Vons Catering Menu and Prices in 2023

Vons is a popular supermarket in the Southern California and Southern Nevada states in America.

Apart from selling grocery goods, Vons offers its own line of food and delis. As part of their Deli line, Vons also provides catering services. 

Vons has a substantially massive variety with 50 trays on offer for catering.

These include trays of deli meats, sandwich trays, fruit trays, vegetable/salad trays, and other assortments (e.g. charcuterie board).

Amongst these categories, further variations can be found. Vons has sorted the trays by brand.

Dividing by category, there are 17 trays that mainly consist of deli meat. They have been listed here, also grouped by brand for convenience.

These are Dietz & Watson Antipasto Platter, Classic Meat & Cheese 12 in, Classic Meat & Cheese 16 in, Meat & Cheese 18 in, Antipasto Prosciutto Mega Platter, Italian Sampler, Italian Tray, Veroni Truffle Salami, Veroni Antipasto Speck Salame Provolone Pepper Salame, Veroni Antipasto Italiano Soppressata Provolone Calbrese, Hormel Snack Tray, Hormel Honey Ham & Turkey Party Tray, Hormel Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray, ReadyMeal Duo Sliced Salami & Cheddar with Crackers, ReadyMeal Ham Turkey with Cheese, Deli Catering Wings Buffalo Tray, and Deli Catering Meat Lovers Tray.

Moving on to the sandwich trays, there are 11 different types: Deli Catering Croissant Sandwich Tray, Deli Catering Hye Roller Tray, Deli Catering Club Sandwich Tray, Deli Catering Sandwich Pinwheel Tray, Pretzel Slider Snack Tray, Pretzel Roll Sliders 16 in Tray, Pretzel Roll Sliders 18 in Tray, Finger Sandwiches 16 in Tray, Finger Sandwiches 18 in Tray, Pinwheel Sandwich Tray, and Hoagie Sandwich Tray.

The Deli Catering fruit trays are a standard Fruit Tray 16 in and three types of Fruit & Cheese Trays.

The 6 fruit trays include Fruit Tray 16 in, Fruit Tray 18 in, and four types from Deli Catering.

The salad/Vegetable category has 13 options, ReadyMeals Tuna Salad, ReadyMeals Seafood Salad, ReadyMeals Chicken Salad, ReadyMeals Duo Chicken Salad, ReadyMeals Shrimp Ceviche, Deli Chinese Chicken Salad, 2 Deli Catering Condiment Trays, Deli Catering Vegetable Tray, Vegetable & Hummus Snack Tray, and 3 Vegetable & Dip Trays.     

Other assorted trays are available on Vons’ catering menu.

There are 3 types to choose from ReadyMeals Layered Hummus Duo, Deli Spinach Dip Large Boule Tray, and Columbus Charcuterie Tasting Board. 

Vons Deli Catering Trays Menu

ItemsTray SizeServesPrice (Per Each)
Vegetable Square Tray16″20-24$44.99
Fruit Square Tray16″20-24$44.99
Hormel Hard Salami and Pepperoni Tray28 Oz$18.99
Hormel Honey Ham and Turkey Tray28 Oz$18.99
Antipasto Italiano, Soppressata Provolone Calbrese (Veroni)7 Oz$12.99
Columbus Charcuterie Tasting Board12.5 Oz$16.99
Fruit & Cheese $74.99
Tray Ham Turkey with Cheese (Ready Meal)$4.99
Fruit And Cheese4-6$19.99
Ready Meal Layered Hummus Duo $4.99
Fruit And Cheese Tray16″$69.99
Vegetable & Dip Tray16″$34.99
Fruit Tray18″ $49.99
Deli Spinach Dip Large Tray $14.99
Duo Tuna Salad with Crackers (Ready Meals Tray)$4.99
Pretzel Slider Snack Square Tray $19.99
Meat Lovers 16 Inch Square20-24$59.99
Hye Roller4-6$19.99
Pretzel Roll Sliders Tray 16″$49.99
Duo Sliced Salami and Cheddar with Crackers (Ready Meal Tray)$4.99
Fruit Tray 16″$39.99
Wings Buffalo Tray$19.99
Vegetable & Hummus Snack Tray$14.99
Condiments 16-20 $34.99
Dietz & Watson Antipasto Platter6 Oz$10.99
Classic Meat & Cheese Tray 12″$39.99
Antipasto Prosciutto Mega Platter7 Oz$12.99
Vegetable & Dip Tray 18″$39.99
Pretzel Roll Sliders Tray18″$64.99
Ready Meals Shrimp Ceviche Duo$6.49
Duo Chicken Salad with Cracker (ReadyMeal Tray)$4.99
Classic Meat & Cheese Tray16″$59.99
Vegetable & Dip Tray $39.99
Condiments 16-20 $34.99
Dietz & Watson Antipasto Platter6 Oz$10.99
Italian Tray 16″$79.99
Italian Sampler Tray 16″$74.99
Meat & Cheese Tray 18″$69.99
Deli Chinese Chicken Salad0.50 Lb$8.97
Veroni Truffle Salami6 Oz$7.99
Duo Seafood Salad with Crackers (Ready Meals)$4.99
Ready Meal Chicken Salad Duo $4.99
Hormel Snack Tray Shelf Stable14.7 Oz$7.99

Vons Deli Sandwiches Menu

ItemsTray SizeServesPrice/Each
Croissant Sandwich 4-6$19.99
Sandwich Pinwheel16″ $39.99
 18″ $49.99
Club Sandwich 4-6$19.99
Finger Sandwiches16″ $39.99
 18″ $49.99
Hoagie Sandwich18″ $49.99

Reason Behind Vons Catering Popularity

The main reason why customers opt for Vons catering is the pricing.

