menu

Oatmeal Bar or Yogurt$5.95
Wrap (Low Carb)$8.00
Stuffed Croissant$7.50
Grand Spread$8.50
Cinnamon Rolls (Homemade)$2.50
Quiche Meal$8.50
Toast (French) Sticks$6.95
Country Breakfast$8.50
Sawmill Breakfast$9.50
Southern Breakfast$8.50
Java Box + Condiments$19.95
Orange Juice$7.95

Two Sisters Catering Lunch and Dinner Menu

Sandwiches and Wraps

French Dip$10.50
Assorted Gourmet$10.00
Chicken Caesar$10.50
Sante fe Chicken$10.50
Chicken Pesto$10.50

Poultry (Lunch)

Fried Chicken (Southern)$12.00
Monterey Chicken$12.00
Chicken (Blackened)$12.00
Chicken (New Orleans)$12.00
Chicken (Oven Roasted) $12.00
Rosemary Chicken (Greek Roasted)$12.00
Chicken (Lemon Pepper)$12.00
Stuffed Chicken$13.00
Pesto Chicken$12.00
Turkey (Oven Roasted) $12.00

Poultry (Dinner)

Chicken (Monterey)$14.50
Fried Chicken (Southern)$14.50
Chicken (Blackened)$14.50
Chicken (New Orleans)$14.50
Chicken (Oven Roasted) $14.50
Rosemary Chicken (Greek Roasted)$14.50
Chicken (Lemon Pepper)$14.50
Stuffed Chicken$15.50
Pesto Chicken$14.50
Turkey (Oven Roasted) $14.50

Pork (Lunch & Dinner)

Pork Loin (Pepper Crusted)$12.00
Pork Loin (Stuffed)$13.00
Ham (Glazed)$12.00
Pork Loin (Pepper Crusted)$14.50
Pork Loin (Stuffed)$15.50
Ham (Glazed)$14.50

Beef (Lunch & Dinner)

Beef (Roast) $12.00
Meatloaf (Homestyle)$12.00
Steak Hamburger $12.00
Signature Beef Brisket
Smoked Beef Brisket 
Wrapped Filet Bacon
Beef (Roast) $14.50
Meatloaf (Homestyle)$14.50
Steak Hamburger $14.50
Signature Beef Brisket
Smoked Beef Brisket 
Wrapped Filet Bacon

Fish (Lunch & Dinner)

White Fish (Crusted Stuffed)$14.00
White Fish (Crusted Stuffed)$16.50

Fruit Trays

Grazing Boards10-12$95.50

Specialty Menu

Taco Bar$12.00
Fajita Bar$12.00
Pork carnitas$12.00
Chicken Enchiladas$12.00
Meal (Holiday)$12.00
Burger Bar$12.00
Taco Bar$14.50
Fajita Bar$14.50
Pork carnitas$14.50
Chicken Enchiladas$14.50
Meal (Holiday)$14.50
Burger Bar$14.50


Chicken (Poppyseed)$12.00
Chicken Casserole (Mexican)$12.00
Chicken (Poppyseed)$14.50
Chicken Casserole (Mexican)$14.50

Pasta Menu

Italian Beef Lasagna (Baked)$12.00
Chicken Pasta (Cheesy)$12.00
Chicken (Bowtie) Alfredo $12.00
Pasta (Chicken Pesto)$12.00
Italian Beef Lasagna (Baked)$14.50
Chicken Pasta (Cheesy)$14.50
Chicken (Bowtie) Alfredo $14.50
Pasta (Chicken Pesto)$14.50


Chicken (White) Chili$7.00
Potato (Baked)$7.00
Sausage (Cajun)$7.00
Tomato Basil$7.00
Chicken Tortilla$7.00

Combination Specials

{Choose 2 from: Half Sandwich or wrap, 1 Cup Soup, potato bar (baked), chicken Salad (Grilled)}$12.00


Tea (Sweet)$1.95
Tea (Unsweet)$1.95
Soft Drinks (Canned)$1.99
Water Bottled$1.99

Take Out Platters Menu

Package (Family)10-12$189.95
Holiday Feast10-12$189.95
A La Carte
Chicken (Monterey)8-10$45.95
Chicken (New Orleans)8-10$45.95
Ham (Glazed Spiral)8-10$49.95
Turkey (Oven Roasted)$45.95
Chicken Casserole (Mexican)10-12$42.95
Meatloaf (Homestyle)10-12$45.95
Chicken Pasta (Cheesy)10-12$42.95
Chicken (Poppyseed)10-12$42.95
Beef (Roast)8-10$42.95
Chicken Enchiladas10-12$42.95
Chicken (Bowtie) Alfredo 10-12$42.95
Pork (Stuffed) Loin8-10$42.95
Pasta (Chicken Pesto)10-12$42.95

