Vons Christmas Dinner Menu in 2023

If you are planning any event but don’t know how to manage a lot of food requirements for the event, need not worry.

As Vons is all set to help you make your event memorable with its amazing food menu.

No wonder everyone is excited about Christmas but planning for food requires a lot of time and effort that you might want to spend with your loved ones.

In this sort of situation, you can order pre-cooked food from Vons to make your Christmas wonderful.

Vons has a rich menu to cater to your needs. It has overall 23 different menus that will not only take care of your food needs but also the other essentials for the event like cakes or flowers.

You just need to place your order ahead so you can enjoy your Christmas to the maximum.

If you are planning for any pre-cooked meals from Vons, it usually takes 2-3 hours for pre-heating. So, you need to be very particular about the time when you are ordering.

Moreover, you can get holiday meals, cakes, cookies, party trays, ribs, chicken, and various other variety of menus at Vons.

If you are ordering from Vons for the very first time, you have the golden opportunity to save some bucks. You can enter the code SAVE30 to save $30 on brand-new holiday treats.

This offer will make your ordering process even more commendable and sweeter to cherish.

The best part of ordering from Vons is the unique budget-friendly dinner.

They offer a specific range from where you can select your meal as per your nutritional preferences at an affordable price.

If you are searching for something delicious to order for your Christmas party, you do have several options available at Vons.

Among all the relishing options you can’t miss out on trying the spiral ham dinner at Vons.

It has a fully cooked and delicious spiral ham with sides that makes it a complete dinner meal to enjoy.

You can enjoy this dinner with 8-10 people easily without any hassles.

In addition to that, you can also order some party trays like croissant sandwich trays to make your event lively and memorable.

Besides that, there are several other options for Christmas that you can order from Vons.

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Vons Christmas Holiday Meals Menu

Classic Turkey Dinner6-8$74.99
Prime Rib Dinner5-6$99.99
Spiral Ham Dinner8-10$74.99

Vons Party Trays

Vegetable & Dip 20-25$34.99
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$44.99
Fresh Fruit $39.99
Italian Sampler15-20$74.99
Hoagie Sandwich18-24$49.99

Fruit and Veggie Trays

Red Round & Rectangle Vegetable Tray
Red Round38 Oz$10.99
Red Round72 Oz$14.99
Red Round & Rectangle Fruit Tray
Red Round78 Oz$16.99
Red Rectangle104 Oz$21.99
Fruit & Cheese Tray16″$69.99

Sub Sandwiches

Italian Party Sub 3 Foot$49.99
All American Party Sub 3 Foot$49.99

Sandwich & Wrap Platters

Finger Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square18-24$49.99
Pretzel Roll Slider Tray
16″ Square25-27$49.99
18″ Square40-45$64.99
Hye Roller/Pinwheel Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square16-18$49.99

Meat & Cheese Platters

Meat & Cheese Nibbler
12″ Round12-16$39.99
18″ Round28-32$69.99
Italian Tray15-20$79.99
Classic Meat & Cheese Tray
18″ Round18-22$69.99
16″ Round12-15$59.99
12″ Round10-12$39.99


ItemsServes/ SizePrice
Rotisserie Chicken32 Oz$8.99
8 Piece Chicken2 Breasts, 2 Legs, 2 Wings & 2 Thighs$9.99
Fried Chicken Tenders$9.99
Fried Chicken Party Packs
50 Pieces$59.99
100 Pieces$109.99
150 Pieces$149.99
250 Pieces$229.99
300 Pieces$259.99
500 Pieces$399.99


BBQ Pork Ribs (1.25 Pounds)3-4$13.99


Rotisserie Chicken30 Oz.$8.99

Seafood Platters

Cooked Shrimp Tray (12″)12-14$24.99


Condiment Tray12-16$29.99
Croissant Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$44.99
18″ Square16-24$54.99
Hoagie Sandwich Tray18-24$49.99
Finger Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square18-24$49.99

Snack Square

Spinach & Boule Tray$14.99
Pretzel Slider Tray$19.99
Vegetable & Hummus$14.99
Fruit & Cheese Tray6-8$19.99
Snack Tray Croissant Sandwich$19.99
Hot Wings Tray$19.99
Pinwheel/Hye Roller Tray$19.99


