Vons Easter Dinner 2023

One of the places to visit for your easter dinner is Vons.

They have plenty of selection of fresh ingredients that you need for the upcoming easter celebrations.

Vons has everything from the meat, chicken, seafood, and other fresh produce for your easter entrée to the desserts and candies to fill your easter basket.

To name a few, they have ingredients for an easter ham- it can be maple glazed, slow-cooked, boiled, or oven roasted, whichever you prefer.

What better way to incorporate easter into your meal than putting easter eggs on your side dishes?

You can cook warm asparagus salad with soft-boiled egg (Vons Recipe) for your easter side dish.

You can also make your easter sweet treat, such as the bunny-tail blondies. It is a muffin decorated with bunny ears and tails.

They only sell high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price.

A budget of $100 can already accommodate a full-course easter dinner for eight people.

The fresh easter main course starts at $9.98, Vegetables from the easter sides section cost $1.02, and mashed potatoes cost $4.99.

You can also build your easter basket at $6.99 and fill it up with easter candies that cost $1.99.

Make the celebrations merrier with bottles of hoppy easter drinks starting at $3.99. 

Vons Easter Menu Items

Easter is a celebration during springtime that everyone is excited about, and the best way to celebrate it is with home-cooked meals made from the finest ingredients from Vons.

A protein dish is a staple for easter dinner; Vons has 26 types of meat from the fresh easter main list, including different cuts of beef and pork, chicken breast and thighs, ground beef and turkey, ham, sliced salmon, and shrimp.

For your dessert, you can have fruit pies, cookies, bagels, brownies, and cakes from the sweet easter treats section.

Kids love easter treats. Vons has over a hundred selections of easter candies and chocolates to fill your easter baskets.

They have different flavors of easter eggs and bunnies made of chocolate, gummy easter bunny, and easter basket mix.

Easter celebrations are even better with beverages. Kids can have a can of soda, while adults can have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after dinner.

If you want longer mingling with your family and friends, you can always opt for Vons’ seven party trays, such as vegetable and dip trays, fruit trays, meat lover’s trays, hoagie trays, cheese trays, croissant trays, salad sandwich trays.

Seafood and chicken platters are also available as entrées.

Vons Easter Dinner Menu

Spiral Hickory Smoked Shank Half9 lb.$24.21
Ham Butt Portions8 lb.$21.52
Always Tender Lemon Garlic Pork Loin Filet24 oz.$9.99
Cure 81 Ham Spiral Sliced Bone In Half10 lb.$34.90
Value Pack  
Ground Beef 80% Lean 20% Fat3 lb.$10.49
93% Lean Ground Turkey Fresh16 oz.$6.99
Open Nature  
Lamb Leg Semi Boneless Imported4 lb.$35.96
Lamb Leg Boneless Whole4 lb.$39.96
Lamb Rib Roast Frenched2 lb.$35.98
Shoulder Blade Roast Bone In6 lb.$17.94
Tenderloin Whole Boneless1.50 lb.$8.99
Spareribs St Louis Style Previously Frozen3.50 lb.$13.97
Top Loin Thin Chops Boneless1.50 lb.$11.99
Signature Farms Value Pack  
Bone In Chicken Thighs5.50 lb.$10.95
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts4 lb.$19.96
Signature SELECT   
Bacon Hickory Smoked Thick Cut Value Pack48 oz.$14.99
Cooked Smoked Honey Ham Boneless Half2 lb.$11.98
USDA Choice Beef  
Boneless Chuck Roast3 lb.$17.97
Ribeye Roast Bone In3-11 lb.$66.41
Cross Rib Chuck Roast Boneless3 lb.$17.97
Ribeye Bone In Value Pack3 lb.$20.97
Tenderloin Filet Mignon Steak1 lb.$18.99
waterfront BISTRO  
Shrimp Cooked Shell Off Tail On 51 To 60 Count32 oz.$15.98
Salmon Nova Atlantic Smoked Cold4 oz.$5.99
Shrimp Raw Extra Jumbo Shell & Tail On Frozen 16-20 Count2 lb.$19.98

Vons Easter Dinner Candy

Mars Wrigley  
Assorted Chocolate Candy31.3 oz.$12.99
Egg Hunt Assorted Candy31.3 oz.$12.99
Mini Eggs Easter Milk Chocolate16 oz.$7.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs  
Milk Chocolate Packs1.2 oz.$6.99
Assorted Milk Chocolate White Creme Bag29.4 oz.$14.99
Easter Milk Chocolate Candy Bag16.1 oz.$7.99
Kit Kat And Hershey’s Easter Miniatures Chocolate Assortment Candy Variety Bag13.68 oz.$7.99
Peanut Butter Creme Egg1 Ct.$1.00
Easter Mini Robin Eggs Malted Milk Candy Bag9 oz.$2.50
Easter Robin Eggs Malted Milk in Crunchy Shells Candy Easter Bag9 oz.$2.50
Chocolate Assortment Treats Bulk Variety Bag 75 Count33.4 oz.$14.99
Kisses Milk Chocolate Treats Bag17 oz.$7.99
Egg Hunt Easter Chocolate Assortment Candy Bulk Variety Bag66.58 oz.$29.99
Easter Miniatures Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolate Candy Bars Variety Bag Easter17.1 oz.$7.99
Assorted Chocolate and White Creme Eggs Variety Bag 150 Count28.18 oz.$14.99
Russell Stover  
Solid Mlk Chocolate Rbtid7 oz.$4.49