Grazing Boards

Two Sisters Southern Board10-12
Classic Board10-12$89.50


16 oz
Soup (Tomato Basil)$3.95
Soup (Cajun Sausage)$3.95
32 oz
Soup (Tomato Basil)$6.95
Soup (Cajun Sausage)$6.95

Dips and Bread

Dip (Cheese)12-15$9.95
Dip (Ranch)12-15$16.95
Dip (Spinach)12-15$16.95
Dip (Baked Feta)12-15$18.95
Yeast Rolls12-15$8.95
Pita Chips12-15$4.95
Chicken Salad12-15$16.95

Side Dishes

Casserole (Spicy Corn)10-12$29.95
Casserole (Jiffy Corn)10-12$39.95
Gravy and Cream Potatoes10-12$39.95
Casserole (Green Bean)10-12$32.95
Cornbread Dressing (Southern Style) 10-12$39.95
Seasoned Green Bean10-12$29.95
Potato Casserole (Twice Baked)10-12$39.95
Green and Grits10-12$39.95
Cheese and Mac10-12$39.95
Glazed Carrots10-12$29.95
Buttered Corn10-12$29.95
Casserole (Sweet Potato)10-12$35.95
Rice Casserole with Cheesy Broccoli10-12$35.95
Squash Casserole10-12$35.95

Party and Appetizer

On The Lawn$10.50
Party Time$10.50
Two Sister’s Choice$10.50
On the Light Side$10.50
The Choice$10.50
Let’s Party$12.50
2018 Choice$12.50
White Event$12.50
Southern Elegance
Homestyle Cheese and Mac$13.50
Southern Brunch
Hashbrown Casserole$10.50
Slider Bar$13.50
Fajita Bar$12.50
BBQ Bar$13.50
Pasta Bar$14.00
BBQ Bar (Smoked brisket)$14.50
Salsa Bar and Chips$10.50
Biscuit Bar$12.50

Seasonal Items

Christmas Tree or Rosemary Wreath25-30$39.95
Finger Sandwiches (Cranberry Orange) $2.95
Holiday Cheeseball25-30$39.95

Two Sisters Dips

Cream Cheese Salsa$2.50
Bacon Tomato $2.50
Mexican Street Corn$2.50
Cucumber Cream Cheese$2.50
Salsa and Cheese Dip$2.95


Cheese Cube Display25-30$39.95
Festive Cheeseball25-30$39.95
Jalapeno Chicken Tray10-12$54.95
Spinach Balls$10.95
Meat (Sweet Chili)1$3.50
Chicken Bites (Bacon Wrapped)$16.95
Shrimp Cocktail
Vegetable Tray


Unsweet Tea$1.25
Sweet Tea$1.25
Water Bottle$1.99
Canned Soft Drinks$1.99
Lemonade (Sparkling) Punch$1.25
Tea Punch$1.25
Coffee Punch$1.50

Desserts Menu


Cake (2 Layer 8” round)8-16$34.95
Sheet Cake30-40$55.95
Sheet Cake (Full)60-70$99.95
Short Cake (Strawberry), Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Triple Chocolate, German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Rum Bundt, Lemon, Banana Foster, Orange Supreme, Mandarin Orange, Italian Cream, Butter Pecan, Pina Colada, Sour Cream Coconut, Wedding, Carrot
Pineapple Upside Down$32.95
9” Cheese Cake
KETO Cheesecake12$36.95
New York Style12$32.95
Specialty Cake Flavors
Candy Cake$41.95
Sugar Free Cake
Two Layer 8” Round$39.95
Strawberry, Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Banana Foster, Strawberry Short Cake, Sour Cream Coconut, Mandarin Orange


Chocolate Chip Cookie
12-15 (12”)$29.95
15-18 (16”)$34.95
Per Dozen$15.00
Custom Iced Sugar (Each)$3.95
French Macaron$2.95
Lemon, Strawberry, White Chocolate Chips, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Coconut Macaroon

Pies (9”)

Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Chocolate Pie

Fruit Pizzas

10-12 (12”)$24.95
16-18 (16”)$29.95
20-22 (18”)$34.95
Apple Caramel, Brownie, Pumpkin, Fresh Fruit

Brownies and Dessert Bars

Per Dozen$18.00
Chocolate brownies, Blondies, Lemon Bars, Raspberry Bars, S’mores Bars, Hello Dolly’s, Ooey Goeey Bars

Popular Items From Two Sisters Catering

There are so many dishes to choose from that it becomes harder and harder to know what’s the perfect catering for your event.