As compared to restaurant catering, catering by Vons is much more affordable for the same quantity.

Having a reasonable price point does not affect the variety offered by Vons. There are many options to choose from, both for vegetarians and meat lovers.

As part of their Deli department, customers also have the guarantee of catering items to be fresh and up to standard.

The catering trays have different serving sizes, making Vons a top choice for both small events and large groups.

Customers can easily choose from a serving size that meets their requirements.

Story of Vons

Vons supermarket was founded in 1906 by Charles Von der Ahe in Downtown Los Angeles. It started as a humble grocery store for locals.

It was after his sons took over, that the advancement of the supermarket began to take shape.

In fact, they introduced the prepackaged produce and deli departments, acting as a pioneer for modern supermarkets.

Vons operates under Albertson Companies, with 20 stores across the states.

It is also committed to society’s welfare and general well-being, and actively provides food and financial aid where needed.

The catering service of Vons opened as part of its Deli department, following the department’s huge success.

It is a popular catering choice amongst many for the variety and quality offered at affordable prices.

Courtesy; wikimedia.org, CC

Popular Items From Vons Catering Menu

Inevitably, it is the deli meat platters from Vons that are the most popular.

However, some of their fruit and vegetable trays also deserve mention. The most popular catering choices from Vons catering are listed below.

01. Meat & Cheese Tray

Available in three sizes, 12, 16 and 18 inches, this tray has various assortments of deli meats and cheeses.

It is a very welcome addition to table spreads, especially during the holiday season.

Orders must be placed ahead of time as it takes 48 hours to prepare.

02. Italian Sampler Tray

Listed as a Party Tray, the Italian Sampler Tray comes in a 16-inch serving size.

It contains various Italian deli meat cuts and some cheese. Other condiments such as olives and mushrooms are also part of the platter.  

03. Hormel Gatherings Honey Ham & Turkey Party Tray

This tray weighs 28 Oz and serves delicious honey ham and turkey round slices, as well as bits of cheese and two rows of crackers.

These are classic combinations and the offering from Hormel Gatherings is a sure shot way to please guests at an event.

04. Finger Sandwiches Tray

There are 16-inch and 18-inch versions of the Finger Sandwiches Tray. Dips, olives, and cherry tomatoes are included in the platter.

It is a delightful option for light snacking or as part of the table spread at events since the sandwiches are loved by adults and children alike.

05. Deli Catering Fruit & Cheese Tray

The Fruit & Cheese Tray has an assortment of fruits and cheeses including grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, cheddar cheese, and blue cheese.

This tray comes in different sizes. In addition, it comes in three different types subject to variability in the fruits and cheese, as well as whether the cheese is sliced or cubed.

Customers may select according to their preferences.

06. Vegetable & Dip Tray

A simple tray featuring basic vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumber slices, and broccoli, with two dips.

The dips are served in cut-out bell peppers. It is a popular selection as a side with group lunches and/or dinners.   

Vons Delivery Methods

For online orders, you must create an account on Vons’ official website and choose the delivery option at checkout.

Door Dash and Grubhub also provide delivery for Vons catering in select locations. You can search for Vons on the internet and place an order.

Take AwayAvailable
Home DeliveryAvailable

How To Order at Vons

Orders can be placed via different methods. You can call the store directly on their number and place your order, or place it in person at the deli department at the Vons store.

Vons also accepts online catering orders. It is important to note that some catering menu items may require orders placed 24 or 48 hours in advance.

Vons Payment Options

Payments at Vons can be made through various methods.

Vons only accepts debit and credit cards for online orders including Discover, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.

Payments in-store can also be made through cash. Listed below is an entire list of payment methods accepted at Vons in-store:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Vons Gift cards
  • Vons Pay
  • Checks
  • SNAP EBT/EBT Cash payment cards (also accepted for online orders at some locations)

Important Links of Vons

Important links to the Vons store are given in the table below.

Corporate Office745 E Naomi Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007, USA
Phone+1 626-446-9483
Online Orderhttps://www.vons.com/shop/aisles/deli/deli-catering-trays.2053.html?sort=&page=1  
Sign Uphttps://www.vons.com/account/short-registration.html  
Gift Cardshttps://www.vons.com/gifts-and-prepaid-cards.html
Career With Vonshttps://eofd.fa.us6.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX_1001/pages/5002

Find Vons on Social Media

The social media links of Vons store are given in the table below.


Related Asked Questions

Does Vons Catering Have Good Quality Food?

Vons catering offers fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, and gourmet cheese in their catering trays.    

Is There Any Nutrition Or Allergen Information Available?

Nutrition and allergen information is provided on the packs.

However, Vons has a disclaimer that the catering items are from different companies that provide this information. Therefore Vons is not responsible for any discrepancies.

Do I Need To Place All Orders 48 Hours in Advance?

No, some catering items may be available for earlier pickup and/or delivery.

More information can be found on their website or by directly contacting the store. 

Are There Any One-Person Meals on Their Catering Menu?

Some options, such as those by ReadyMeals salads, are suitable for a single person.

Serving sizes and weight information are provided on the official webpage.

Can I Customize My Catering Order?

The trays are usually not customizable. You may the local Vans store if they can accommodate variations due to allergens or dietary restrictions.

Can I Place a Catering Order At My Place of Work Or At a Business Address?

Yes, orders can be placed for delivery to a business address. It is popular for workplaces to order from Von’s catering party trays for work parties and events.

Final Thoughts

Vons catering is for those looking for charcuterie-style catering trays either as snacks, sides, or mains for their events.

It is also a popular choice for work events due to its bite-sized food items on a single tray.

Vons catering is more affordable as compared to restaurant catering, making it a good choice for customers wishing to host a pocket-friendly meal.

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