Vons Easter Dinner Brunch

Signature SELECT  
Blueberries Unsweetened Whole48 oz.$12.99
Mango Chunks Family Size48 oz.$12.99
Strawberries48 oz.$12.99
Berry Blend Triple48 oz.$10.99
Blueberries Wild Whole Family Size40 oz.$10.99
Bacon Applewood Smoked Thick Cut3 lb.$14.99
Bacon Hickory Smoked Thick Cut Value Pack48 oz.$14.99
Peaches Sliced16 oz$4.79
Coffee Creamer Lactose Free Original35.3 oz.$5.99
Bacon Thick Cut Peppered Hickory Smoked48 oz.$14.99
Pineapple Chunks16 oz.$3.29
Mango Chunks16 oz.$4.79
Preserves Raspberry Red18 oz.$6.49
Preserves Apricot18 oz.$4.99
Preserves Blackberry Seedless18 oz.$6.49
O Organics  
Organic Blueberries48 oz.$14.99
Organic Mango32 oz.$8.99
Organic Strawberries Whole Family Pack48 oz.$14.99
Organic Mixed Berries48 oz.$14.99
Mumm Napa  
Wine Sparkling Brut Prestige Napa Valley750 ml$18.88
Brut Rose Sparkling750 ml$18.88
Blanc De Blancs Sparkling Bottle750 ml$18.88
Cuvee M Sparkling750 ml$18.88
Fresh Baked  
Chocolate Chip Muffins4 ct.$6.49
Mini Butter Croissant10 ct.$5.99
Blueberry Muffins4 ct.$6.49
All Butter Croissant4 ct.$4.99
Cinnamon Chip Muffins4 ct.$6.49
Double Chocolate Muffins4 ct.$6.49
Banana Nut Muffins4 ct.$6.49
Cherry Turnover4 ct.$4.99
Josh Cellars  
Rose Wine750 ml$12.21
Prosecco Wine750 ml$14.43
Prosecco Rosé Wine750 ml$14.43
Extra Dry California Champagne – 4187 ml$16.99
Extra Dry California Champagne 24 Proof Bottle750 ml$14.43
Lucerne Farms  
Eggs Cage Free Large18 ct.$8.89
 12 ct.$6.99
Piper Sonoma  
Sparkling Wine Brut750 ml$16.65

Make It a Hoppy Easter​

Dunkin Donuts Kcup Original Coffee32 ct.$23.89
Dunkin Donuts Original Coffee Canister30 oz.$22.99
Coffee Roasters K Cup Pods Value Pack (Green Mountain) Dark Magic32-0.40 oz$26.99
The Original Donut Shop Regular Medium Roast Coffee K Cup Pods32 ct.$26.99
Peet’s Coffee  
French Roast Dark Roast K Cup Pods32 ct.$26.99
 48 ct.$37.99
Major Dickasons Blend Dark Roast K Cup Pods32 ct.$26.99
 48 ct.$37.99
Folgers Classic Roast K -Cup32 ct.$19.99
Chardonnay White Wine  
Decoy750 ml$15.54
La Crema Monterey750 ml$15.54
Josh Cellars750 ml$12.21
Bota Box3 ltr.$18.88
Sonoma-Cutrer Sonoma Coast 27.8 Proof Bottle750 ml$24.43
Barefoot Cellars1.5 ltr.$9.99
Ferrari-Carano California750 ml$19.99
Peter Vella5 ltr.$15.54
Sauvignon Blanc White Wine  
Decoy750 ml$15.54
Bota Box3 ltr.$18.88
Nobilo750 ml$12.21
Gary Farrell Russian River Pinot Noir750 ml$42.21
yellow tail Chardonnay1.5 ltr.$9.99
Joel Gott Wines Sauvignon Blanc Bottle750 ml$14.43
Energy Drink  
Red Bull Sugar Free12-8.4 Fl. oz.$19.99
Diet Coke Cans – 18-12 FZ $13.99

Easter Desserts

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10 Minute Garden Patch Parfaits
20 Minute No-Bake Cookie Nests
Strawberry Baby Cakes
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How to Place an Order Process

You can order at the official Vons website or on Vons’ mobile apps if you are set on what to cook for your easter dinner.

Afterward, you can pay using your debit or credit cards, EBT payment, cash, or apple pay.  

Vons Pickup and Delivery Options

You can pick up your easter dinner at 325 Vons stores in the United States or avail of Vons drive up-and-go service.

They also offer delivery to your doorstep daily from 8 AM up to 10 PM. It can also be a same-day delivery subject to the availability of riders.

A delivery fee may be charged if applicable, especially for orders under $30; however, if the delivery is availed in a third-party delivery agency, starting at $3.95.

If you want a free delivery service and additional perks, you can subscribe to Vons Fresh Pass.

Our Recommendations For Vons Easter Dinner

One of Von’s recipes you should try as the star of your Easter Dinner is the maple-peach glazed ham which you can make using the recipe in this link.

To make a serving for 18 people, you will need nine-pound spiral-cut ham, maple syrup, peach preserves, thyme leaves, and grainy mustard. It will only cost you $58.86

Important Links of Vons

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Vons Recipeshttps://www.vons.com/meal-plans-recipes/guest


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