Here is a tip: check the food items starred on the menu as popular. They are reviewed as the top options by most guests. 

01. Fajita Bar 

The favorite choice from the specialty lunches section is undoubtedly the Fajita Bar.

It includes both chicken and steak mixed with tri-colored peppers, rice, salsa, chips, and cheese dips, as well as lettuce, wraps, and sour cream. 

02. Two Sisters Southern Board

Two Sisters Southern Boards have been famous for quite a while, and a good reason.

Combining smoked ham, sausages, a wide selection of cheese, including smoked gouda and pimento, candied pecans, firecrackers, and buttermilk biscuits with jelly, local honey, and jam, the Two Sisters Southern Boards is one of the most ordered items from the menu. 

03. Let’s Party

The “Let’s Party” menu includes delectable chicken tenders covered in an appetizing mushroom sauce that no one can say no to.

Even more, stuffed pork medallions are added to the table to give the event an extra flavor.

Everything comes with assorted party bread and two dips, as well as marinated vegetables or pasta salad for a healthy balance. 

04. Ultimate Chocolate Cake 

Pure chocolate is something everything you need for a successful party. This popular cake is starred as one of the most popular choices from Two Sisters Catering.

It’s only about the sweet ingredients, it’s also about the unique way they are all combined. 

Multiple chocolate layers filled with whipped cream and topped with strawberries dipped in rich chocolate cream. Sounds heavenly and it tastes even better! 

How To Order For Two Sisters Catering

Orders from Two Sisters Catering can be placed the classic way. Contact them using the number 501-351-4289 or write an email to

You can get tips and details about the best catering option for your event according to the location and number of guests.

Delivery Methods 

There’s no information about the delivery methods on the official Two Sisters Catering website.

However, all details can be easily settled with a call. There’s a 24-hour notice required for delivery, as well as a minimum of 10 people for each entrée. 

Drive ThruNot Available
Home DeliveryAvailable at the location of the event
Curbside PickupNot available

Important Links of Two Sisters

Two Sisters Catering is a lovely restaurant that keeps the order process in an old-fashioned way.

However, some details about their story, special offers, and customer questions are available online.

Office Address3140 E Kiehl Ave.
Sherwood, Ar 72120
Contact Number 501-351-4289
Official Website
Online Order
Their Story

Find Two Sisters on Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are certainly great places to check in your search for reviews and special catering deals!


Service Reviews of Two Sisters Catering 

Two Sisters Catering has been around for a while, and as times change, so do customer service and food quality.

As there’s a good and bad side to all stories, here is an objective review based on customers’ comments and opinions. 


  • Delicious food, prepared from healthy, fresh ingredients and served warm. The menu is tried enough to cover all tastes you want, impressing the guests with the incredible taste of the dishes
  • The staff arrives ahead of time to prepare everything for catering the event. All the necessities are covered by the restaurant, making everyone’s lives easier 
  • After the event, the kitchen will be cleaned and mopped, as cleaning services are part of the catering process 


  • The hospitality and skills of the staff in certain locations have become questionable, as many customers have complained about the quality of the service. Some crew members are indifferent and unprofessional, causing discomfort, while others still serve with kindness and respect. But the overall Service is good enough

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Two Sisters Catering Provide Advice For Organizing The Events?

The short answer is yes. A free consultation is provided to every client for organizing any event. A discussion about catering needs can take place via phone or email. 

Are Samples Provided Before Ordering The Dishes? 

Yes, tastings are available, but only when requested and programmed in advance by the client.

There’s also a cost for the samples, depending on preferences, as certain meal kinds or additional products that are ordered will incur extra fees. 

Can I Pick Up The Dishes After Placing The Catering Order?  

Yes. The Two Sisters Catering call-in service enables customers to place custom meal orders and pick them up.

Customers may choose the amount of their purchase and the deadline for receiving it when they place a personalized order. Prices change based on demand.

Is a Down Payment Necessary To Hold a Date For Catering? 

To secure the date for your event, a deposit is necessary. Your salesperson will inform you of the deposit amount, which varies depending on the event.

This payment confirms your reservation and ensures that Two Sisters Catering will be available on the specified day.

Final Words 

If you want a classic, quality catering service that serves an incredible variety of dishes for all types of events, Two Sisters Catering should be at the top of the list.

Offering full catering service, with preparations, delivery, and cleaning, the restaurant has won many customers’ loyalty.

Finally, the most important argument: healthy, nutritious, and delicious food items! 

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