Snack Square Spinach & Boule Tray$14.99
Snack Square Club Sandwich Tray$19.99
Vegetable & Hummus Snack Square$14.99
Finger Sandwich Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square18-24$49.99
Meat & Cheese Nibbler
12″ Round12-16$39.99
18″ Round28-32$69.99
Italian Sampler Tray15-20$74.99
Fruit & Cheese Tray (16″)24 – 30$69.99
Hye Roller/Pinwheel Tray
16″ Square12-16$39.99
18″ Square16-18$49.99


Fresh Salads
Spinach Berry & Feta24-38 Oz$7.99
Chicken Caesar24-38 Oz$7.99
Garden24-38 Oz$7.99


Fresh Pico De Gallo10 Oz.$3.99
Fresh Authentic Salsa14 Oz.$5
Deli Fresh Tortilla Chips$4.29
Fresh Guacamole (Spicy/Regular)$6.99
Fresh Made 7 Layer Bean Dip28 Oz.$6.99

Serving Start and Closing Date

Holiday Christmas MenuOngoing31st December

How To Order From Vons

You can order your food from Vons by using several options that will make the treats more accessible to you.

Order Online

  • Use the official website of Vons to select your preferred location
  • Choose the food items that you want to order from Vons
  • Once you are done with this, you can opt for the method for delivery to make the entire food ordering process hassle-free

Order Via Delivery Apps

  • Delivery apps like Uber Eats and Door Dash can be used to order food from Vons
  • You can select your preferred location and food items from the app
  • You just need to confirm your order and it will be delivered to your place

Impeccable Items on The Menu of Vons

Vons is known for offering top-notch and delicious food for Christmas to its customers.

If you are still in dilemma regarding which food items to try then here’s your solution.

These are some of the mouth-watering items at Vons that you can’t miss out on this Christmas for their flavourful ingredients.

01. Lip-Smacking Holiday Classic Turkey Dinner

If you are a turkey lover and your Christmas is incomplete without it, you can’t resist trying out their classic turkey dinner.

You will get a fully cooked turkey with freshly prepared mashed potatoes, authentic homestyle stuffing, and gravy with cranberry sauce to make your day.

It can easily serve 6-8 people at the same time.

02. Heat N Serve Spiral Ham Dinner

Ham dinner is one of the most likely aspects of Christmas that most people crave for.

This fully cooked spiral ham with spiced apples and other sides will leave you mesmerized by its taste.

As the entire dinner is pre-cooked, you need to wait for 2-3 hours for reheating to get the original and delicious taste of the dinner.

03. Holiday Special Prime Rib Dinner

It is one of the most expensive yet most delicious among all the holiday meals available at Vons.

In this meal, you will get 3-4 precisely cooked prime ribs that can easily cater to the needs of 5-6 people.

You will get the chance to encounter the sizzling taste of ribs with this meal. Apart from that, all the sides will act as a taste enhancer for the dinner.

04. Party-Made Italian Sampler Tray

Vons will make your Christmas amazing with its Italian tray. You will get to taste a variety of customized meats in this tray.

In addition to that, you will also witness the garnishing of bold cheese and pickled vegetables in this tray to complete your meal. This single tray can easily cater to 15-20 people.

05. Healthy American Party Sub

If you want to enjoy Christmas with some lavish food but still don’t want to consume some extra calories, Vons has got your back.

In this situation, you can order an American party sub that is fully loaded with beef, ham, cheese, and turkey breast.

They use fresh French bread while preparing the sub and can easily customize the sub as per your preference.

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Can I Also Get Thanksgiving Dinner From Vons?

Its straightforward answer is: Yes. You have a variety of selections for Thanksgiving to enjoy your dinner from Vons.

Does Vons Have Several Outlets?

Its simple answer is: Yes. Vons has various franchises that are spread across the entire world.

Which Oil is Used While Preparing Von’s Chicken?

At Vons, they highly care about their customer, therefore, they use peanut oil to give a nice texture to the fried chicken.

Does Vons Provide Fully Cooked Chicken To Their Customers?

Vons provide fully-cooked chicken that can be easily reheated before eating. You can easily reheat this chicken at your home.

Can I Give Tips To The Vons Employee?

No, you cannot give tips to the Vons employees as it is strictly against their policy.

Final Thoughts

Vons is one of the best places in the country from where you can plan your Christmas dinner.

They have all the essentials that can suffice your party requirements without any hassle.

You just need to spend quality time with your loved ones and the responsibility to suffice your taste buds lies with Vons.

You can order their dinner meals well in advance to see their impeccable services and taste.

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